How to crochet a little girl's cute cardigan / sweater

How to crochet a little girl's cute cardigan / sweater

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  1. Hi , I have just made this for my granddaughter and it's beautiful.. I was wondering if I can make one for my mum ? But I don't know where to start… as I can't read patterns! So was hoping u can help xx

  2. I have never seen such a perfect precise video with no waste of time. I need this for a six year old girl. I'm just watching this till the end to make sure I can make it. I'm sure I can I am advance level.

  3. Hello dear ur tutorials are wonderful with clear explanation. I made cardigian 3 yr old grand daughter, It came so beautiful. Could you plz show me how to.make poncho for 3 yr old

  4. So beautiful!!! I would like to give this a try and I can't get the instructions. Would you please tell me where to find it. I went in your website and i can't. Thank you.

  5. Working this lovely cardigan as I watched your video. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us! You are so gifted!

  6. Hello Mam .I want to make for my daughter .she is 10 year old .please helpme .How many chainis needed for and hook size. Mam please make avideo for 10_15years children,please mam

  7. Hello I love your cardigan, but to make them bigger you suggest very large hooks, for double knit or what I consider light enough for a childs cardi, has anyone manage to make them larger for a 5 year old with out such large hooks as 6 or 6.5 tia

  8. I started this tonight for my little girl. So easy….why haven't I made any cardis before. Thank you so much for making it really simple and easybto follow xxx

  9. hi i can't find the written pattern on your etsy account, do you have it some place else? perhaps a blog?

  10. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I keep ending up with way more than the 156 before making the arm holes. Tried doing this sweater twice and keep making the same mistake.

  11. Hi. I wonna to make cardigan to girl 9 years old. How many ch I have to ad in begin? And what hook number to take?
    Please from help.

  12. Thank you so much for posting such a beautiful little cardigan. I've made a few of these now and have to say there so easy to make due to your easy learning tutorials! I'm truly amazed at all your other beautiful projects and can't wait to get started. Thanks again

  13. I made this as my first ever cardigan and I must say thank you so much I love your tutorials they are easy to follow and help even the most novice of people to make beautiful clothing.

  14. Hi, Thank you, I love your tutorials! I really struggled to learn how to crochet but they have made it so much easier and I am actually able to follow them and get lovely wooly treats at the end! I just wondered if I could add sleeves to this cardigan in the same way as the other cardigan tutorials show? Thanks again! xxx

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