How to Clean Cloth Pads (Warning: REAL Soiled Pads)

How to Clean Cloth Pads (Warning: REAL Soiled Pads)

alright guys so this is all the pads that I have used today this one is an overnight and then these I used over the course of the day I am going to put these into soaked overnight in an oxy soak so I just use oxy clean and cold water it's really important with protein stains which is what a blood stain is that you do not use warm or hot water you must use cold so I just keep a very subtle faucet going and then I will open all my pads up face down and just start getting water on them so that it can start soaking through doing this one-handed I think I say this in just about every video doing this one day if it is not easy okay I'm trying to save you guys as much graphic shops as I can but basically you're just going to soak these through and then press them you'll see the color kind of seeping out and you're just going to do this until each pad runs clear so the more you press the more that um the more that you'll see stuff come out and what I do is I take each individual pad and I will just roll it like so and just squeeze I never wring the pads or twist the fibers because I don't want to I don't want to damage the pad while I'm washing so I will come back once I'm done with this process all right guys so at this point I have squeezed out probably about four or five times each of these pads until the water is now running relatively clear so now I flip them over so as you can see the staining on one of them is quite obvious on the rest of them not as much but I just like to take a look at the stoppers it looks like my overnight which is this longer one here has the most obvious staining issues at this point so what I'm going to do now is I am going to plug up the sink and I am going to go to my OxiClean and put in you know a very small amount to mean just enough to fill up the bottom of the scooper and then I am going to whisk the water around a little bit just because the actually clean will not dissolve in cold water unless you help it along and then I will make sure that all of my pads are facedown fully saturated in water now I know going into it now that my overnight might have some issues but at this point I am NOT going to be staying treating yet I am just going to be soaking these and it's a little after 10 o'clock at night right now and I am actually not going to do anything else with these pads until I wake up tomorrow morning so we have maybe a quarter of a sink full of water all of the pads are fully submerged they will start to float but that's okay a um there's OxiClean in here and everything is topside down in the water as you can tell the water does not look gross so we might have some discoloration by the time I come back to it in the morning but before I have filled up the sink with this oxy water the majority of the menstrual flow has been squeezed out of these pads so we'll come back tomorrow morning all right so it is the next morning um we are going to empty out the sink now squeeze out all of the water and then we're going to take a look at each of these and see if there's any staining again I'm just rolling these up kind of making that pad burrito alright since this one has no staining that I can see so that's good to go into the washing machine again no staining I can see so far things are looking good now this one is a hand dyed obv topper so it's kind of hard to see if they're staining because there's lots of different colors going on but from what I can tell no staining alright so this is the one that I'm a little nervous about just get all the liquid out alright so we do have some staining right there right here not too bad though okay so I have my fellows naphtha bar right there so I am going to turn the water on and then just a little bit of water just rub the stains checking to see if there's any others I don't really use too much pressure either it's just kind of gently rubbing this on the fabric all right that is good to go and then fill up the water again a bit of OxiClean put this again face down wait until the water gets high enough to cover it and then I will let this one soak for about two or three hours actually see if it works today so it is possible that I might have to leave this in all day but if if I can I'll get it out before I had to work so there we go and we'll come back in a couple of hours all right so this is my mesh laundry bag that I put all of my pads in when I wash them in the washing machine while this one is soaking I am just going to stick these guys in here and they will just stay damp in this bag until this one is ready to go and then I will throw them all in the wash together I've never had any issues with mildew or anything having damp pads wait for the stain treatment ones but I guess that that's more personal preference so I'm just going to stick these in here and they will be waiting for the stain treatment to happen on my overnight and we'll come back okay so I ended up going to work so this has been setting all day long so after probably about 10 hours it looks like everything's gone no remaining stains so I'm just going to empty out the water roll this guy up into a little burrito I've always squeeze out the water take one more look at it double-check what I didn't miss anything and I mean this fabric you can definitely tell if there's a stain and there's no discoloration so just going to stick this guy in with the rest of my pads in my mesh bag zip this up and I will go in the washer with my regular laundry okay so we are now in the laundry room after the dryer has finished and I just wanted to show you guys that there is zero staining on every single one of these pads even this minke one that is basically white not any discoloration whatsoever another mostly white pad my Wonderwoman pad check warned numerous times no staining and then last but not least our stain treated ah for stain treated overnight which has come out looking absolutely lovely so if you guys have any questions about this process just let me know I'm when I put them in the washing machine I just use a delicate cycle and then a medium heat and I haven't had any issues with wear and tear on snaps or on fabric from putting them in the machine so thanks for watching and I will see you guys next time thanks bye

