How To Combine & Wear A Pocket Square With Ties, Shirts & Suits

How To Combine & Wear A Pocket Square With Ties, Shirts & Suits

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss pocket squares;
how to wear them, how to combine them, and how to match them with your shirt, and your
tie, and your jacket. Accessories are not just an add-on to your
outfit, they actually can make it or break it. To achieve something that’s pleasing and flattering,
you need to create a harmoniuous look. For example, look at my combination here. It’s a navy jacket paired with a pastel and
blue striped shirt, those colors are picked up by the tie, blue and yellow, orange and
red, and then complemented by a pocket square that is likewise yellow. This combination on the other hand has an
orange knit tie, a gray jacket, a pastel yellow or orange shirt,a nd then paired with a patterned
pocket square that does not have the exact color tone but it picks it up somewhere in
between and it creates a harmonious overall experience. When you out an outfit together, you have
to consider different degrees of formality. You have to look at the texture of your cloth;
for example here, we have a pinpoint jacket, we have a knit tie, we have a bold pocket
square in silk. They’re all different so you also have to
consider the different color palettes that you combine into your outfit. Now, the easiest way to combine an outfit
that looks great is to start with the suit or the jacket because that dictates where
you go. If you have a charcoal suit in worsted flannel,
it’s a more formal outfit. If you go with something in a brown glen check,
it’s a more casual outfit. Once you have that down, choose a shirt. It’s easiest to choose either a solid white,
off-white, or light blue shirt because then you can really go wild with the different
ties you wear, pocket squares, and maybe a boutonniere if you want or cufflinks. As the third item, you want to choose the
tie because that defines what color accents you set and as a fourth, choose the pocket
square which complements the tie. Last but not the least, you can opt for a
boutonniere or the cufflinks. When you’re starting out, keep the ground
rules in mind because they help you to create better, more dashing outfits. You don’t want to incorporate more than three
different patterns in your outfit otherwise, it easily gets overwhelmed. Of course, there are very dapper men who can
combine four or even five patterns in one outfit but that requires a lot of experience,
skill, and a good eye. When you’re just starting out, it’s over the
top and chances are it looks bad and very odd. Obviously, this is a bold jacket but the overall
look is harmonious and flattering because the tie, and the pocket square, and the shirt
are toned down. For example, imagine if you have this tie
which is a shantung silk tie paired with a pocket square. Well on its own, it’s a good combination let’s
say with the suit I’m wearing here right now. It’s a bad combination with this jacket because
it’s simply over the top. We have one pattern, two pattern, three pattern,
they are all different textures ad it just does not look elegant any more. The same is true when you decide to go with
a bold shirt such as this green and white striped one or something in orange. If you do that, try to stay in the same color
palette roughly or go with something darker. For example, with a green and white striped
shirt, a dark solid navy tie or a knit tie is best. With the orange striped shirt, you can go
with an orange knit tie but something solid. On the other hand, if you have a navy solid
jacket or navy gray jacket, something with a little pin point pattern, you can really
be much bolder with your pocket square and with your tie. That is where we suggest the 10 clothing items
every man must have. You should invest in a dark suit and in items
that you can pair with lots of accessories because accessories are a lot less expensive
and you create a lot more different looks. To learn more about the 10 items, please check
out this video here. To show you how easy it is to change a pocket
square in a suit like this, I’m just exchanging my silk yellow pocket square for a pale yellow
cotton pocket square. It’s almost the same color, it’s slightly
different but it has a tip so a different fold makes for a different outfit. Let’s look at this buff madder silk pocket
square which I can use as well and since I have a solid jacket on and the color tone
is picked up by the tie, I can exchange a lot of things and it always looks great but
distinctly different. So why should we invest in a pocket square
in the first place? After all, it doesn’t serve any functional
purpose other than making you look great. As you just saw, the pocket square can really
give your entire outfit a different look and feel and it’s just a little piece of fabric
that you can fold in a few seconds and it can take an otherwise average outfit and make
it look awesome. To learn different pocket square folds, please
check out this video here. On top of that, a pocket square has the ability
to tie entire outfits together that otherwise may not work really well. Usually a pocket square achieves that effect
by having a number of different colors that pick up one in the outfit and then tie it
together in an elegant manner. You’ll find that pocket squares are always
printed and not jacquard woven because it just gives a better look and you don’t want
an extra texture and it’s also less likely that you pull threads with your fingernails. You can also add a lot of different colors
to a pocket square and it helps to create a harmonious outfit with a lot of different
ties. A good pocket square will always make you
look polished and complete and if you want to show the edges of your square, make sure
it has hand rolled edges because it’s a true hallmark of a gentleman who knows how to dress
elegantly. Avoid machine stitched or hem pocket squares
because they’re not elegant. Also, it’s important to have the right size
of your pocket square and depending on the fabric and the thickness of it, different
sizes work best. You always want to avoid having a pocket square
that is so small that it just disappears in your pocket because it can’t stay up. It’s very important to never match a pocket
square exactly to your tie because it shows that you really don’t have any sense of style
or elegance and that you lack the confidence to put together a well coordinating harmonious
outfit. I know there are lots of sets out there you
can buy but I suggest you stay clear of them and rather invest in a pocket square that
you can combine in different ways. if a matching pocket square is all you have,
I suggest not to wear one at all. Maybe go with a boutonniere instead because
it just looks tacky otherwise. The first pocket square you should invest
in is a plain white solid linen pocket square. We offer those with initials in our shop here. You can also get a pocket square with a color
contrast edges such as here in pale green or in different colors such as red or blue. The advantage is you can either wear them
