How to clean whirlpool fabric softener dispenser

How to clean whirlpool fabric softener dispenser

so if you’re wondering how you can clean
the the fabric softener for a whirlpool washer because these can’t come apart
what you can do is you get a sink ready for boiling water you want to boil this
water it will get all the crap out of it okay I’ll pause for a second so I just got
some of the hot water into the sink and I have extra water in the microwave I’ll pause again
guys for this and then I just put the thing in there I just swish it around
take this get all the water in there do like you’d have it in spin cycle so that
water drain out and all that crap out of there you don’t see much because I did
it seven thousand times before trying to get this clean there’s still stuff in
there just like disgusting so but I ordered a new one but I don’t know I
want to clean it thanks for watching

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  1. I came here to see if there was any way to disassemble the 63594 dispenser (similar to the one in this video) and this and other videos convinced me I wasn't missing any secret trick to disassembly. Shame on Whirlpool; if anybody checks the buildup of softener and mold that exists in these devices (regardless of adding hot water on a routine basis), they will be amazed/sickened. Having already done exactly what was recommended by Random Channel user, I decided to check just how expensive these are to replace. I was shocked to find that mine is less than $6, so, on my next Amazon order I'll add a replacement. I probably spent that much trying to clean the old one, not to mention the time and nausea from seeing the mold I've been adding to each load of already cleaned clothes.

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