How to Dress Down a Double-Breasted Jacket – Casual Suit Secrets

How to Dress Down a Double-Breasted Jacket – Casual Suit Secrets

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about dressing down the
double-breasted suit or jacket; we discuss how you can get more wear out of your double-breasted
jackets, we show you interesting more casual inspired outfits for your DB ensembles and
last but not least, we show you the don’ts of dressing down your double-breasted coat. Aside from formal evening attire, double-breasted
suits used to be as formal as it gets when it came to suits. You may have a couple of them in your wardrobe
but these days, a lot of men wear single-breasted suits with slim lapels and if you’re not quite
sure how you can incorporate those into your current wardrobe or maybe you’ve seen interesting
pictures of Pitti Uomo of gentleman wearing double-breasted coats in a very casual way,
well this video is for you! So what are the main ways to dress down the
DB jacket? We came up with seven points. Number one, do pair your double-breasted jacket
with more casual pants as well as informal shirts. Specifically, that means skip the white or
pale blue shirt and instead, go with something maybe in a washed denim. Alternatively, you could also go with flannel
because it makes you look softer and more relaxed. In terms of colors, consider earthy tones
and pastel tones in the range of brown, ivory, or yellow. These warm colors are perfect when combined
with a double-breasted jacket. Alternatively, you can go with check shirts
ideally with some color such as maybe red or blu,e maybe green, or something darker
but you want to incorporate color because that sets the shirt apart from a formal business
shirt. For your pants or trousers, it means that
you can go distinctly more casual. You can either go with corduroys in the summer,
maybe with some linen blends, maybe moleskin, or anything else that’s considered casual
except maybe jeans because they’re just too informal. Of course, you can also consider chinos or
maybe even a pair of navy suit trousers to combine it depending on your overall look
and the feel you want to get. At the end of the day, make sure that your
trousers contrast your double-breasted jacket. Two, do pair your double-breasted jackets
with informal accessories and accouterments like shoes. That means skip the oxford and instead go
with a monk strap shoe, maybe a double monk or loafers. Traditionally, most men would have never worn
a loafer with a double-breasted jacket but it’s something the Duke of Windsor introduced
simply because it made everything more relaxed. In terms of shoe colors, brown is your friend,
it makes everything more casual but you can even go a little further, maybe opt for olive
green, maybe a light grey, or just something unusual that you wouldn’t find in a classic
business wardrobe. That being said, burgundy or oxblood is always
your friend. You can also opt for suede shoes because suede
is always more casual than a regular calf leather. Choose derbies over oxfords because they’re
a little less formal. If you only have oxfords or only formal derbies,
consider getting colorful shoelaces because they really break up the formality of your
shoes and make it look like an entirely new pair which is great for casual DB combinations. For a selection of quality shoelaces in rich
colors and different shapes, please check out our shop here. Ideally, you skip the neck wear. If you want to have something around your
neck, go with a knit tie not with a classic silk tie and maybe something in wool or something
that’s a little more casual relaxed and softer. If you have a worsted jacket maybe go with
a wool pocket square because it tones down the formality. If you have a flannel DB jacket, you can go
with something like silk because it’s a contrasting texture and it just rounds out your entire
outfit. Overall, get something with colors or patterns,
not a plain white linen pocket square because that would be too formal. For a nice selection of quality knit ties
and wool pocket squares, please check out our website here. Three, consider skipping accessories altogether. That means no tie and instead of over the
calf socks, go with no-show socks, that gives your ensemble definitely a very casual appearance. Of course, the notion of no sock look only
works during the summer, otherwise, you’ll be too cold. If you wear a shirt, skip the cufflinks, go
with a barrel cuff, you can even leave it unbuttoned for a very casual feel. Four, get casual buttons. If you have dark horn buttons or maybe plastic
buttons, they look very formal. On a double-breasted jacket such as a navy
blazer, adding maybe mother-of-pearl buttons in a contrasting white is a clear sign to
dress something down. As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the
button color and the more contrasting, the more casual the overall look and feel. Five, play with your button configurations. Most double-breasted jackets or suits come
in a six-two configuration meaning of six buttons, two of which are buttoned. Traditionally, you’d button the two lower
ones which would create a much more formal look. Alternatively, you can leave the bottom button
undone or you can button the whole thing just on the bottom row and see how it looks. You could also consider unbuttoning the jigger
button on the inside which will cause your lapel to be not as structured and will be
a little less symmetrical and therefore, more casual. Some people will even go as far to button
the outside bottom button but the inside top jigger button which really results into a
kind of asymmetrical look and I suggest you skip that because it just looks like something
is wrong with your suit but people can’t pinpoint it. Overall, it doesn’t make you look more casual
but more like someone who has glasses on that are crooked. Six, pair the blazer or jacket with a turtleneck
sweater or maybe a wool knit polo shirt. Sweaters and cardigans are obviously less
