How to Dress Babies in Infant Onesies | CloudMom

How to Dress Babies in Infant Onesies | CloudMom

The onesie is a great garment for the baby. It will come in either long sleeves or short
sleeves. If you have onesies and you take decent care
of them you might find that you actually have them for a very long time. This one, which says “Wednesday” on it in
French, was given to me by my friend Alana with my first baby in 2004. It’s now 2011 and I’m still using it. So take care of your onesies. The idea with the onesie is that you want
to push your own hands and fingers up into the onesie and you want slide the sleeve of
the onesie onto your own fingers. Then your going to take your hand and you’re
going to put it through the sleeve and at that point you’re going to gently grasp onto
your baby’s hand and you’re going to string the sleeve on your baby’s arm. So here I go, hi Marielle, I’m going to take
her arm and I’m just stringing the sleeve of the onesie down onto her arm. Now I’m going to think about putting the rest
of the onesie over her head. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to pick
up the head and neck and I’m going to open up the neck of the onesie, make sure it’s
wide enough for her, and very quickly I’m just going to sort of pop it over her in one
motion like this, watch. Then I’m going to do my other sleeve. So I string my fingers through the sleeve,
I hold my hand through the sleeve, I gently grasp her hand, and I pull down the sleeve. So now I’ve got the second sleeve on and I’m
just going to pull down the onesie and I’m going to snap it on the bottom. You might find that this is a great thing
to keep your baby in after she’s graduated from the side-snap t-shirt. It’s great for cold winter days to keep her
cozy. And it’s actually really great in the summer
because if it’s really hot, you can just put your baby into a onesie and take her out like
that. And you’ll find some onesies that say fun
things about the Rolling Stones or sweet pea, you name it!

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  1. Hi bodetlove!! Yes, newborns can definitely wear onesies. However, before the umbilical cord falls off, I think the side snap tee shirt is much easier — then it is not tight on that area and you don't have to worry about pulling it over the head. Good luck with your baby! xo M

  2. You made my day too!!! I have gained so much from your videos that I don't think I could find anywhere else. I am having my baby in a foreign country and have no family around to teach me, but even if I had family I would still love your videos!

  3. Thanks for the video, it helps a ton when mommy is sleeping and daddy hasn't had a chance to learn how to dress a baby.

  4. We were about to give all our onesies away because we couldn't figure out how to put them on without our baby's head getting trapped. Thanks for the video – you make it look easy.

    If we could start over, we would have only bought snap-button one piece jumpers with snaps for both legs

  5. hi. thats an easy way.. thanks a ton.. as a first mom i would like to know easy way for rompers too.. plz suggest me if u have a video on it.. tia..

  6. I do think this was a good video, however I agree this is NOT a newborn who is sensitive around the cranial area.

  7. Firstly that’s not a onesie that’s a long sleeve vest second that’s not how you do it head first then sleeves

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