How to costume your puppet, cheap & easy

How to costume your puppet, cheap & easy

[Music] I’ve been thinking for a while about live-streaming while I am animating I think it could be interesting to show actually how it works so please tell me what do you think about going live for me it could be a great challenge also which day of the week do you think is the best to like keep doing it every week at what hour and how long do you think it should take anyway for this I need a puppet so this video will be about making the puppet [Music] the idea with this puppet and with the lifestreams is to use this time to practice practice a lot because animation is like a sport you have to train a little bit every day to improve your skills to avoid an issue with the puppet I decided to take a volunteer at armature that will resist everything and last forever and also to take materials like this kind of tapes with his materials I won’t have a super fancy nice looking puppet but I will be able to repair it super fast and super easy because what I really want is to focus in the animation so this will help me a lot [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Please stream on Saturday or Sunday for two hours! I am always working in the studio on my puppets and it would be really cool to have your company!

  2. Have you tried making a puppet by "felting" on a wire armature? Working with felt is so flexible and aesthetically pleasing, though it takes a long time to accomplish.

  3. Hey Nice Vid!, I Want To Ask You If You Can Teach How To Convert A Common, Bad Toy Into A Stop Motion Figure/Puppet It Will Be Useful And I Will Appreciate That! 🙂

  4. That would be so educational. I would love to tune in every week. Sunday nights are great but what ever the police opinion is I’m ok with. Excited!!

  5. Hey, I'm A Stop Motion Animator, My Money Right Now Is Super Low, I Am Forced To Animate With Toys, Or Legos Because I Cant Afford A 100 Dollar Pc, I Even Have To Animate With My Phone Since I Can't Get A Pc Or A Camera For Animation, So I Wish I Could Get It Because I Can't Afford It

  6. Live streaming sounds cool, but I think it's more interesting to watch your long shoots sped-up. Awesome stuff!

  7. soo awesome, I love your videos. I am currently in the process of dressing up my armature, it seemed so easy in this video :). What kind of glue did you use for the fabric? Also I am guessing once dressed, it would be difficult to fix the puppet or tighten the joints? Also why did you cover the armature in that white tape first? Lastly, is there a way to make palms just as easy? Not using silicone?

  8. Sería genial que hagas los livestream y los dejes en tu canal por si uno no alcanza a verlos en vivo, siempre quise ver el proceso de animación en vivo así que estaré atento.

  9. Yea a livestream would be awesome! I'd say any time Sundays would be pretty cool, I just love watching other animators processes

  10. Yeah I did live stream an gained 3 subs…😔 I suck at youtube any tips 😞 go check out my latest live stream then you’ll see what I mean

  11. Is the purpose of the teflon tape to protect the armature? Does it also help keep the ball and sockets from loosening? Thanks!

  12. Hola edu, soy un chavalín al que le gustan mucho los stop motions, y como el contenido de tu canal me ha parecido tan interesante, aparte de estar en inglés que eso suma muchos puntos me he suscrito

  13. Que onda ! Esta buenisima la idea, pues cualquier dia entre semana para que tambien lo puedan ver en el trabajo los que tengan acceso. Despues de el stream puedes hacer un pequeño review de lo que animaste y mostrar los arcos, etc… solo unas ideas!

  14. I would love to see a live stream from you any time! I wonder if you could do a tutorial on making the skin for the puppet, or the head. I would love to see that! I love these tutorial vids!

  15. Hey Guy, It looks like you've got a lot of tricks for stop motion.
    I'm a novice, I just bought dragon frame soon and I'm discovering this art.
    Can u advice me for a forum ?
    I want to create with recycled material, do u have some advices or tricks for this ?
    Thks for reading me and continue your job, it's inspirating !

  16. M'agradaria molt que estiguéssis en directe! També estaria bé que quedassin gravats per si qualcú s'ho perd

  17. Inspired by your videos . வனக்கம் (Hello) from தமிழ் நாடு (Tamil Nadu.

  18. I love your video! this really helped me when I made my first stop motion. I'd love to get your opinion on it, I have uploaded it to my channel and would love for you to check it out

  19. Could you show how to make hands using different kind of materials? Silicone is nice and stuff, but expensive.

  20. I have a question, where do you get the music you use in your videos, that is also one of the important part of animation. Thank you.

  21. Hola que tal, aca en argentina se puede conseguir los materiales basicos para la construccion de un esqueleto interno? voy a empezar desde cero y me recomendaron tus videos, me pasarias una lista o tenes un video donde nombras una lista basica de elementos para poder armar un esqueleto ??

  22. Edu, so recently I've been watching laika's behind the scenes videos and then saw how they made there armutures and wondered if you can make an armuture like there's.

  23. wonderful, the best stop motion videos, i have done a shor stop motion movie with some old materials etc… i will apreciate if you can watch it. That's my first stop motion movie.
    The link :

  24. I wish that I would have found your channel sooner! I've got 6 years into building my sets and I'm just now starting to work on my ball and socket armatures. Love your work – thank you SO much for sharing!

  25. This will help me so much! I had been wondering about what materials to put on my armature, this is a great starting guide. Thank you.

  26. Hi Edu…. sorry mfor my english.

    I want to make figurines with real clothes, like stop motion characters. What type of stich I have to use?

  27. Who ever hates him for his accent has no soul if you don’t hate him like

    Ur soul is blue if tap


  28. what you are doing is amazing. And the fact that you are sharing it doubles the value of your ability.
    I'm kindly thanking to you for sharing this ideas.

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