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  1. Hi thanks! This was a really helpful video. I have so many questions..
    1. What size are your "flats" after Folding them in 4?
    2. What soap do you launder the flats with?
    3. Do the flats ever move out of place?
    4. If they do, how do you keep them in place?
    Thanks! From South Africa!

  2. Everyone thought I was crazy for using Viva paper towels for liners, I also use the to make baby wipes (face wipes) using only coconut oil and water.

  3. I felt so overwhelmed by all the cloth diapering videos on YT, that is until I came across yours.
    Thanks so so much for this, you’ve certainly taken the sting and worry out of cloth diapering. I’m a 46 year old expectant mother, due in June 19’. Terrified but excited.
    Again thank you.

  4. 12 covers is far more than you need. I have never needed more than 6. I use 2 a day with 1 extra for unexpected soiling. That may be because I don’t use the pad fold – I always wrap in onto baby so soiling onto the cover is very rare.

  5. Great video! I will say that 12 covers seems excessive in my opinion. With my first we were flat broke. I diapered her with thrifted receiving blankets and 4 hand-me-down covers. I was lucky and my local thrift store sold receiving blankets for 25¢ each.

    With my second child, I bought pocket diapers and HATED them. They never smelled clean, no matter my wash routine.

    Number 3 I went right back to flats, this time with flour sack towels, and love it. We now have 6 covers which is plenty.

  6. I wish this video had been available 20 years ago! Having to scrape and scrub messy diapers is why I quit cloth diapers and never looked back. Using the disposable liner is absolute genius!
    BUT, that being said, I did learn a good trick……when hanging diapers to dry, aim a fan blowing at them on high. They will dry much more quickly and will be soft for baby's tender skin. Single layer birdseye cotton will be dry in a few minutes. This even works when they're hanging outside, just run a fan outside by them and set it blowing.

  7. Great video! I will have to share with my best friend who is considering cloth diapering her next baby! We have been cloth diapering for almost two years, and we started out with a stash about $150. Used thirsties xs covers from ebay and 2 sale packs of OsoCozy prefolds from Amazon made up the bulk of it! We got all the accessories though, like a pail liner (which we never used!) 😱😂

  8. You can also use a waterproof pillow case as a wet bag they cost about 4$ and it zips up and is literally the same as a wetbag!

  9. I understood everything right up to the snap fold three pronged rubber thingy at the end. What the heck is going on there?

  10. I partially did elimination communication with my youngest daughter and she self potty-trained at 9 months. Out and about we used cloth diapers, but at home we put her in long T-shirts and she had a bare bottom most of the time. Studies have been done that show this reduces colic and diaper rash. And she was not colicky at all and had zero diaper rash. Instead of using wipes on her I washed her off every time she peed or pooped. She was a daytime poop-er so we stretched a bath towel over where she slept at night and changed it out when she got wet. She also slept on a daycare style tot cot inside a large play pen, which is completely rinse-able and can be wiped dry. When breastfeeding or cuddling I kept a hand towel under her butt in case she peed. There was a lot of cleaning up the floor but in my opinion it was actually easier than changing a diaper. We kept a bottle of vinegar and water and a stack of wash cloths on hand for just such occasions. We do own a Bissell little green upholstery and carpet cleaner for picking up after pets and there were times we had to use it. We tried to keep the sofa covered and she never went on the sofa. Practicing elimination communication drastically reduced our diaper and wipe cost. Grandma insisted on disposables when she baby sat so she did wear disposables and use wipes too and was not happy when she did. In all, I find elimination communication to be very effective at reducing colic, preventing diaper rash, and assisting in early potty training. We also did not own any diaper covers and were able to sense wet diaper's right away instead of waiting till she got fussy. Since many parents take months to potty train their kids I feel like I saved myself the hassle of having to retrain her by using the potty from the beginning.

  11. I found the viva towels leave paper lint on baby. I just cut up a yard of microfleece into the right sizes and it's easier to clean.

    Also, regular grocery sacks work just as well as buying diaper bags.

  12. I used flour sack cloth and flip cover's on my 2nd baby and loved it! Plan on doing the same for my next baby! I definitely use wet bags though, totally worth a little extra money.

  13. I got $1,024 worth of cloth diapers, inserts, covers, prefolds , laundry bags, and wet bags…. all for $125!!!!!

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