How To Deep Clean Cloth Car Seats! Car Interior Detailing Tricks

How To Deep Clean Cloth Car Seats! Car Interior Detailing Tricks

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  1. Glad I found your channel. It has motivated me to get my car cleaned and looking new. Purchased an extractor because my seats have stains. Thank you! Keep up the amazing videos.

  2. I hope you reply to this, i’m not sure if you do detailing privately but i’m near the columbus area and was curious if you provided detailing services as a business. I’d be interested in having you detail my car.

  3. I bought the brush kit you recommended…would work good for water spots too, tight? My interior will spot if a rain drop hits it🙄

  4. Would you charge more if someone brought in a Range Rover for example versus a Toyota or Honda for detailing??

  5. Odd because most cloth seats I see in cars in the UK are black or grey. I never see these lighter colours, only on leather seats do I see this, that brings me onto the next point, in some cases the cloth seats which are black are far easier to clean, even velour, you can do it just with a bit of water and some elbow grease.

  6. Great video! Thank you! I'd love to see a video comparing the suction and cleaning results of your Bissell Little Green vs a Wet/Dry Vac.

  7. love your videos brother! fellow detailer here and may I make the recommendation of adding drill brushes to your arsenal. I use the same “extractor” as you. however I spray super clean diluted 10:1 or 5:1 depending on filth and hit it with a red drill brush from chemical guys. then spray fabric clean from chemical guys diluted 16:1 for the better smell and to get anything I missed. i use warm water with my extractor to “rinse” the seats or carpet instead of using the extractor to clean. leads to amazing results, good smell, relatively quick dry time, and it is much quicker than just using an extractor. you have taught me a good amount of things (especially the steamer) so though I could recommend something to you! cheers!

  8. I just found your channel, and I like it!!! I'm an amateur car detailer, intermediate yacht detailer, and I enjoy watching your methods of cleaning. They give me more insight to my own cleaning habits. Thank you for uploading the vids, and keep up the great work!

  9. "I give the advice to remove the seats"
    With modern cars, you should know what you are doing. I learned the hard way when I changed my BMW E90 (2010) seats – same applies for (some) cars from the 90s, like the E36. There are sensors connected to the seats, if you remove them without disconnecting the battery and waiting a few minutes, you get Airbag Errors etc. Most people will now enjoy paying 50€ at their local Dealer/Scamship for them to delete the error.
    Else, good video and good results.

  10. Since the washed water in the extractor is so dirty, would it make sense to wash the seats again until the washed water is clear?

  11. excellent job a greeting from the state of Ohio USA, I am also a car retailer and I like to watch your videos so I learn more thanks for sharing your videos

  12. Have you ever had a problem with the hose breaking on the carpet extractor I hear that’s a common problem if not how do you keep from it breaking??

  13. Good results…only suggestion I have for an even deeper clean is use the extractor with solution in it to pre-treat the area…then grab a medium stiffness nylon brush and scrub the bajesus out of the area…then extract and towel dry…done!

  14. James, its always a pleasure to watch your videos and see you at work, good stuff man! I’m still a bit new to detailing, so besides cleaning interiors, exteriors, and paint correction like polishing, can you do any videos on touch up paint? Or is that kind of outside of your usual thing?
    And if any other kind commenters are reading, any recommendations on how tos for touch up paint?

  15. I really enjoy your videos, but can't you pour the dirty water into a sink instead of on your lawn ? Where I live it is not even allowed to wash your car on your own property. Take care of the environment 😉

  16. I purchased a extractor after watching your videos. What I usually do is run straight water in the extractor. I put the solution in a separate spray bottle. That way I get time to spray the solution then scrub with a carpet brush then extract. Works 10x better as it gets to dry faster. Hope this helps

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