How to Dress Better for Men – A Style Hack for Beginners

How to Dress Better for Men – A Style Hack for Beginners

Eric: All right, hey guys, welcome back to
Style Tips for the Everyday Guy, by Cladwell, where you can get your personal roadmap to
dress better. I’m Eric. Chris: I’m Chris.
Eric: Today, we’re talking about when you’re just getting started dressing better.
Chris: Yeah. Eric: And you want a basic guide. We’re going
to, for that guy who’s in that place, where you’re just getting going …
Chris: Yeah, how do you ease into it? Eric: How do you do it?
Chris: Yeah. Eric: We came across an article on Reddit
which is … A lot of you guys may have been to this [sub-Reddit 00:34], the male fashion
advice. Chris: Yeah, it’s a great resource if you’re
looking to learn a lot. People post there all the time, so there’s a lot of activity.
Eric: Yeah. Chris: Yeah.
Eric: There’s some overview articles, and one of them is titled, “A Step-By-Step Guide
to Starting to Dress Well for the Risk-Averse Neophyte.” It’s a really comprehensive article,
it’s got 8 steps, and it’s good. We were reading this and what stood out was the top comment
that was uploaded, we feel like represents a lot of the guys we talk to.
Chris: Yes. Eric: Essentially what he said was like, “Look,
this is not what I’m looking for, because what you’re telling me to do is read this
[sub-Reddit 01:10] for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours.”
Chris: Yeah, “and then keep doing that,” right? Eric: “And keep doing it, and that’s step
number 1 of 8.” Chris: Yeah.
Eric: “I don’t have time to do that.” Chris: Yeah.
Eric: “Just give me the basics, give me the overview. That’s what I’m looking for. I need
some help in that way.” Chris: Yeah.
Eric: That really spoke to us because we’ve talked to a lot of guys, and how many guys
do you think, of the people who are learning how to dress better, fall in this guy’s camp?
Chris: Yeah, we’ve heard from thousands and thousands of guys, and that’s a huge percentage
of you out there. We know you just want to … A lot of guys just say, “Tell me what
not to do. I just want to be at that point and then I’ll be safe, I’ll be comfortable.”
Eric: Yeah. Yes, and we’ve put out surveys out there and, when it comes to “How do you
feel about clothing? How do you feel about shopping?”
Chris: Yeah. Eric: What were some of the biggest pain-points
we typically hear from guys? Chris: Yeah, so time, “I don’t have time to
shop.” Money, “I don’t have the money to buy the things that I really want,” and it’s inconvenient.
Eric: Yeah. Chris: Yeah.
Eric: Definitely, and that’s what we were reading in that Reddit article.
Chris: Yeah. Eric: Another one that’s maybe a little bit
below the surface … Chris: Yes. Yeah, there are all those 3 things,
and there’s really something operating [crosstalk 02:11].
Eric: There’s something deeper. When we ask guys, “Hey, if we could build any clothing
service that would help you out, what would be the top thing you would actually want it
to do for you?” The response we kept getting back over and over again was, “I want something
that would help me feel confident in what I’m wearing. I want to look great, I want
to feel awesome, I just want to feel confident in what I’m wearing.” That’s what we have
set out to do, that’s why we’ve done this YouTube channel.
Chris: Yes. Eric: That’s why we’ve built
For these guys, and there’s lots of them, who are looking for a basic guide, step-by-step,
what do you recommend? How does Cladwell actually help these guys out?
Chris: Yeah, we’ve built Cladwell to be a guide for you. If you’re one of these guys,
it’s our mission. Eric: Oh, yeah.
Chris: That’s the thing that we spend all day, every day, talking about, brainstorming
about, figuring out how to do that best. Eric: Yeah.
Chris: That is what we do. Eric: Yeah. Essentially, it’s like … We’ve
talked about this before, where you guys are the Batman.
Chris: Yeah. Eric: What we’re trying to actually be, not
necessarily Robin, Robin’s okay. We actually like Lucius Fox better, right? From the movies.
Chris: Yeah, exactly. Eric: We’re trying to equip you with these
tools. Chris: Yes.
Eric: That’s what is, where you can get in, get out. You can save time, you
can save money. Chris: Yes.
Eric: It’s convenient and you can feel really confident in the clothes you’re getting because
they’re recommended to you by experts. Chris: Yeah, Lucius Fox.
Eric: By people who have actually put in the hours upon hours of style work, so that you
don’t have to. Chris: Yes. Yeah, so we’ve got stylists who
select all these clothes and match them to you and we lay out a roadmap that’s prioritized.
Eric: Yes, yeah. Chris: If you really want a step-by-step guide,
that’s what Cladwell is going to help you with.
Eric: Yeah, it’s really cool, so if you’re … Yeah, if you’re looking for that guide,
you check off the most important thing or what you already own, and it shows you what
is the next most important thing for your wardrobe.
Chris: Yup. Exactly, yeah. Eric: It literally gives you the step-by-step
guide to create your wardrobe. Chris: Yeah.
Eric: As you’re doing that, what is one thing that’s maybe a big concept in terms of cleaning
up your wardrobe a little bit and getting the things? What would you say?
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, so a really important step, as you’re learning what you need, step-by-step,
is to purge the stuff that you don’t love that’s already in your closet. If you don’t
love something, then get rid of it. Donate it, give it to somebody you know who could
wear it, but that’s a great place to start. Eric: Yeah, so guys, we understand that this
was a little bit more a shameless plug than most of our other videos we’ve brought, but
we also understand that a lot of guys are in this place where it’s like, “Hey, look,
I want to start looking better and I need some help.” We just wanted to be really clear
and show you, and I think we’re showing you in this video as well, even, just what Cladwell
looks like. If you haven’t used it, please go check it out, because we’ve built this
for you. Chris: Yeah. It’s only going to get better
and better. The more of you guys use it, give us feedback, the better it’s going to get.
Eric: Yeah, yeah. Chris: That’s what we want to do.
Eric: Yeah, really exciting. Cool. If this was helpful for you guys, please give us a
thumbs up. Leave questions, comments, even ideas for the product, below.
Chris: That would be great. That would be great.
Eric: If you’ve checked it out, we’d love feedback. Most of our top product features
that have been rolling out over the last year or so have been because of your feedback.
Chris: Definitely, yeah. Eric: Please check it out and give us honest
feedback and what you actually want in the thing, because we’re going to build it. We
are building it. Chris: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
Eric: All right, guys. Thanks so much for watching this today. Be sure to subscribe
if you haven’t. Go check out Cladwell, obviously, and thanks so much for watching this video.
Chris: Yeah. We’ll see you next time.

