How to Draft a Dress Pattern for Knit Fabric

How to Draft a Dress Pattern for Knit Fabric

Hello, Designistas! Welcome to Encoder Fashion. I’m Rose. Today I want to share with you guys on how to drive a dress
pattern for next rabbit I also want to share with you tips and tricks on how to
draft this dress patterns this dress come with four pieces two pieces in the
front the buzz part and the bottom dress and in the back it has a zipper so we
have to have a sense of axiom to included zipper between those let’s do
it before I begin to draft the pattern I
would draw a straight line at the bottom hem off the dress then I’m going to add him alone to the bottom hem let me give
it a different natural color somehow sometime I make a mistake and I cut
around I’ll cut a weight and I’m alone if I have the same color matter so since
I’m alone we asked for you for the movement for the him alone we also need to add two and a half a
meter for the bag Center thing again because you have a zipper in the back it is used all night if you dress the
pattern to use some color code for exactly let’s say youth draft the
pattern for awhile you get really tired you don’t have to like trying to think
what what long and what’s not to cut on so now we’ve finished drawing a straight
line for him alone as well for the back and here alone now I’m going to show you
the formula how to dress the dress with knitted fabric okay with this on the
lower make every drafting pattern really simple when I said the formula is
because it’s only that way it’s gonna be stick that way you just select the
numbers and the number that you measure let’s say you measure the customer or
you major yourself well this dress I made it for myself so
I measure myself I also have these side chart here on my website you go to
encoder fashion comm you can print it out and just as freely as you want about
this specific dress that I demonstrated right now okay so go back to the formula
you just pluck the data that you measure your body for example my measurement is
dress length 87 my bus length 25 my neck length 24 and my read length from 35 and
the back 38 Kipling 58 shoulder-length 34 3 length then this dress is peeling
we do not have to worry about sleeve length please to come friend you don’t
need to worry about either because it’s sleeveless dress now this is the three
important part I will specify it later but circumference 94 waist circumference
88 and hip circumference 106 and I have these guidelines below how to calculate
it okay so the formula well this is you the
right shoulder ling by 2 okay the right let me eliminate this sleeve
the circumference so I don’t want to continue with that so the wise but the
conference by 4 2 by weight to compress by 4 divide hip circumference by 4 and 2
by the older is to comfort by 2 then up 2.5 for the whole right now it seems
like a lot but I will go through again step by step well redrafting kepada so
hang tight baby I promise is get easier in a minute when I show you the fact
that I use these data to actually track the pattern now we are going to back
down so try to like just like I showed you earlier the dreads link 87 here 87
and I’m going to use blue why not I have so many matters I bought
these macros with my kid in elementary school size and they’re really useful I
had like a box full of it so I’m going to start using these up so
87 that is dress length and I’m putting on maxi dress all right so the trend
length 87 and I’m gonna Mack down here remember I told you that I am site the
am whole another word in other words is I’m hold you would divide a shoulder by
two and at two point five to that number so my shoulder 34 the Y by 217 plug 2.50
equal nineteen point five centimeter okay so nineteen point five and I’m Mac
nineteen point five next is my wrestling okay and since we work on the knit
fabric we do not have to what it about the dot length as you can see knit
fabric really strike we can just tackle it based on that and I will show you why
okay so now after we’ve Mac down the am whole length we’re gonna back down the
weight length so my wedding legs were 35 okay all right let me uh put these right
here right away here hole blank alright after that I’m gonna max out hip
length okay so my hips legs is 58 mm so I’m gonna put that hip length right
Sarah okay and we already mac down a direct link
earlier so I’m going to just label it for now so that’s stride length okay
this one I should label these as mellow shoulder length alright okay so after you Smackdown
right here you have two options whether you mac down it again or you do square
ruler okay I prefer wherever because save me time but again is you want to be
like okay you’re not sure and your first time doing this you can do the
measurement tape again and repeat this setup okay but at this moment I’m gonna
just use basis Square will alert that’s you know my favorite favorite thing
about you square rule is to do that that’s a purpose like I’m really excited
about so home because Mac don’t like that these formulas guy work with every
dress as wearing where you’re like essential for pattern maker yeah you
know to this formula I recommend practice and I have Widow
how to use this formula and if you have any questions after you wash these Widow
you can connect with me with encoder fashions on YouTube and send me a
message I would love to hear from you guys okay all right so now we draw the line
the Mac line for the show shoulder line and hold waistline hip slang dress line
now again you’re gonna go back to a Zeta just like I mentioned earlier we divided
the shoulder by two my shoulder length was 34 the Y by 270 now let me show you
step 1 we got a wood from the top to the bottom
okay so 17 centimeter do is just put seven things in here just like that and
come down here to the armhole line now you’re gonna use your bust circumference
measurement so for example my buzz circumference 94 divided by 4 when it’s
3.5 okay all right and we come down here to the waistline and again I also
measured my read circumference and I also divide that by 4 and equal 22 so my
Mexican friends 88 divided by 4 equal 22 and we’re gonna match 20 to my camera
stick just bright at this point and I have to flip this around guys sorry
we’ll do that next time it’s funny too okay okay the hip line so my hip
circumference one also I divided by four equals twenty six point five
mmm-hmm all right so now we’re gonna connect the dog
okay so my shoulder is 17 this is my shoulder 17 and let me show you this
took 17 and reformed to subtract 2.5 let me schedule an extra Mac for you
so this is 17 okay from here the year 17 subtract two and a half and we gonna
draw this line here okay now we’re going to connect a whole line to the weight
