How to crochet a women's shell stitch cardigan / sweater / bolero

How to crochet a women's shell stitch cardigan / sweater / bolero

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  1. How many grams of yarn is required to knitt this sweater for 50 year old lady with medium size.
    Please do let me know I would really love to knit this for my mumma. ❤

  2. I made one of your little girls boleros like this for 2 of my grand daughters and now their mother wants one. I'm so glad you've done this, thank you. I've been doing and undoing for a couple of weeks trying to get the correct increases! Thanks for such clear tutorials.

  3. Es una lástima que exhiban estos tejidos a crochet en inglés, mínimo que los subtitulos sean en español, sería una buena respuesta hacia la comunidad de ha la hispana

  4. Hi very nice video with clear explanations thank you. I would like to know how to make this for double XL and 3XL sizes of woman and please explain how to make 3/4th sleeves or short sleeves for this.

  5. I have 4 mm hook… How much should I chain in the beginning to make a cardigan of M size…

  6. My work is all ruffled not laying flat. Wish you would lay your work progress flat for us to see. Is it supposed to ruffle?

  7. You are brilliant ❤. I cannot believe I did this cardigan. I'm a beginner and look for such videos that explain and demonstrate well. There aren't many but your channel and tutorials are just amazing. Thank you so much.

  8. I have made 2 of these and am on the third, they are so easy biy look so lovely. Thank you keep ip the good work Xx

  9. Hi I love your tutorials, could you please tell me what the multiples are for the pattern, as I am a beginner, and tried doing the L/XL and is to small for me, thank you for sharing?

  10. You are an awesome instructor, thank you so very much, looking forward to more ladies tops and dresses and skirts, but no pressure, lol. Love your work. God bless you greatly.

  11. Thank you so much for this video. It was the first real clothing article (beyond scarves and blankets) I've ever made and it was so easy.

  12. The cardigan is amazing but I need to know how to get the right size because am going to do larger size than those written in the description box .. So could you plz tell me how to get it .. and the arm whole how did u divide it six and six am goin to have differrent size so how am i going to divide it ? Thnx it advance
    my last request can i have ur fb acc or even page ?

  13. Please help. I'm confused.i am medium size so if I am to use a 6mm crochet needle "What ply must I use? To fit me . And how many chains ?

  14. I have to thank you for your tutorials. I have rotten more compliments on your baby booties, hoodie and dresses. I would be very interested in more tutorials for woman's sizes also

  15. Good afternoon. I love your patterns and your videos are fantastic. I bought some hooks and yarn in Feb 17 and had never crocheted before. but after watching your tutorials i have now made at least a 3rd of your items. I have just made the ladies shell stich cardigain for myself just made the sleeves a little longer and I love it. thanks so much for your videos and I can't wait to make some more xx

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