How To Dress Cute With NO EFFORT | Hamptons Lookbook

How To Dress Cute With NO EFFORT | Hamptons Lookbook

hello beauties welcome to my Hamptons
lookbook I just wanted to show you what I wore Hamptons is really chilled I
didn’t even bring a pair of heels I wanted to wear only flats only sandals
and just really pretty dresses something that’s really easy to move in hanging
out with the kids and going from morning to afternoon tonight I got this dress
from Love Shack fancy have been actually eyeing this dress for a while now
because I was in the Hamptons they have a boutique that is absolutely dreamy it
looks like a dollhouse so I finally had the opportunity to try it on and I loved
it and I got it I’m so happy about it honestly there’s one way to look cute
with no effort especially on vacation you want to make sure that your clothes
fit well perfect example this free people dress a god a few years ago it
actually came looking like a sack of potatoes and it did not look cute I
invested $15 to go and tailor it this is my biggest tip with any clothing to make
you look chic or invest in yourself guys this was a great outfit that I wore when
we actually took the kids to town and just got some ice cream and walked
around so something easy to move in still very beautiful because it’s linen
and obviously sneakers because I was running a lot after those boys
especially after they had some sugar I packed pretty light for this one I had a
lot of linen outfits flats flip-flops and running shoes I did purchase this
dress actually in a boutique in the Hamptons and I am absolutely obsessed
with it I think it matches really beautifully if I say so myself with this
beautiful green bag and here are the kids coming and there goes my lookbook
okay this dress you probably remember from
the south of France vlog this is another linen number that super easy to style
and wear and I wore it with sneakers just for a little ray of sunshine kind
of vibes and this is one of my most favorite purchases that I’ve done in the
past couple of months this dress is from Reformation and I just love a good
fitted summer dress first of all the print makes me feel like a snow light
and it has a slit it has the sexiness and has the poofy shoulder that makes it
feel cuter and more princessy just everything wrapped in one so big fan of
the dress this was such a good and appropriate Hamptons outfit so this
shirt is a button-down it’s linen these pants are linen and I got them in the
medium for that back year like menswear look I absolutely adore it has a utility
feel to it both of these items are from Joe Fresh so actually when I went to get
the kids like school stuff I found these clothes and I was like this is Hamptons
check mark well I think that both the pants and the shirt we were like $40
Canadian at the most and I got a discount code for you guys in case
you’re interested in any of these I’m gonna link everything in the description
box this fabulous wrapper is from one of my
best friend’s brands illegal outfit I absolutely adore clothes that are airy
fresh cool looking and this is the perfect summer romper it has details it
has a waist definition and I felt so so comfortable in it and been wearing it
ever since grease since I got to steal it from her closet yay
this Joe fresh linen dress has officially been the most worn item on
this trip this is a perfect during the day summer days to summer night during
the day I wore it with flip-flops or sandals or even with my cab in the
evening you can put it with a really pretty sandal a nice bag you put a
little color on your lips and tada you Hamptons fabulous okay let’s talk about
this bikini look I obviously did not wear it because where do we think I’m
going I’m with like four boys who’s jumping up and down on me so I did not
wear this but I got this bathing suit on sale and I was really excited to wear it
did not wear it so I don’t know what’s the point of but whatever you know what
it was a lookbook I was like I’m gonna show it this little skirt I thought it
was so cute I actually got it on Mykonos and I feel like you can DIY it easily I
just love the flare and the drama and all those little ties love it didn’t
work but love it this linen dress is also from information I love it it has
the sexy vibe to it but then i pair it with flats to make it more chic and not
so try-hard although you can totally wear it to an event and put some heels
and we’re gonna cut this video because we have a nudist and the frame so thank
you guys so much for watching I will see you guys next time
hi guys thank you so much for watching my Hamptons lookbook I hope you enjoyed
it if you want to check out they get ready with me summer edition check

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