with the color or you just fold them so you can’t see the color; that way you can get
two pocket squares in one. The white linen pocket square is a gentleman’s
wardrobe staple because it works with any kind of white shirt, you can wear it with
a tuxedo, you can wear it to an interview, to a wedding, to a funeral, you name it. It’s a formal look that goes with everything
and it’s simply the first one you should have because it goes with so many outfits. Do not wear it with a light blue shirt because
the color is too close and it simply doesn’t work out. I also suggest not to wear it with a tweed
jacket because it’s too casual and white is just too formal for that. I would stay clear of silk pocket squares
because oftentimes they are very thin silk ones that disappear in your pocket and the
linen has a crisp look that is very elegant. For a selection of perfectly sized linen pocket
squares with hand rolled edges and your first name initial, please check out our selection
here. Now, when you coordinate colors between your
pocket square and your ties; let’s say you have fifty ties and fifty pocket squares,
that’s a whopping 2500 outfit combinations. Of course, we can’t show you all 2500 combinations
however, there are a few basic principles that you can apply in your every day outfit
combination process. To start, it’s easiest to go with solid neck
tie and a pattern pocket square or do the other way around and you go with a patterned
tie and a solid pocket square. The advantage of this combination is that
you can pair the solid tie with a number of different pocket squares. For example, this one has many different colors
and although none of them is the exact orange of the tie, it creates a harmonious look because
it just picks up that color. Now, if we choose a different pocket square
with a crown fold, this is our wool challis polka dot square, you can see again that the
orange is not exact but because of the green in it, it just works well overall. Now orange is a really favorite color of mine
for fall/winter and spring outfits because it’s so versatile and here you can see why. Let’s say we use this other pocket square
which is a silk wool blend, you can first of all create a look with purple, blue, and
green that works really well but you can also take the pocket square and maybe just show
a different part of it so you just get more orange for example, with just a light pattern. Overall, it’s very easy to combine your pocket
squares in that way. Apart from sticking with a color, you can
also choose to go with something contrasting or a complementary contrast that just gives
a different look to the outfit but it’s still harmonious. For example here, take this pocket square
with a medallion, it’s a silk wool with a beautiful blue, I pop it in there and obviously,
there’s no real orange but there’s some traces and so it works well together. If both your tie and your pocket square have
patterns, you should avoid going with patterns in a similar size. For example here, this macclesfield neats
tie and then something very similar in a small paisley pattern and it’s just clashing because
it’s too close in size. The same is true if you go with a polka dot
square, it’s slightly different, a little contrast, a little better but still off. Alternatively, you can go with an oversized
pattern such as this one which is a silk wool pocket square, we tuck it in, voila! much
more elegant. The same goes with a much smaller pattern
which is kind of like a glen check or Prince of Wales check. Even though it’s not the same color of red,
it still looks harmonious and elegant. Of course, you can also go the opposite way
and go with a much bolder paisley pattern that picks up on the colors of red and green. Last but not the least, a medium sized paisley
with some bronze and orange tones just works fine as well. Voila! That’s how you combine pocket squares and
ties with patterns so make sure to go with different sizes in your tie patterns and your
pocket square patterns so it all looks well put together. Also bear in mind that colors too close but
not the same will clash and so it helps to have pocket squares in patterns with many
different colors rather than a solid color. That being said of course, you can have sometimes
a solid pocket square that works really well with a patterned tie because it picks up on
one of the colors and it just creates a really good dapper look. Furthermore, keep in mind the way you fold
a pocket square can have a huge impact on the way it looks. For example this medallion pocket square,
you can have just the medallion showing like so, or you can have just the tip show or you
can have something in between which shows part of the medallion and part of the red. Obviously it’s a same pocket square but you
can create three different looks with it. If you have a solid pocket square that’s not
really possible because you can just get the crown fold or puff fold. here, it’s different
folds in different areas so it’s particularly good for travelling when you just have to
bring very few pocket squares that create a lot of different outfit options. Once you’ve mastered pocket square combinations
that pick up on the color, you can also take the next step and go for pocket squares that
don’t have any color in common. For example, this pocket square here has beige
tones, yellow tones, green tones, purples, which are not present at the tie yet they
go well together because they’re both not extreme colors and warm colors. For example, if I would have chosen a bright
green or bright blue, it would have clashed. In that case, that madder silk tie goes well
with a wool challis color palette and it’s also more subdued. Obviously, pairing pocket squares in that
way is a lot more difficult but when you keep in mind that if you have a bold color to go
with other bold colors and if you have subdued colors to go with other subdued colors, you
may yield some very interesting outfit combinations. Of course, not every time will be a winning
combination but you have to make mistakes to improve your outfits over time, there’s
no way around that. At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable
in your skin and comfortable with your outfit and once you’re confident with your choice,
it will show and your overall look will be even better than if you are unsure about the
combination you chose. As I said before, first start with your jacket
and your shirt and then with your ties. So if you don’t have any ties yet in your
wardrobe, I suggest you start with the 12 essential ties every man should have and once
you have a few that you like, you can buy pocket squares that go with them based on
the things we discussed in this video. For a selection of quality pocket squares
in different sizes so they stay up and never disappear as well as ties in three different
lengths for short, regular, and tall men, please head over to our shop and take a look. If you enjoyed this video, please sign up
to our free newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube channel so videos like this come right
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