37 Replies to “How to Draw Manga: Clothing Folds (request)”

  1. Oh my word!!! I can't believe this video has over 1,000,000 views! How is that even possible! O_O Wow thank you all so much for your kind words and support! QuQ I'll try my best to keep making new videos each week! THANK YOU!!!! <3

  2. Lots of people focus on making face of anime or cartoon but most don't know how hard it is to make the body portion

  3. Thank you for making this video,now I can draw nice in school! Keep it up! Your the best!😃😃😃

  4. Me : wow, people these day have so much great talent
    My heart : yeah
    My brain and my heart : EXCEPT YOU

  5. You really helped me with my drawing skills I tried to draw before I came across your channel and my drawing were trash but now that I watched you videos it helped me to draw better and accomplish my dream to become a good artist. Thank you so much for these awesome and amazing videos, I love you channel 💖✨

  6. Tbh… this doesn't help at all. You're just telling me where to draw the folds, not how. I DON'T KNOW HOW EVERYONE ELSE CAN SUDDENLY DRAW THIS!!! AM I DUMB? OR DO I JUST NEED TO LOOK AT MY CLOSET?!?!

  7. Hello
    This is cool. Thx for sharing
    I have a small request, can u do a male hair that's short and neatly spikied up? Can't get them right no matter what I do 🙁

  8. Amazing, Helpful and creative, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!! MY FAMILY IS SO PROUD OF ME JUST BECAUSE YOU!! I'm really happy and the problem that you solved for me is the clothing, and again, Thanks. -Rody Wael123

  9. Ok I did not understand can someone help if anyone can put it in a way I can understand
    I am dyslexic so I can not understand the way you were trying to explain it

  10. I’ve been trying to draw better the past few years and your videos have helped me a lot!! I really hope you keep doing what you do, you’re awesome!!😁😁😁

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