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  1. Hi! You have not done a horse tutorial on a while and I own an Icelandic horse, Icelandic horses have a different build and I'm not sure how to draw it and all the fur and stuff. There is no tutorial on how to draw Icelandic horses and I would really like to be able to draw my own horse, so can i request a tutorial on how to draw one? I'm sorry i don't want to act needy or anything. Sorry and thank you for your time! ❤

  2. Great tutorial as always!

    When I saw that second randomized ensemble, I almost spit out my food though. Yikes! 🤣

  3. I'm sad that this is the last tutorial Tuesday 😭 I have really enjoyed it 👏👏👏 I personally would love to wear the bright outfit. I wear bright colors every day so it's my norm. 😍 You did an AWESOME JOB with drawing her outfits 🤗
    God bless you Valerie ❤ XOXO

  4. Ahh, I loved this video! I think this could make for a really fun art challenge, randomize a few sims and having to draw them as characters… I might have to dust off my Sims game and give it a go as well!

  5. I'd probably wear the second outfit but I'd wear a more flowy shirt! I love clothes with a lot of patterns and im into the retro feel of it too! Almost all of my clothes are thrifted🤣 you can really find some neat things when you thrift! ive tried to draw clothes with complex patterns but mannnn its not easy😅

  6. How to create likeness in a character. I don’t mean doing realism, but like picking an actor or actress and making a cartoon “look like them” like the eyes, nose, mouth, head shape, if that makes any sense at all!!😆😆you are great Val!!!

    People suggestions:
    Tom Cruise
    Gal Gadot
    Brie Larson
    Tom Holland
    Daisy Ridley
    Emma Watson
    To name a few…..😆😆lol

  7. Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal you play Sims 4?!?!!? So coool!!! Also more Tutorial Tuesdays Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!

  8. Oh dear …. O.O socks with pumps!? If you're going Mary Jane heels with frilly socks, maybe… but those were work pumps with gym socks…

  9. First comment!
    Btw so thankful for your tutorial Tuesday’s they are so much help to me ❤️❣️❤️
    Pls do another outfit video thank you

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