100 Replies to “HOW TO DRESS CROSS [By Jakei]”

  1. a day of cross sans.
    1 get up
    2 get dressed
    3 go back to bed
    because it takes all day for him to get in his clothes.

  2. can you do this with Xtale paps..my bro loves Xtale papyrus or paps in general and we wanna cosplay as them.

  3. I know I will cosplay as cross watches half the vid seems simpl-sees the rest here you go devil have my soul for me to be able to dress fast

  4. Guide on how to torture Cross Sans:
    1. Dress him up in Very complicated Clothes and I mean VERY VERY VERY COMPLICATED CLOTHES
    And dats it!

  5. damn bro imagine waking up every day having to do this every morning that takes a lot of determination and patience

  6. Jeez why give so much detail on cross? (Then again Ink has more detail and more complex to make) Cross has suffered enough so he can now rest in piece (litterly rest) and now enjoy his life
    (I didn't say rest in spaghetti because then he'll have to rest but inside spaghetti, no seriously)

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