How To Clean Fabric Patio Cushions | Cleaning Motivation for Spring! | Outdoor Living Space

How To Clean Fabric Patio Cushions | Cleaning Motivation for Spring! | Outdoor Living Space

[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video I’m going to go outside on my porch I’m going to clean off our cushions and our tables and all the other things that are down there because I have not done that yet after the spring pollen episode which I am coughing on right now but anyway today’s a really pretty day it’s nice and windy and it’s nice and cool so I’m going to go downstairs and clean up our patio furniture I’m going to use some cleaning products that are just household you know common things that you might have around the house so maybe you can go do that this week before your Easter celebrations I’m going to do that on for me because I have my older sister coming in from Pennsylvania on Thursday and she’s probably gonna stop by Thursday Friday and Saturday like all three days to visit my girls so I’m going to go down there and wash up because I know that will probably be outside some of those days and I wanted to clean it all up and be able to sit down we have a lot of pollen still out there a lot of old like mildew and things like that that come with it the good news is that my furniture is right under our upstairs screened-in porch so it doesn’t get harsh weather elements but it still does get like the pollen and it still kind of gets some you know spots and things from when we do eat out there so I’m going to clean all the tables and the chairs and the couches that are out there I’m gonna bring you along with me I did do some research on the internet to see just what I could do with household items and I’m going to use a mixture of warm water and dish soap for the cushions and I’m going to use just a vinegar and water mixture that I bought from the Dollar Tree for the surfaces and use some rags and things and I got an old toothbrush and some sponges to clean the cushions with and so I’m going to use all those items but I’m going to go out there right now and get that tackled while my girls are napping so let’s get into cleaning my porch furniture all right guys here’s a before as you can kind of tell it’s somewhat green out here lots of leaves and things so I’m going to blow off the porch first and get all that clean and then start cleaning the tables the cheers the surfaces the heater needs to go back inside but yeah here’s our porch got lots of cleaning to do [Music] [Music] [Music] as you can tell I took off those square you know planter things that we keep our citronella candles in they have rocks in them and so I had to basically empty all those rocks out and clean them but it wasn’t too bad I actually like those planter containers because they actually keep the candles kind of safer away from the kids if they’re burning and it’s not it doesn’t get like the table very hot so those are from a Hobby Lobby I believe [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so none of the cushions are all gone I’m going to spray it down with that vinegar and water mixture because you know that’s just a more natural thing that I can use outdoors and obviously it’s something that I had on hand I also used that mixture on the table so I’m just gonna wipe down all the framing and everything it was very dirty with pollen there was a obviously some debris you know like things from the trees and things like that so I’m just gonna clean all that up and get it nice and shiny again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I bought this degreaser about four years ago when I decided to clean my cushions for the first time you know like after a year of buying the set and it is basically you like spray it on you leave it for a few minutes and then you’re supposed to just wipe it off well instead of wiping it off because of how much pollen and dirt and mildew have built up I decided to just give it a good strong pressure wash with my hose after I sprayed it on and also I scrubbed each cushion using the warm water and sponge so I kind of did a two part cleaning I sprayed it on the cushions let it sit you know for like that minute or two that I wanted to and then I came back and I washed them all with the water and then sprayed them all off [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] as I was spraying I was worried that I was just gonna get them too wet and that it would take probably three or four days to completely dry but this furniture is meant for this kind of moisture so if you have furniture cushions like these they’re meant to be outside and meant to get rained on so I’m pretty sure yours is kind of like mine but I was really surprised that it only took like maybe less of a day to have them completely dry out and be able to be sat on so it really surprised me so as I was doing this I was very worried that oh my goodness what have I got myself into but it turned out to be great [Music] I rinse them off after I spread the solution and after I scrubbed it really well there’s some spots that I think I’m gonna have to go over I’m not sure if the camera will pick this up but these little two spots but let me show you a before and after so this one’s a little dirty on this side but we’ll we’ll figure that out but here’s a before a little shinier a lot less dirty anyway so that’s just one side I’m probably not gonna record me doing the other side just because of battery and card space but when it’s all done and they’re all dry I will give you a after shot of how the whole porch turned out so after it did both sides I laid one of our tarps out by the garden and laid all the cushions and pillows down so that the Sun could dry it and as the wind was blowing it dried it even faster [Music] [Applause] alright guys so it’s the next day I let the cushions sit there and dry overnight and it’s about midday right now so I’m going to go grab them and put them back on as you can see they are not on right now so I’m gonna go do that and my husband has to leave to go out of town so we’re actually gonna have like a little outside coffee relaxing time while the girls nap so this is a perfect time to put them back on and enjoy some of our outdoor weather today so I wanted to let you know that everything turned out really well of all the cushions and the pillows became very clean as they dried I could tell that a lot of the spots are gone so this worked really well and it basically has to take about two days for everything to dry and for the Sun to really penetrate it and get it really nice and clean and dry so anyway here we go we’re gonna go put them back on the frames back here and see how they look [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] everything has been placed back on everything looks nice and good very clean there’s three more pillows but those three want the ends that they were leaning on are still wet so I’m gonna have to let them dry maybe for another day not really a day but a few hours probably in the Sun so here’s everything I also cleaned these two little stands the birdcage stands and these two chairs and the heater as well so I did all that so here is the end result so yeah we do this once a year to make sure everything is nice and clean for the whole spring and summer month and they they last basically until the next spring because they are under a screened-in porch and there’s our fans that we put up probably a few years ago with my brother’s help so yeah so guys if you have a porch that you are like very I don’t know stressed about just do it little by little and don’t worry you don’t need like a lot of special product I don’t know about other kinds of furniture but I do know that if you have like the aluminum or the cushions that we have you can always just use soap and water and also for the aluminum area you can also use you know just regular all-purpose spray or just a vinegar and water mixture so there are definitely options to just start on something and get it done as best as you can so that you can enjoy your outdoors thanks guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this kind of cleaning video because this is something that I do every year because we love this set and we love being outdoors and as I showed you in my last video we did a little garden tour so if you want to check out my garden tour go to the previous video our spring morning routine we love coming out here and enjoying the nice weather and enjoying looking out and listening to as the birds you can hear all the wonderful things that nature has to offer we enjoy the outdoors so very much so if you’re new please hit that red subscribe button to make sure you click that like button if you enjoy it and click that notification bell so you don’t miss future videos also if you have someone that you think that you can think of that would enjoy a video like this to watch and to get motivated and also to learn how to clean patio furniture share this video with someone today I hope this video gives everyone some motivation today thank you again so much for watching bye [Music] you

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  1. Thanks for this!!! I would just bring mine in every fall… such a task. I would love to just leave them out there and clean when it starts to get warmer!

  2. Ahhh this just makes me feel like spring is here, nothing says nice weather like cleaning patio furniture!

  3. Outdoor furniture makes me so happy and sad at the same time.. happy because it’s so beautiful to extend living space outdoors, but sad because it’s constantly getting dirty hahaha loved this video! 😊

  4. Being outside is a big deal for us! So it’s inevitable that I have to clean our outdoor furniture once a year! Thanks for watching how I do it!! πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. Loved this and the birds chirping 😍. Your backyard views look amazing, so cozy. I hope you show more outside videos 😁

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