35 Replies to “How To Create Custom Clothing Labels For Your Clothing Line”

  1. Hope this video helped you guys learn a little bit more about clothing labels. I have created additional videos on the topic, and added Cruz Label as a resource you can also request free samples from: http://bit.ly/Cruz-Label

  2. Please upload some videos that how to design clothing labels. I would like to learn it and which software I have to use for design clothing labels.

  3. Just a little comment, the sound is a bit low. In future come closer to the mic 🎤 otherwise great stuff 👍🏼

  4. Hey what kind of shirt are you wearing? Seriously is that a vented t shirt? A jersey? I've been looking for those? What term do those shirts have?

  5. Good Afternoon, I just wanted to say thank you for being so detail and taken your time explaining every step. Thank You personally truly for making this masterpiece blue print much love keep it up and am so Happy for You and the whole team with the business am gonna have to order something God Bless, thank you

  6. Hey John, great videos. My question is how do you create this template for the various tag/label sizes?

  7. Hey John, I wanna get started with a print on demand model… But Im worried about not having custom labels. IF you were getting started with an idea, but not sure how far it will go. Would you start with print on demand and slowly work up to carrying inventory and custom labelling? Do you think customers will be turned off to get an "American Apparel" tag on a Tshirt with a different brand?

  8. Hey John… thank you so much for this videos! Really helpful…. Can you speak a little about CopyRights when we are design Tshirts? Let say for example that I would like to make a design with the face of Bod Marley, or Obama, the USA Flag… Thanks!

  9. Thank you for your vids. Very helpful and keeps me motivated to launch my brand with quality products while keeping the costs down.

  10. really love your videos bro, Im a sixteen year old kid trying to start my own clothing brand, which my goal is too come out with my first line in the fall of 2017. These help alot and just wanted to give some positive feedback.

  11. Hello sir
    I am ravi tanwar from india
    Recently I drop out my college just because of my interest is not in it
    I was doing b.tech
    I want to make brand
    Clothes brand
    I have an idea only
    I want some inspiration from you
    What should i do
    What kind of clothes i can make
    I want to make some new
    Make some different
    Please help me for it…..

  12. Hey jay is it possible to reach you by email, I'm starting to my own clothing brand and I have many questions. Thanks bro

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