How To Cut Fabric for Sewing & Quilting | SEWING REPORT

How To Cut Fabric for Sewing & Quilting | SEWING REPORT

everybody Jennifer for here with the Sewing Report and in this video I’m going to show you how to cut your fabric I got my cutting table all set up and
let me tell you a little bit about my supplies I’ve got a 24 by 36-inch Alvin brand
self-healing cutting mat i think i got it for around thirty five
or so dollars on amazon few years ago and it still looks brand new it’s terrific every once in a while I do
give it a little bath in water just because it kind of helps keep it to
be that self healing properties so I’ve also got my Gingher brand rotary cutter i
love this brand of cutting implements the quality state has
to get it just feels really solid in your hand I love it i also love creative grids rulers i can’t
say enough good things about them they work fantastic their story and they also
have a really nice non non skid back so that when you’re
you got your fabric on there it doesn’t really slide around your home I used other brands rulers where when
you try to pull it down something it just keeps slipping but these creative
grids rulers are the real deal and I also got this one off of the Amazon as well links to all products are below
because i actually got most of my building supplies available I’ve also got my fabric and then i am
going to making the retro black quill it’s a pattern that was done by my
friend Suzy Quilts and i’m looking at the cutting guide so I’m actually going to be eating here I’m going to need for five and a half
inch x 36 inch strips and 15 and a half inch where I’m going to be doing that
i’m not really sure what the square is 40 i think it’s for the middle movie so let’s get started and we’ll cut into
this fabric ok so for this next bit you’re not going
to be able to see my face because it’s more important that you see what is
going on down here so at the end you’ll sing pop up again
but for now you’ve got to see the cutting table so for this pattern I need for five and
a half inch x 36 inch strips and 15 and a half inch square so the first thing I’m actually going to
do it i’m actually going to square off my
edges so like when when this gets lined up it’s not even so we’ve got to even it
out i’m actually going to flip this piece of
fabric I’m going to kind of turn it around but in the fit in the video on irony we showed you how to fold the cell the
judges but you want yourself salvage edges fold it to each other and
i also like to press my fabric I really just seemed to like to do it
with the with the wrong side facing out I don’t know why that’s just usually the
way that I end up rolling so I’m actually going to fold the excess
over and yeah you can see here like this is this is you know if i go to cut it
it’s not getting it out i’m actually going to just sort of
latest lay this flat here and then take my ruler and i’m actually going to blend
this up we’re just going to chop this part off I’m going to find see this is the spot that’s the farthest in submitted sort of
line it up here and then I usually try to line up I usually try to match up the fold line
with one of the lines on my ruler again you don’t have to do with this way
this is just the way I usually roll so and at the top this should this should generally kind
of match up with the selvage but not perfectly because sell the judges not
perfectly perfectly straight and again this doesn’t have to be an exact science it’ll be okay the quilt police are
coming after you well set up and also since there is a
print on there i can sort of generally see that this is fairly straight so okay so I’ve got my line I’m just going to press down on my hand
and I’m gonna take my rotary cutter this one has a safety on so if you push
down on the button see I can’t like cut myself here get cut
myself but if you take it away this is where I could actually get in some real
danger here I’m just going to press down the ruler this is why i love creative birds start
at the back start at the closest to me and you never
really want to cut towards yourself you want to cut away from yourself and
answer back at the side of the molar and just start you have to you may have to change your
placement of your hand as you go along all right up and this is a little spot sometimes what happened my cutting blade
isn’t super sharp you may have to go over a spot so it’s
always important to make sure you ever cut all the way through before you take
the role our way all right now we’ve got a nice flat edge
to work with and doing the five and a half inch strip should be pretty easy
because I’ve got these lines my ruler anything over eight and a half inches
then you have to line up your fabric with the markings on the cutting map but
for anything smaller you can actually you don’t really have
to worry about the placement of the fabric on the that you really just have
to worry about the market corresponding your lines of fabric so now i’m actually
not going to cut it I’m not going to cut my fabric like this
because I’m not you know not cutting my left hand so keep it like this i’m actually going
to flip this around and around and I’m going to be cutting for my left side now let me look at a roller and I’ve got
a five and a half inch mark right here so that is actually what I’m going to
use i’m just going to put my roller down it was five bye so I’m just gonna line up you want to
line up the edge of your fabric with find it happens pretty fit all right and
i’m also looking at the line meals bold and actually that looks pretty good too you can kind of use to guys your
vertical line and then your horizontal line just to make sure that your fabric
squared up and it looks pretty good I’m just going to go ahead and again do
the same thing when you hold your hand down your pants down rotary cutter up the worst part you want
to make sure it’s firm because if it slips your measurements will be off and
then your fabric will be a perfect strip okay this is good so you see this nice clean nice clean
cut you’re just gonna put this off the side
and then i’ll show you how to further breakdown typically quilting cotton is 42 44
inches wide and then the length is however long you got it cut but a yard
is 36 inches and a half yard is 18 inches alright so we’re just going to do
another five and a half inch line and I’ll also link up where to get
Suzy’s pattern the retro plaid quilt it’s an awesome pattern and apparently
can be made very quickly i’m going to try to do this I haven’t
