How to downsize a teeshirt or polo shirt

How to downsize a teeshirt or polo shirt

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  1. Thank you I always enjoy your videos. I'm thick through the waist and blouse/tee's are always boxy shaped. Can you do a video to "shape" the waist in for a more slimming look?

  2. Hello… Is it possible to downsize the collar of a poll shirt? Can you please make a video to show how? Your videos are amazing

  3. Judith, i love you tutorials demonstrated very clearly. Would you also have a tutorial for wide leg stretch pants converted to leggings? Thank you

  4. You are one amazing woman!! Hope you and your new little dog are doing well in this brand new year!! Hello from Canada.

  5. Great work. I lost a lot of weight a few years back and have shirts that are way too big for me now. How much do tailors generally charge? Is it hourly or per shirt etc?

  6. Hello, I'm a new subscriber and I love your video however I really needed to see a clear camera view on how you are sewing but I couldn't see anything as there are no close ups of how you seamed it and did the split part.
    Is there any way you can get close ups when you are sewing so I can try to do what you are doing as well? I really need to see otherwise it doesn't help me at all. Sorry to have to tell you this as I really appreciate the time you have spent on showing what you are trying to fo. I really need a close up of seam ripping an overlook stitch where you grab 1 thread and pull and the whole thing comes apart. I have to take customers entire articles of clothing apart to either duplicate or fix.
    Thank you for any help that you can do so I can see what you are doing close up and clearly.
    Have a wonderful day!

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