How to Do Laundry : How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts

How to Do Laundry : How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts

Hi, I’m Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies.
We’re going to talk about how to wash men’s dress shirts, today. Usually, you’re going
to find the tag on the side of the dress shirt. Now, most of our tags are up at the top. On
dress shirts, they’re usually down at the side. You’re going to want to make sure that
you pay attention to what it says. This one is wash with light colors, non-chlorine bleach,
and tumble dry, and steam iron, so you want to make sure that you’re paying attention
to what it has, because if it’s a special type of fabric, you need to make sure to pay
special attention to how to wash it. Normal dress shirts, a hundred percent cotton, those
types of shirts, you can wash just in your washing machine. You’ve got a setting, like
a hand wash setting, or a delicate setting. A lot of washers will also have a permanent
press setting, so what you’ll do, is you’ll just toss it in there. If you’ve got any stains,
a lot of times they’re on the collar. You’ll have some stains. You’ll use a pre-treater
to take care of those. Spray it right along there. Then, you’re just going to toss it
right in to the washer, making sure you’ve got your settings right. On that, we’re going
to use a warm water. Add our detergent, and that will wash there. When you’re going to
dry your shirts, you will use a, most dryers will have a super delicate, or a permanent
press cycle. Use that. It’s going to be just kind of a light temperature, so it’s not going
to give too much damage to the fabric, while it’s in there. You’ll add a fabric softener
sheet, so that it will come out nice and fresh, and that’s about all you’ll do with that.

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  1. Save a fortune on laundry bills. Give your dirty shirts to Oxfam. They will wash and iron them, and then you can buy them back for pennies

  2. hi I recently wash polo dark green shirt,,but that color has faded in first wash please suggest me how to get that original color back plzzzzzz that is my hubby is favorite one,,,

  3. In the same vein as the countless air-brained American "recipes" which go something like….
    Muffins Recipe:
    "1. Buy Aunt Hillbilly's Authentic English McMuffin Pre-Mixed Easy Mix.
    2. Follow The Instructions On The Box"

  4. I was leary at first, but I tried them for a week. My husband drives a dump truck and gets dirty and stinky (website link:-  ) Lo and behold, no dirt and NO STINK!! And talk about savings on detergent. It will pay for itself in about 1 1/2 months.

  5. It would help if you moved the camera to the washing machine controls and filmed that. Inhave no idea what setting is for what 🙂

  6. According to a survey, of the 11,266 people who participated in, only 22.8% of them wash new clothes.

    Among them, nearly 61% said they would wash their underwears. 8.24% said they couldn’t wash anything.

    While new clothes will not only cause skin allergies but also even damage our gut health. 

    Generally, textile products have been processed through three steps, including spinning, weaving and finish. In the final finished processing, various chemical processes should be carried out. It mainly needs dyeing, resin molding processing and so on. The so-called resin processing is to use urea and formaldehyde synthesis of the resin filled into the textile fiber, fixed fiber, so as to prevent fiber expansion of the processing and anti-wrinkling, improve colorfastness, and prevent mustily. As formaldehyde is a volatile substance and it has high water solubility, we only need to wash new clothes in water for a few times, and then put them in the sun to dry, so that the formaldehyde will be clear.

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