tried any of your old patterns yet I’ve got my fabric all old and i’ll show
you where download it because it is free she teamed up with Birch fabrics and
it’s available on their website I’ve got my second five and a half inch
line here and again notice I’m i got my hand pretty firmly planted down and I’m
moving it as I get I and my lower shift a little bit so you
have this ship the back one spot . catch very careful in that
last section this usually doesn’t happen if your
rotary cutter blade is a new mind then used for a few projects I just need and
actually because i need four strips of five and happened to my 36 inch and then
I need 15 and a half inch square so I actually should only need to cut four
strips and then i can cut sub cut my five and having to square off of the
excess of one of the strips because 42-3 six is six right yes is wait yeah it’s at least six
inches so i should have plenty I need two more so see how nice this is I’m really glad the pattern has lots of
strips like this because making the cutting pretty easy and many quilt patterns usually you’re able to use with a rotary
cutter because they’re straight lines your triangles ok yeah yeah wow this is pretty fast just have the other four and i think
this school has at ok so here’s what you do who if you kind
of straight line and then you notice this is off all i have to do is kind of line this up
again and again and then we cut that section if you and it usually happens if
you’re not pushing down hard enough or in my case if your rotary cutter blade
is an old see he doesn’t drink perfect fine take my left it here here we go all right i need one more
strip and then we’re going to sub cut these into five and a half 136 ok i’ll show you how to do that ok or make sure to press down hard this time yeah yeah wait for me laying down you want to make sure it had its
probably planted before you start cutting ok what we’re expecting this keeps
happening again i’m showing you how to fix this so that
you don’t have to yeah ok it doesn’t really matter because that’s
the end ok I’m gonna got some extras in case I’ve
got a project that i want to make with the dinosaur print up kind of neatly
usually how I like to fold my fabric ok usually like to fold in the third for
some reason not sure why we just get this and for the next part I’m actually going
to use my air soluble my air and water soluble pen this is a great pen I use it all the
time and again i’ll link this below to where you get this but usually pick it up on sale there’s a website called like WAWAK and they have lots of sewing supplies and they’re all very
very inexpensive their prices are naming ok so now i’ve got this trip and you can
see it’s definitely longer than 36 inches it’s definitely longer than 36
inches so I need to cut it down so the first thing I’m going to do this does
not matter . up I’m just going to take my roller other
side it’s going to take my ruler and basically i’m gonna start my strip
where the selvages because you don’t want to you don’t want your selvedge to
be included in your strip because it might be showing it i want to cut this
completely off so i do want to tell you that when you’re cutting make sure to
not include the selvages because one it’s a denser we’ve than the rest of the
fabric and also because you really don’t want this ended up in your project
somewhere so I’m actually just going to use the
lines of my roller to line up horizontally with the fabric all right so you can see this line is
lined up with the fabric and then the center line is also lined up with fabric
i am good to go my rotary cutter they’ll cut us off there that now this team at is 36 inches total so i can actually get out of the way
real quick i’m actually going to line up my strip
the very end of the mat to the other very end and then I’ll tell shade i’m doing i’m
actually going to mark a line i’m not going to cut their I’m actually just
going to mark a line so that i can move it back to the safer the others its marked for 35 inches but then
there’s an extra happened on your side together it actually 360 I don’t you
just going to pick because I can just line up again ok I really just need to get my pen and
I usually like to use the purple side i find the blue side the marks don’t come out very well even
even though it says water-soluble it doesn’t really come out that great I’m just gonna make a little mark we’re
it’s 36 inches reply back no no i’m actually going to do the same the
thing is when I cut off the other end a second i’m also going to so I’m going to
line up these uh two horizontal lines here and i’m also going to line it up
with the purple market made so that’s how I know that it’s actually 36 inches
right yeah be a pair too long or too short right in
the middle so now that I’ve lined up these two
lines with the purple mark i’m just going to cut the end all right so now i actually have a perfect piece
that’s 36 you got that right yeah 36 ok for a second I was like is it
three six and a half but it’s not it’s 30 36 and I’ve got my 36 inch piece by
five and a half inches and i’m going to go ahead and do do that to the rest of
the strip so they all should look like this and wanting here I might as well
take this little piece and make my five and a half inch square so this is easy
all i have to do is line up five and a half inches five and a half inch mark with the two
horizontal line and then you have a perfect five and half inch square this is how you do that yeah you can kind of tell because points up five and a half engine you think I’m use
your cutting that to double check your work five and a half inches so now we’ve got
a perfect five and a half inch square and we also have a five and a half inch
x 36 inch strip so that is how you cut strips so that’s it hopefully you enjoyed this
video and it helped you in cutting your fabric if you liked it feel free to leave me a
comment below and also give this video a thumbs up and if you’d like to see more
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about all of the latest offerings thanks for watching and see you next

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  1. Im just starting to learn to quilt my question is what are all of the numbers 1-20 on top bottom n sides for n my friskars ruler ? From what I seen u just lined the fabric w 5 in mark n cut am I correct any help I'd appreciate I don't want to mess up my fabric thank you

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