48 Replies to “How to Cut and Press a Multi-Color HTV Shirt Using the Silhouette Cameo 3”

  1. Why is it necessary to insert the color in the design program, when the color already is a part of the paper?

  2. What was the size of your image before you separated it? I wanted to make me a racerback tank but I can't find a sizing guide for racerbacks

  3. would you be able to cut the pink letters out in full and press the glitter over the pink vinyl? I seen some videos where they split the colors like you did and piece it together and i seen some where they just press the whole desgin vinyl over vinyl. I hope i explained my question right…

  4. I just got my cameo 3 and heat press. I would love to learn how you overlap your words like that. Can you make a tutorial on how to do that plz.

  5. Good video but you are speaking soon fast for new learners. I would love to know how you cut out the part you did not want.

  6. Do you have to have a cutout area from the first layer of letters where the second layer of letters will be laid, or can it not be cutout and still follow these steps? I hope that makes sense.

  7. I love this video. You did a great job. I’m just getting into everything so I’m a big newbie. What did u cover the design with for a barrier when pressing?

  8. how should i store my easyweed vinyl? i notice sometimes when im weeding it starts pulling like if gum got stuck to something and you pull it. i have them currently in a bag in a basement which doesn't get hot, am i doing something wrong?

  9. Hello I am having a hard time with getting any business. I have posted my shirts on facebook and Instagram and I get a few likes but know one is really hitting me up in my inbox what should I do differently? I am even messaging people in their inbox asking them would they like to purchase a shirt from me

  10. My vinyl is getting stuck to the mat..I am putting it shiny side down..am I doing something wrong or cutting too hard?

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