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  1. Hello, I'm guessing that if you're using cloth pads it's because you care about the environment, your health and cruelty free products (period product ingredients are tested on animals)… so I'm wondering why you would use Oxy Clean when they test on animals. Perhaps you would be interested in using a cruelty free alternative which is probably even more effective like Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener or another Vegan/Cruelty Free Percarbonate. Also Fels Naptha is made using animal fat & is environmentally unfriendly. An excellent alternative is Dr. Bonners Pure-Castile Soap. I hope you don't mind me sharing these with you. Thank you for sharing your technique for stain removal.

  2. Hi can you put the link for the pads you have? I recently boughtbsome pads on amazon,and i'm about to try them. I already use cloth diapers for my children and pads and liners always irritate me.

  3. thank u so much for this vid! 5 seconds in u have already helped me with more than 2 questions, i swear! hahaha i just bought my first trial pack of pads. definitely getting a bunch of them after seeing this video u have reassured me its ok. i was super confused as to how and when and where do i was them etc etc… but yep ive got it! i know what to do now! thank u so much, this video was so helpful! where would we all b today without youtube, right?! 😘🤣💙

    PS. did u make these yourself? what materials did u use?

  4. Thank you for this video, having my first cycle using cloth (I'm a cup user) and i was a bit worried about staining but i used this method on 3 day old pads and they all came out perfectly clean and stain free ❤

  5. I never get my pads that clean, there are always some stains left…but there ist also a lot more blood🤣🤣

  6. Why don't you just have enough pads to last you through whole period and run it through the washing machine by itself?

  7. I love this! I recently switched tampons for a reusable cup, but I still use panty liners. I want to be 100% waste free, so I’m definitely buying some reusable ones! Thank you so much for this new discovery 💖

  8. cloth pad looks comfortable but I can't use it cuz I don't like to clean it.. anyway the best way to get rid of period stain is using a talcum powder and rub. It works like magic..but I wanna know if the cloth pad is stain free from inside

  9. Omg where do you get your multi colored pads? I am starting my collection w/ some I found on amazon. They are not that pretty but I now want to grow my stash. That Wonder Woman pad is cute!

  10. What would you recommend for cleaning them other than Oxy clean? I have to wash my underwear in sensitive detergent or I have issues…so I don’t think oxy clean would be good for me :/

  11. White people are crazy.⚠️ This is disgusting. Like everyone is ok with carrying around blood in your purse all day ! 😷🤢☢

  12. Soft Soap Hand Soap and cold water is really good to clean blood out of panties.
    So I know it would be good for the cloth pads.
    I am going to try to use these.
    I got my 1st one in the mail today. :),
    I Never heard of these in my life since a few days ago.
    One of My Clients told me about it.
    Thanks for Sharing this Video.

  13. What I learned once that using your own saliva actually helps to take the stains out! I did it on a few of my undies and it took it right out lol

  14. What's the actual cycle that you wash / dry them with? I worry about the polyresin snaps on mine melting in a hot dryer.

  15. Thank you for showing actual blood and soiled pads. Thank you for saying the word "blood". So many women are afraid to say, "vagina", and "blood" on their youtube channels. Thank you. This is natural and we women should not be afraid to talk about these things.

  16. i cant sew and would love clothpads but refuse to pay $150 for lunapads! Is there a group of ladies who make and sell these?

  17. I literally rinse mine under the cold tap, rub them with stain stick and then put them in the wet bag and throw then all in the wash at 40 degrees and I have never had any staining.

  18. Sorry but I put my pads after my period only in the washing machine and its all clean (the pads and the other laundry) I thing nobody needs this waste of water and time.

  19. ay ay an important question i want to try them but is it necessary to change them like 4 5 time everyday?

  20. Thanks so much for this video. Very helpful. Doesn't gross me out at all. It's a normal bodily function 🙂

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