line from the red line to the hip line okay now this is a little bit tricky
here I mean not sure it is still a formula okay so one of my classmate Acme
factors but how would we know what number to increase or decrease to create
an a language is the pencil pencil line so what I’m trying to explain to you is
is even you click your rule light a you put it as straight as possible from the
hip line it will look like a straight line right and that we call that a
straight line spirit but at this point we make a pencil skirt so based on my
experience of pencil screwed you would use the waist circumference let’s say
for example my whistle come friend is 22 you would use the ham to come from 22 okay and we’re gonna Berlin the point a
little bit to get a crew with it because how a body shape it doesn’t have like a
pointy bit it has kind of perfect and smoothly so I would recommend features
you know to learn in all the points so it’s a kind of throne fitted okay so and
that is part of the corner if you want to create pencil skirt or pencil dress
you would use the circumference on your waist or the circumference of the dress
they come from for the hem for the bottom hem as well as with the bottom
hem of the skirt okay so now we go back to the shoulder
to based on the dress but I’m gonna make is kind of like up all long neck is not
more like a you necks at 11 it’s not as deep and love you it’s like in between
it’s more like an oval okay then it is oval next we go and kill Mac bones the
next twist 10 centimeter okay and we would decrease this shoulder side for
one and a half of a meter and next the next next to the shoulder
Mac that I just draw from one point to the next okay so now so now we’re going to just
move eunwol okay and I’m going to smash down
the bag next one four six and meter so we’re finished pull the back dress so
let me label that I want to share that stuff with you by drafting a knitted
stress pattern we do not add seam allowance it depend on how stretch your
knit fabric is right on my knitted fabric is about thirty percent stretch
so most knitted fabric about 30 percent strike or more and what I recommend when
a knitted fabric pattern do not need to add seam allowance we just cut right on
the seam allowance okay the fact if we dress for a woolen fabric none stretch
we would add about two and a half centimeters seam allowance and here we
just cut around the line it’s perfect okay
please pin it back now after we finish of back of the dress we cannot continue
track the front and read all the words guys just let you know all the world are
on the back of the dress so when you drop the front dress you just remove
that background is you just finish and place it on the paper like I’m doing
right now place on it except you do not want to have a center bag allowed
sisters 1s no center back alone in the front because again we only need
then go back allowing it for the zipper and the zipper is in the back and we
don’t need it total time put some weight on and trace big line here because with
leaf dress a little bit complex we have two pieces on the front and the
shoulders or the am hole when it comes down more like like a triangle shape
okay and also have the cut below the bust so that’s a little bit convoy and
we need these line to give us more guidelines where the bus at we gonna cut
and I need at racing wheel to do that okay so I’m
gonna trace all the land but when you each race but before you cut and the
paper time I stick together and then we cut it it’s easy for you
it doesn’t know okay so don’t just you don’t fly thank you cut that’s why I
like to trace this book we want to trace the joint line your
blend you know that’s one kind of slut work
with the knit fabric if we want to tie it better and stop we do not need to let
you know draw the dog or anything like that so all you need to do is just do
not add some alone and you can have the dress as fit as you would like you don’t
need to do any dog anything not wholly hey finish cutting now we’re
going to cut the two-piece part or petrest earlier I find out says but link
let’s say this dress is not half as odd but it does half the bust line we also
need that dog to measure where the bug line play so let me show you how my bug
length is 25 head pin pin a magnet 25 can be and therefore those one and we
have under the bustline so we can affect our bus lines on back 25 or at five and you just cut right on the sign and then whack I’m gonna next one next one Oh and footprint on site it looks like
sound like a triangle so we gonna just so these ones who won so now we spend this to keep two pieces
for the front dressed now all we need is the interfacing or the armhole and for
the necklace Faceman move we’re gonna cut the bag just put some anyone cows so we don’t
mistakingly cut it up because it’s happened before
okay so now I’m going to cut this bag interfacing okay so after we finished
cut the front interfacing new your home to cut this bag interfacing okay the
same thing place the bag dress up off a piece of
paper and then just you have in hand for the neck and
armhole I love his rolling shutter
I realize I actually play the exact one that I used
it’s a as called Japan 550 45 real pose exact one that I have got only for like
10 years and I never changeably nothing it’s to cut just like a pro it’s super
cool and I use it for everything for progress
or people and I can love it you can get like really cool and really fun it’s making this pattern like this super
beautiful okay so now we’re going to cut this is one trick that not really a
trick but again I like my work to be neat and one of them I wanted to be like
t equals C for like interfacing when is equal link it looks better it feels
better so I would match or snip it to match the length the same is here what’s
the next side I like it when it’s equal because it look clean that’s where you
need so always max right away guys I
recommend I really really can’t say enough because we could get really
confused so back so back on those front okay and
the same like here with this and you match the lapel like a point arrow up
when it of because then when you cut the fabric you knew exactly where the
direction you’re going really cool okay no we have some exit front and the
back neck right here second front and then the am whole back and front right
now we just complete admitted dress pattern thank you Bob
very easy and very fast and plate right no magic guy is frases who’s one of
those thing practice makes perfect and when you do that mean that you start to
like just love doing it I have to tell you almost like art thanks for watching
design makers Andrews and you can design anything

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