21 Replies to “How to draw knitted fabrics | Justine Leconte”

  1. Dear Justine – wanted to let you know that instead of saying "the background color is clearer" (plus clair), it should be "lighter" in English. This is in regards to degrees of color. A lighter color.

  2. i am finding difficulty in filling colour in my fashion sketch,,i want to know what colours should fit better for my new design…..would you help me out and also i want to know how to shade with pencil …!!!!

  3. hey!! your videos are just so amazing and useful…can you show how to render a silk dress…i mean how to show the shine that is on the fabric..plz

  4. This came up just when I was about draw a sweater.So convenient. Do you have any tutorials on drawing sheer/lace fabrics?

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