How To Dress For An Alaska Cruise – Vacation Impossible Podcast

How To Dress For An Alaska Cruise – Vacation Impossible Podcast

So we have a question from Dennis, he
wants to know about dressing appropriately for warm ship with
potentially cold outside decks, does one layer? Is there any umbrella protocol?
This is a fantastic question one that we had top of mind for months leading up
to this. How do I pack and how do I dress? And so now having done it I think I have
some solid advice so yes one does layer but that means something very specific
because people always said Oh layer layer I maybe it’s my inexperience but I
wasn’t sure what that meant because that could mean thermal underwear long pants
long sleeve shirts sweater jacket etc etc and it’s not exactly like that the
kind of layering you want to do is the kind of layering that you can peel off
quickly because you will experience temperature fluctuations throughout the
trip even from moment to moment where like I was perpetually wondering if I
was running a fever because the last time I had felt such rapid temperature
fluctuations was when I was unwell and so not the thermal underwear I don’t
recommend that I don’t recommend a scarf I don’t think that’s worthwhile but
having a regular t-shirt a sort of a zip up fleece thing it’s a full zip so you
can unzip it in an instant and then maybe a serious jacket on top of that
something that’s maybe weatherproof I made do with my leather jacket and a
hood but if you have like gore-tex whatever and then just you know
constantly be adjusting and a toque is a very good idea because you do experience
high winds and so if you want to cover your head the hood will get blown right
off and it won’t work very well whereas the toque if it’s you know if it’s a good
fit it’ll be snug to your head and you can
also put other things on top of that so yeah it can go from very warm to very
cold very rapidly oddly though the Husky hat wound up being rather practical
because it has these little balls at the ends it’s got this ear flap thing right
and they have these little poms at the end and you can actually tie them up
together so it actually was a really good wind buffer because I have
my ears covered and I was able to kind of duck into the into the wind quite
well but yeah definitely what Ray says and some gloves if you want some if
you want to use your phone and take photos and whatnot so you’ll want something that’s a
touch screen friendly gloves the ones I had were useless to get you know
invest in some more better than you know one size fits all sort of stuff
I actually got a bit of a sunburn in Skagway because it got super-crazy
hot and sunny and I had packed shorts just wishful thinking and there’s a number
times in Skagway we were sitting on the Serenity deck I was like I wonder if I
should actually go change into these and there were people that were walking around
that day in shorts on serenity and whatnot so yeah it’d be kind of prepared
for all eventualities we were really fortunate we didn’t really have much in
the way of rain so the umbrella protocol was not really something that we
encountered and when it did rain it wasn’t something super serious that an umbrella was
really needed most people just kind of wore like a so yeah you know your outer
layer just having a waterproof jacket and you should be covered and yeah and
honestly even when it was raining I didn’t see umbrellas on the ship at all
partly because there’s a wind factor yeah and on lido you can still there’s
a lot of windows you can see out of and if you have an ocean view cabin like we
do or a balcony cabin or you know other parts of the ship again deck two things
like that there’s a lot of window opportunities from the inside of the
ship that you don’t need to go outside in pouring rain for so no one at any
point opened an umbrella on the ship that I saw at all because they would
just basically either don’t have a hood and they’ll just you know fortify
through it or they’ll go run indoors those were sort of what people were
doing so yeah there’s I would say do bring an umbrella particularly if
they end up in the port and it ends up raining there but don’t expect to be
using it on the ship at all I don’t think it would be practical because yeah
there would also be crowds and wind and things like that yeah I mean there was a, I know there were a number of
times we were tacking into 50-plus mile an hour winds there’s no way you’re
going to hold onto umbrella and like there were there were people that fell
down from wind because it was very intense and there was a couple times where I myself
who at you know 270 pounds was struggling to stay upright in the wind
because it got pretty it was fun but it was it was really intense
I was knocked back a step by the wind a couple times myself
so it’s a it’s really quite striking

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  1. Thank You so much for your video you two! I just came upon you…and enjoyed your video very much! We will be cruising to Alaska soon and I am scouring YouTube to find information on everything that will help us have a wonderful time! Will certainly be looking at all of your videos that you have shared! Thx again!

  2. so when in Alaska I would imagiane  courderoy's a sweat shirt would be ideal for walking around or doing excursions.

    what about when your on the ship let's say it's captains night besides a sports coat what would you recemond?

    a polo shirt long sleve or short sleeve ?  a dress shirt full button long sleeve or short?  trousers like dry clean pants, twills ,  kahaki's , Cino's Gabberdines   or courderoy's or jeans?

  3. Great video, but you seriously need to get rid of the massive disk in the center, it distracts from the video.

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