How To Clean Fabric Car Seats

How To Clean Fabric Car Seats

Hi. I’m Mark from Autoglym. And today, I’ll be showing
you how to remove stains from fabric car seats. No matter how careful you
are, sometimes accidents happen in cars. Food, drink, and
other liquids can leave some pretty scary stains. But with the right
products and techniques, they can be removed. If you have a leather
interior, please check out our leather cleaning video. To tackle stains on fabric,
we need Interior Shampoo, a foam sponge, an
absorbent cloth, and a bucket of clean water. Step One is vacuuming the seat. Step Two is to spray
Interior Shampoo onto a section of
the seat at a time, making sure you
get good coverage. Then, take the damp sponge
and start to scrub the seat. You can be a lot firmer with
car seats than you think, so give it a really good clean. Add more cleaner and rinse
the sponge as you go. Now the dirt has been
lifted from the fabric. It’s held in the foam. So it can be removed
with the cloth. Step Three is wipe
over the seat, and rinse it out in
the bucket as you go. You’ll soon see that the
water starts to change color, as the dirt moves from
the seat into the water. After one section is complete,
move on to the next area, until the whole seat is done. Make sure you clean the
whole seat, or at least a panel at a time,
or you may end up with a patchy, uneven finish. And there you have it. Stains removed, and a much
more pleasant car interior. [MUSIC PLAYING]

20 Replies to “How To Clean Fabric Car Seats”

  1. What technique and products should I use on Perforated Alcantara seats (half leather half alcantara)? I have Autoglym Interior Shampoo and the Leather Care and Leather Balm products but would like to know what to apply with and what to use on alcantara material. Thank you.

  2. sometimes accidents can happen in cars… like kids. think that's the only thing Autoglym don't have a product for.

  3. what about drying and how long it will take to dry as seen before so dont get wet bum and it can get mold in back if not do right in drying

  4. Excellent video on all points. Straight to the point, clear voice, good camera shots. And the info is fantastic – just what I was looking for. Now I have hope for my fabric car seats! Thank you!

  5. My dad left the window open in my car and it rained all night and day, and my seats are ruined with a water patch. I’ve just used the interior shampoo and waiting for it to dry. Hopefully it has worked! Will update you guys.

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