How to Crochet a Granny Square Cocoon Sweater Cardigan

How to Crochet a Granny Square Cocoon Sweater Cardigan

24 Replies to “How to Crochet a Granny Square Cocoon Sweater Cardigan”

  1. I just completed this cardigan and I love it. Your tutorial was amazing. Each step clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

  2. Bonjour Fouad assmat mille merci pour ce tuto et ainsi que ce super gilet je l'ai déjà fait deux fois au crochet mais là je suis en train de le refaire pas en granny mais en bride normal et bris de relief et j'aimerais juste savoir il faut qu'il mesure combien de longueur et de largeur s'il vous plaît car j'ai l'intention d'utiliser la même technique merci à vous gros bisous mille merci pour vos super tuto et que des bonnes choses meilleur pour la suite je vous embrasse bien fort en espérant vous retrouver bientôt sur Youtube bye

  3. When you're doing it for a child, how big should the square be? How many rooms? The kids are on the small size. Thank you for your tutorial, you're great!!!!

  4. Thank you oh so much for this pattern. I love to crochet but have a tendency to not finish projects. Granted, I had people checking on this one so I eager to finish. However, I will say I loved this video. This is my first cardigan ever!!! You instructions were very easy to follow. The angle of the camera helped a lot with helping be sure I was following along correctly! It’s warm and cozy like a big hug!!!!! I will be making so many more of these!!!

  5. I made this and love it. I am making more as gifts thank you for such an easy video. Hope you’re doing well.

  6. You can do this with any square blanket pattern. Just ad the violet parts in this video when you are done with the main square and it will look great.

  7. bjr combien mesure le gilet en longueurvet en largeur avant de coudre les manches et combien il y a de pelotes merci

  8. bjr est til possible de savoir combien y a til de pelotte et combien mesure til en longueur et en largeur car j en 1rectanglee souhaite le realiser

  9. I just finished my very own granny square cardigan and i LOVE it! Its so easy to whip up but so pretty and cozy to use. Thank you for sharing your talent! Thank you Mr. Faud Azmat for being an awesome videographer!

  10. I'm confused…she says 2 chains in each corner but when she joins each row she makes only one chain…anybody has the answer?

  11. I have just started doing… Why would just do a normal 2ch and slip stich on the last corner why do 1ch and a single crochet closing it down? It looks odd to me even the corner looks different from the rest.

  12. I'm 5'0 how do i go about making it for my size? Does it still need to be 41X41 or how do i go about making it my size? Do I go from the top of my neck to below my butt and make it that long or what lol…i just don't want to mess it up lol

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