How to Dress Comfortable and Stylish | How to Style Sweatpants

How to Dress Comfortable and Stylish | How to Style Sweatpants

Boys, I’m about to do the impossible for
you guys. Especially for the ones that think “style is too much; too stuffy” you
don’t want to bother with it. Today I’m gonna show you how yeah you can rock
your sweat pants out in public and look both comfortable and stylish at the same
time. You ready? Let’s go! Number one and the most important thing, know the
occasion. Let’s be honest, you can’t be looking like a bum everywhere you go.
Unless, you’re some sort of genius and own your own fortune 500 company. For the rest of us that’s a no can do. Some events will require you to put it in a
little bit of effort and look presentable. So don’t think that cozy
wear can be your daily uniform. But on some occasions, whether you’re running
chores, running to the grocery store, doing stuff that doesn’t require you to put
your best foot forward, you can look both comfortable and
stylish. Number two, it’s all about buying the right gear. One of the biggest must,
when it comes to cozy or comfortable wear, is a good pair of sweatpants. But
you don’t want to be wearing sweatpants that are overly baggy and look like
pajamas, instead you want something that actually flatters your physique,
something that’s actually tailored like these from our sponsor Public Rec. These
are what they call the “all day, every day short pants” because yes you can
literally wear them during the day and still look good in them. These sweatpants are
designed with that idea in mind, for you to both be comfortable and stylish
during the day. So what that means is that you get all the comfort ability of
a sweat pant. They have this elastic fabric that is super comfortable, you can
be in these all day literally from bed tonight. But since they have style as well, you also get that laid-back and stylish feature as if you’re wearing
almost your regular pair of denim. And this mainly because they fit properly, as
you can see it fits nice and snug on my waist, good through my hips, and then
perfect through my thigh and leg not overly tight like joggers but not overly
loose like pajamas. So, this is a great example of the gear you need. Allowing
you to wear sweatpants all day without looking like a slump. You can lounge at
home with these, you can go to the gym, you can run errands and because of that
comfortable elastic feature, they are comfortable sweatpants. The great thing
is that the pants come in six different colors that allows you to stock up,
especially for the cold month. So if you’re going to be wearing this often,
you’re not wearing the same one dirty pair. If you guys want to check out
Public Rec, I’m going to have these guys linked down below with the discount code,
so you guys can check out the everyday pant for yourself. Other essentials that
you should definitely look into is a good fitting t-shirt, Henley’s, sweaters,
these are cozy fit gear that you can wear on a dail,y as long as they fit
right then you can also get up Public Rec. So like I said, if you guys want to
check out Public Rec, it’s gonna be the link down below. Number three, get
creative with it. If you have your solid base already, like your good tailored
sweatpants, or a fitted pair of joggers it’s time to think a little bit outside
the box. Say you want to dress it up a bit, then throw on some fashion sneakers,
a tee, and a denim jacket for an unexpected and still comfortable look.
What you basically did was mix your comfortable cozy wear with your men’s
wear pieces, giving you a perfect syndication of something that looks
dressy but still keeps you comfortable. You could do the same effect with the
bomber, that’s right you can wear a bomber with your sweatpants or your
joggers. Whether it be a technical bomber like this one from Public Rec, or a
regular one kind of like what you get from H&M. A bomber like this one
basically gives you the option to start layering, right now “winter is coming”
which means it gives you the option of layering. And like I’ve said before,
anytime you start layering outfit, it makes it more intricate and instantly
more stylish. This bomber from Public Rec, again is another great example of
what the brand does best. Create an essential piece that is comfortable to
wear all day, every day but still make it look stylish for guys. It features an
incredibly soft, breathable moisture, wicking fabric that pairs well with any
chill or laid-back look. Finally the fourth and last point when it comes to
wearing stuff that’s comfortable but stylish, is fit. Just like I mentioned
before you want your sweatpants and joggers to have a tailored fit. This is
what makes the outfit a little bit more technical,
almost athleisure and athletic. If you wear something that’s overly baggy, it’s
just gonna add visual pounds to your outfit. Not to mention it makes you look
sloppy, like you just rolled out of bed in those pants. As for the tops, the fits
can vary a bit from oversized sweaters, to oversized tees, to obviously the more
fitted Henley’s and hoodies. So fit per say isn’t as black and white as it is in
menswear, if you ask my personal opinion I always go with the fitted option just
as I know it looks good. Oversized tends to be more
kind of street wear. I don’t know, I can’t help it. My menswear side always
forces me to stay tailored. Alright boys, so that’s it for this week’s video. If
you guys want to remain both comfortable and stylish at the same time, just follow
those four tips. If you guys liked it and found it informative, don’t forget to
drop us a like down below. Also, don’t forget to check out Public Rec, it’s
gonna be linked down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time!