23 Replies to “How to Dress Better for Men – A Style Hack for Beginners”

  1. hi Guys,

    I have a question for you,
    I'm facing some challenges finding clothes I'm confident in wearing with my size,
    and I feel that most of your videos, aside from being very helpful, yet they feel like they are not targeted to people like me who are not thin nor am I Fat, I'm that Awkwardly fat Guy,

    Do you have any tips for me to wear more confidence inducing outfits ?

    Salutations from Egypt.

  2. I have men's style question.
    When I get ready for school in the morning a spray 2 squirts of cologne. It smells like it'll last for hours when I put it on, then in within 30 minutes nobody can tell I have anything on. Can you give some advice on how to properly apply cologne that'll last the entire day?

  3. Ok, so I have the clothes that I am recommended to have, now how can I be guided on how to pair the clothes together for a specific outfit? (Tops,bottoms,shoes)

  4. Could you make a video on clothes for younger guys? (16-20) ? Maybe something that works great now in the spring 🙂

  5. I really hope this idea succeeds! I had some idea of what I wanted but cladwell's really helped me figure out what the get next and what I really don't need. Plus these videos are awesome!

  6. How come the guy on the left has an ugly sweater and sloppy shirt, and ugly glasses? 
       Seems like another case of BS "Expert", right. ?
      The guy on the right is looking dapper.
    Mr left, bring your ensemble back to Sals.

  7. This may sound like a weird idea for the channel.. But maybe every episode you can say what your outfit for the video is today and what you aimed for. Like a quick brief of what you are wearing and what you thought of when you put your clothes on

  8. Watched 1 video and immediately subscribed. You guys know what your doing, but you don't act all big headed. Keep it up, and you'll keep getting more support.

  9. I've been using Cladwell for a while now and it's simply become part of my daily routine. The night before, I look up what kind of day I'm expecting tomorrow: e.g. formal, business casual, leisure, etc. and the weather forecast. Then I go to Cladwell's recommended wardrobe for that season, plug in the occasion, and pick my clothes from there. When I'm feeling a little uninspired, their new Outfits recommendations is really coming along (beats falling into a deep Pinterest hole!).

    Since using the service, I've become known as an intentionally stylish man at work; this has led to increased confidence for me and validating recognition from my peers and leadership. Cladwell was a starting point for me, but one I heartedly recommend to help prioritize your clothes, according to your lifestyle, goals, and budget. I eagerly await the continuous updates from the team as they listen to their customers and make their offering even better.

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