How to Crochet Tutorial: DIY the G G Gorgeous Gal Cardigan by YARNutopia

How to Crochet Tutorial: DIY the G G Gorgeous Gal Cardigan by YARNutopia

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  1. Hy dear. M reesha from Nigeria.i just got interested in making this Can u plz share me a link on how to make the sqare along with d sizes tnx 😘

  2. I used to think the “granny square” style crochet clothes were ugly but I’ve recently seen the light, my poor boyfriend will be embarrassed to be seen with me wearing all the crochet clothes I’m going to make 😂

  3. Your time, your patience, your effort is highly appreciated!!! i m so glad to understand all your indications!!!

  4. Hello from Peru… i m already crocheting n i m really excited… i have 10 squares till now n can t wait to end it…. thanks for your patience, your voice is really sweet n lovely… warmest greetings from Peru!!! thanksssssss

  5. Nossa quem dera poder entender o que ela fala
    Esses canais deveria ser legendado massa o casaco muito lindo vou tentar fazer

  6. Шьют к себе , а не от себя.Углы в квадратах затянуты.

  7. Все хорошо все красиво все аккуратно мне очень понравилось, но рукав я так и не поняла мне кажется он маленький я думаю 2 мотива мало

  8. Greetings..I decided to try to make and design my own CARDIGAN. It's this yarn I fell in love with and I brought most of the yarn no….ALL of it for my squares😍. Here is my question,
    1. how many SQUARES do I need to make for a large CARDIGAN.
    2. How do I start designing it as well do I need to make me a lay out.
    Right now I'm just making all of my squares at this time.

    Thank You

  9. 1st of all it's lovely may I ask if it's and Aran wool and I can't make out what size hook is it a 5.5

  10. Wow, I’m so excited to find you and this incredibly beautiful cardigan. You are a fantastic teacher, so clear, so precise. Is it possible for me to make this with a lighter yarn? I’m concerned that with this yarn it would make the cardigan very heavy. What are your thoughts? Thank you again for this fabulous video!

  11. Hi Nadia. I have a question about the underarm of the sleeves. I'm making mine to fit me in a 3x and want to know how to insure that it's not too tight underarm. Should I make 3 or 4 panels on each sleeve; maybe 3 panels on each would work? My arms aren't big its my behind, stomach nd hip is why I need a 3x and I'm 6 ft tall. I was thinking 5 squares across for the back panel and 3 squares on each side for the front panels. I also wil, use a K Hook and maybe put an extra half double Crochet around each square for increase to fit a 3x. What are your tnoughts. I have already gone over your Pattern notes.
    30 squares for back and add 2 extra rounds of black to each square and then 18×2= 36 total for the front panels and add an extra 2 rounds of black to each square so that's a total of 66 squares and so by doing this I may not need to add the 3rd squares since I'm adding 2 extra rounds of hdc and so therefore I may not need to decrease and maybe underarm will be just fine? Your thoughts please😊?

  12. Sweet of you father to record Al of this. Now I'm no we're near making something such as this yet because I started with ponchos xD yet your so imformative it helpful

  13. Just spectacular!! You made this so easy for someone who can barely read a pattern. I'm amazed and my friends think it is one of the most beautiful things they have seen. Thank you so much. You are an excellent teacher!!! please keep doing these.

  14. I am baking this card again for a friend of mine. But I’m having a hard time with the granny squares when I do the circles. It turns into a bowl, and when I’m done with the square it doesn’t lay flat what am I doing wrong

  15. Hola hermoso hasta que alguien sube el tutorial de esté abrígo ,, aunque no hablo inglés entendí la puntada con solo verla ,, solo una duda ? El gancho es # 5 y cuantos cms tiene cada cuadro ?? Plis

  16. I'm a size 2x Im gonna make this, this is hot yeah so I'm thinking to use a size 6 hook and three panels for the front instead of two I wonder if that would work. What do you think? Thank you you're awesome

  17. Hi dear! I m just making this fantastic coat. Please can you say me how many squares for each type I have to make? Thanks in advance

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