How To Create A Sick VIBE Around Your Clothing Brand (And Sell To The "Cool Kids")

How To Create A Sick VIBE Around Your Clothing Brand (And Sell To The "Cool Kids")

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  1. Hey Rob! Something that would be awesome and helpful would be if you could find a handful of examples of brands that you think have that "vibe" or have their branding figured out and show us examples of their consistent messaging, branding, instagram, etc.

  2. thanks Rob! I like your content! I would like to ask you what you think about running a clothing brand and using cannabis. I wasn't a heavy smoker at all…. only one or two joints at night…. it gave me lots of creativity and out of the box way of thinking for my clothing brand, but now I'm on a break for 4 weeks already to become more productive but I can tell i'm less creative than before. if you have an experience with it, please share and tell us what you think about it, and if you do smoke, what tips do you have to keep a healthy balance of productivity-creativity. much appreciated!

  3. I totally agree with this. I just started a brand and we've been in business for 2 months. The last thing I wanted to do was to be like everybody else. My brand is totally unique and hasn't been seen before in the market place. In two months of operation, we've made 15 sales and grossed $512.00. I have 100 people on my e-mail list already. The thing that surprised me the most was that customers were purchasing multiple items from my store and spending an average of $30.00 per purchase. I'm totally excited about it because, I've already proven the business model in my first quarter of business. I've created a product that people will actually purchase. That's half the battle. Now, I just have to figure out how to get more members of my target audience into my store. Based on my first quarter results, if they enter the store in large number they will buy. In terms of creating a "sick vibe", I would highly suggest that new brands spend money on professional models and photography. Image is everything when you are first starting out. So, (1) Be unique and (2) invest in great photo images that tell your story. Hey Rob, how do I get customers who have purchased my clothing to post pics of themselves on Instagram?

  4. Yo Whatup Love your videos they really make sense, im already in your FB group, so thanks! Keep it up♥️

  5. Love your videos, there very informative, helpful and cover a wide range in building a clothing brand.

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