formal than dress shirts and you can learn more about them in our respective guides on
the website here. For a casual DB ensemble, the turtleneck sweater
is ideal because it creates some visual interest in an area where you usually have a neckwear
or a bow tie. Because it covers your neck, you’ll feel warmer
which is in line with the two layers of fabric in the double-breasted jacket that will keep
you warmer than a comparatively single-breasted one. For example, let’s say you have a navy double-breasted
suit or a navy blazer, it can look really great with a lighter or medium gray turtleneck
sweater. Ideally, you want a melange thread which means
it has multiple colors and when knitted into a sweater, you can have different flecks of
color which is a lot more casual than a solid white sweater, for example. Now instead of wearing the suit pants, pair
it with a pair of chinos or corduroys and you have a much more casual look. If you find a turtleneck uncomfortable, maybe
consider a knitted wool polo shirt, just make sure it has long sleeves, otherwise, it will
look odd and don’t go with the seasonality of a double-breasted jacket. In terms of colors, go with ranges of off-white,
medium grey, earth tones, or things like a darker green. If you want to add a bit more contrast, you
can also make a statement with something in red. In general, you always want to create a certain
amount of contrast between your turtleneck sweater or your polo shirt and your jacket
as well as the pants. If you want to dress down a double-breasted
jacket in the summer, you can opt for louder shirts with bolder patterns or colors or maybe
polo shirts but you definitely want cotton over wool, otherwise, you will overheat. Seven, intentionally buy more casual double-breasted
jackets and blazers. Opting for something maybe in a linen fabric
or something with a Glen check pattern in gray with colors of maybe purple or green
is just a lot more casual and the whole look is easier to pull off. That being said, features like patch pockets
versus flap pockets or jetted pockets are always more casual. Moreover, look at the texture of the fabric. A flannel with its hairy texture and touch
will always be less formal than a worsted fabric in the same color and weight. Avoid solids and rather go with
small patterns such as a Glen check or a small regular check. Definitely, don’t go with a striped jacket
because that’s inherently more formal and pairing it down with something more casual
it’s just a clash that is too much. So now that you know the 7 things to pay attention
to when choosing a double-breasted coat, what are the things to avoid? First of all, don’t pair a doubt breasted
jacket with jeans because denim is simply too casual and will clash with the formality
of the double-breasted coat. Instead, opt for something maybe in a flannel
color such as off-white flannel pants, it’s a lot better and more stylish. Two, don’t wear a jacket unbuttoned unless
it’s your idea of sprezzatura, you can learn more about that whole topic here. I suggest you keep your jacket buttoned that
means at least one button somewhere and you can play around with it and find what works
for you and your jacket. Otherwise, a DB jacket is not designed to
be worn unbuttoned and it will simply look off. If you have a tight double-breasted jacket
to begin with, adding a turtleneck sweater will make it even tighter so you may have
to play around with the buttoning, otherwise, it looks
tight. Three, don’t try to dress down a striped jacket
because that is a very formal garment that is usually seen on Wall Street or in a business
environment. Combining it with a casual sweater and casual
pants is simply not something that will work and will always look weird. in the same vein don’t try to dress down double-breasted
tuxedo jackets or dinner jackets, it simply won’t work. Four, don’t try to put your hands in your
pockets constantly even though it makes you look more casual. Yes, it is true, having a hand in your pocket
makes you look more relaxed but overall, if you try to just have your hands in your pockets
all the time, you end up having your clothes wearing you rather than you wearing the clothes. In my opinion, it is very self-conscious even
though some people might do it in Pitti Uomo in the hopes of getting photographed, it’s
impractical and not something a confident gentleman would do. if you enjoyed this video please give us a
thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and videos like this come right to your inbox. in today’s video I am wearing of course a
double-breasted jacket which is part of a suit and it has brown tones off white tones
and the blue overplaid it has contrasting brown buttons and I’m pairing it with a likewise
Brown and slightly contrasting melange tone turtleneck sweater frankly I found this one
at Uniqlo it was very inexpensive I bought it because the wool wasn’t scratchy and it
fit me quite well because of the wool sweater and a wool flannel jacket I opted for a silk
pocket square with small paisley patterns in blue that pick up the overcheck in my jacket
because my DB jacket is already quite casual I opted for a solid Navy pair of worsted pants
alternatively I could have maybe gone with something an off-white or maybe dark brown
for my shoes I chose dark brown penny loafers which are not something you would traditionally
wear with a double breasted coat it also allowed me to show off my more casual shadow striped
socks we have earthy tones of burgundy red and sand those colors tie into my sweater
and my double-breasted jacket and thus tie the whole outfit together I am also wearing
a little pinky ring in rose gold which is warmer than silver and has blue stone that
picks up the blue tone in the rest of my outfit if you want a nice selection of socks that
you can use to dress down your DB ensemble please take a look here

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