How to Crochet a Hexagonal Hooded Cardigan

How to Crochet a Hexagonal Hooded Cardigan

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  1. I was speaking in my mic at the time of this writing. I was saying that crochet is for everyone of all ages. If you're going to put out a tutorial it's more than fair that people ask questions pertaining to that tutorial. Now if you're not going to respond to the questions of the tutorial then don't put it out there. Because people are going to have questions and another thing there are a lot of haters in the crochet world which is should not be. Because crocheting is for everyone everybody of all ages color creed and culture as well. Thank you you guys have a blessed day.

  2. Greetings can someone that have made this cardigan let me know how many rounds I should do for a plus size women….making it for myself😊

  3. 🤓Greetings, did you use a bulky yarn when making this. I started with this butter YELLOW and I feel it's going to take me a while to do.

  4. Greetings for a person that my be about an 18 how do we figure out our size. You said…you did yours according to your chest size. I would like to make one for myself something new to try💃❤💃

    So how many rows did you have to do to get to your size.?

  5. Very nice…but you are going entirely to fast for some people to follow you in learning how to do this project.😶

  6. If l what to do one what size did it come in if do a 5xl how made Stitches stitches do I need to do if I made it in for 5xl

  7. would like to do this bet if l what to make it in size 4XL HOW MAND WOOD WOULD I NEED FOR THAT sizes

  8. This is exactly what I am looking for to make for Chistmas presents. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work for all of us to learn.

  9. This is the perfect gift for my GODDAUGHTER'S first year at college. I hope I can follow your instructions.

  10. I am making it right now 😀 love youre video's👍
    Thank you for teaching us ❤ greetings from Holland😘

  11. I love ur tutorials ur a good teacher ur crochetes items are so pretty could u please do a tutorial on how to crochet houndstooth cardigan ?

  12. Nadia, today I rewatched this video and thought of a question to you before I begin making this gorgeous piece of clothing.

    Is there any reason why the sleeves cannot be lengthened before sewing the top seam closed? If you were to do it this way there would be no irregular lines in the bottom of the sleeves, just like there aren't where you added length to bottom of garment body before closing the back seam. It just seems constructing sleeves this way would produce a visual unity. Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Hi Nadia I was wondering if you could tell me why you are using a 6.5 hook. Im on my second one (this one is for my son) and I've been using size 5mm hook 🤦‍♀️

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