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  1. Loved the bomber. Jose I have a theory that if the color of the shirt or bomber matches the hair, it looks better – in other words color coordinating with you hair and/beard. Have you talked about this before? I laughed at all the secretary and boner with sweatpants, so I have no comment on that, just the bomber jacket, LOL

  2. Hey Juan,

    Please do a video on leather jackets. From the aesthetics, to functionality, and pricing.

    PERFECT timing, since it's getting cold. (Jacket wearing season).

  3. Ive been watching your videos for about a year now and either im dumb and just never heard you or you've never said it but how tall are you Jose?

  4. I think that his videos are great but the sponsor parts are too long, as in.. way to long. Pleasse you sellout, sure. but now its just getting anoying.

  5. I ordered from Black Label and they cancelled my order. Been waiting a week for a refund, they won’t reply to my email.

  6. Those sweatpants are $95…. I don't care how nice or comfortable if you're spending almost $100 on sweatpants you're crazy

  7. I'm kinda chubby so if I were tight shit I look really fat in trying to get in shape but can you do a video on what people like me should wear

  8. Hey Jose, I've started working in a more professional setting & I want to know all the little details & fashion rules for wearing a professional suit. Such as cuff links & which patterns go with what. I've learned to tailor my garments & they fit amazing

  9. Hey Jose, can you please recommend some of the international brand also available in India in your upcoming videos.

  10. $10 off a pair of $105 sweatpants isn't really a good deal. I'd CONSIDER a pair if they were 40, but even that's a stretch (no pun intended)…

  11. The pants look baggy on the site, and also who’s paying a hundred dollars for sweat pants? You need better sponsors bruh! Everything you post is always a hundred dollars or more!!!

  12. You got any cheaper alternatives in mind. I live in Canada and when you're a powerlifter with big legs it's hard asf to find pants. All I wear is shorts. Frustrating. And I'm just a kid trying to find pants.

  13. I'm a sweat pants kind of a guy I like to get lose and Jean's dont really do well for me as well since they lack of comfort.

  14. Honest to God it's hard to wear sweatpants without showing my massive dong to everyone and that's totally not what I'm going for when it comes to the public eye you feel?

  15. where am I going to get 130$ for sweets these days rip off, there at Costco the tech pant is 19$. and rainproof also.

  16. Can't wear sweats or joggers. As soon as I put my keys, phone, wallet, etc. in my pants it looks way too goofy.

  17. As a girl, I live in sweats and joggers. Also, as a tomboy, it's what makes me feel the most comfortable.

  18. My advice:

    – Get better fitting sweatpants (not fucking £100 ones tho)
    – Commit to your style. If you want a cleaner look, pick a more suiting hoodie, and a t shirt that isn’t longer than it. If you want a cosy look, fucking commit and go full chill with an oversized hoodie and longer tee, if you commit to a style, it’ll appear more intentional
    – be careful with t shirts. Might just be me, but definitely watch out for shirts that are itchy or tight around the neck and sometimes pits. Last thing you want is to be in discomfort and pulling your sleeves down continuously

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