How To Dress For Triathlon

How To Dress For Triathlon

– [Narrator] Super high-end,
very fancy, $400 tri suit. (techno music) Why, why, why, would I do anything? (techno music) – [Voice] That’s where
they make the formaldehyde. – [Narrator] Oh, would you look at that? (techno music) Those sprints hurt. (techno music) Morning, trainiacs. I’m starting to get a fair bit of messages from people saying, “What do I wear “for my first triathlon?” And the answer doesn’t need to be that you need a super, high-end,
very fancy $400 tri suit. You don’t need to go and
spend a couple hundred dollars on a separate top and a bottom, you don’t need to buy a team kit. Granted, those things are
nice, they’ll make you faster, you’ll enjoy them more,
you’ll look a lot more studly. But you can get away with
a heck of a lot less, so what I’ve done here is
I’ve lined up (whistles) four different options that you can use from most ideal tri kit to least ideal, but still totally acceptable, tri kit. I’m gonna go and get a chair. Alright, so let’s say that
you’re just starting out in the sport, maybe you’ve got a background
of going to the gym, just being generally fit, going for runs, and you’re not looking
to spend a ton of money on getting into triathlon. You just wanna try the sport. What you can get away with
is just a pair of gym shorts and a gym shirt. That’s all that you need. I’ve seen tons of people race triathlons in this get-up. Very standard, very common. You’re not gonna look that silly. Granted, you’re not gonna be
as fast as you possibly can be, because everything that tassels behind you and flaps in the wind with this and doesn’t suck to your body, it’s gonna create more drag in the water, on the bike, and on the run. But you can certainly
wear this pair of shorts underneath a wetsuit
and it’s gonna be fine, it’s not gonna slow you down at all. When you get into transition,
take off the wetsuit, put on the t-shirt, the
tighter fitting, the better. And then, when you hop off the bike and you go for the run, you’re good. You’re already in running gear. So you can stick with that,
no money outta your pocket. If, however, you’re coming from more of a cycling background, then you have the option
of using your cycling kit. And that’s perfectly acceptable too. What we’ve got here are my cycling shorts and then a basic cycling jersey. I also see a lot of people using this for one of their first triathlons. And this works just a little bit better than the running kit, because in the case of cycling gear, everything’s just a fair bit
tighter and more aerodynamic. You’re not gonna be
battling the wind as much. What I would do is I would certainly wear the cycling shorts
underneath your wetsuit. And you definitely can
wear the cycling jersey underneath your wetsuit,
because that’ll save you having to put on your cycling
jersey when you’re wet. And you’d be surprised how sticky you are when you’re wet and you’re
in a rush, in transition. So this is just the next best option. Now the the downside to
this is a couple of things. Number one, the chamois
inside the cycling shorts is a fair bit bigger and thicker, so it’s going to impede
your running a little bit. Also, the sleeves on the cycling jersey, they might chafe you a little bit when you’re tucked into
that aero position, or when you’re swimming. So if you wanna step up from that, that’s when you start
getting into triathlon kit. And the differences
between the cycling kit and the triathlon kit are that the shorts have
a smaller chamois in them, so it’s easier to run after the bike, and the jersey doesn’t have sleeves in it, so there’s less to rub when
you’re in the aero position, less to rub when you’re in the wetsuit, fits you really nice and
tight so you stay very aero. It typically has zippers in the front that you can zip down
and cool yourself off, but it’s not gonna zip down so much and then gradually creep down, because you might end up getting a penalty if you show a little bit too much skin. That’s a rule that I’m not a big fan of, by the way, love showing skin. And this kit right here, I
raced in for five seasons. You can get away with this
for a really long time. Now, if you wanna get really high-end, this beautiful number right here is a Huub compression
aerodynamic tri suit. What has happened over the last few years is tri suit companies
have put a lot of science into getting the very most
aerodynamic materials, fit, cut, venting, all kinds of things. And these are getting into
$300 or more for a tri suit. It’s your all-in-one, it’s got
your zippers to cool you off, it’s got cooling vents, it’s tight in certain places where you need compression,
you need aerodynamics. It’s looser in others so
you can stay nice and cool. It has sleeves so that you don’t have a scoop of a little air
pocket in your elbows when you’re cycling. This is about as aerodynamic as it gets. Granted, you don’t need that,
but it is the ideal option. And over the course of a half Ironman, I think you’re set to
gain somewhere around 40 seconds to a minute by
going with something like this, because it is that much more aerodynamic. Pros and cons of one-piece
versus two-piece. One-piece is gonna be a
little bit more aerodynamic, but you’re not gonna be
able to cool yourself off nearly as much by showing a lot of skin. Two-piece historically has looked a little bit less nerdy than a unitard. However, you’re not gonna be
able to dump a bunch of ice into your jersey and
just have it sit there like you can in a one-piece. As I say with all things in triathlon, don’t go and blow your entire bank account in the first season. It is a gradual thing
that you need to grow from spending little bits of money,
and then a little bit more, and then a little bit more,
and a little bit more. And accumulating all the things that you could possibly
spend your money on over the course of years. Here I am, seven, eight
years into the sport, and I’m still gradually accumulating stuff and I feel like I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with it. Just a fountain and all in cheer today. It is hot in the office. Is it hot in your office? Oh, oh. I’ve been meaning to do
this for the last few days and I’ve just completely forgot. I’ve wanted to ask a question about what your favorite tri suit is, so I can see what everyone’s wearing. I love seeing cool looking kits. Tag me on Instagram, picture
of you in your favorite kit, tagging Triathlon Teran and let me know that
that’s your favorite kit. I wanna see a question of the day. I have no slick puns or
comments or titles for that. Yeah, show off your kits trainiacs. It is hot in here. (techno music) Be straight up with you trainiacs, I don’t know where I’m
parked. (lip smacking) Gonna go this way, and
I am 20% sure that it’s, oh no, it’s this one. I wish I could say I was joking about losing the whereabouts
of my car, but I’m not. You see, the thing about losing
your car when you’re Taren is that you drive in to work
like once every two weeks and when you do, you
don’t have a parking pass and there are three main
streets that you can park on and you have to move every two hours, so you forget where you parked, and you forget how to
parallel park. (exclaims) I’m all over curbs these days. (techno music) So there are a bunch of reasons that I ended up deciding to
ride this two-wheel chassis to work every single day, two years ago. First one, is it was
really nice out one night and I could not imagine sitting
in traffic the next morning. Next, is I did the numbers and I was like, “Parking, $185 a month,
insurance, $40 a month, “gas, $100 a month, “car repairs, $50 a month, “a few days of parking at $8 a day.” Like right off the hop, we’re
talking about $4,000 a year, just to take your car to work. And, in my case, it takes me less time to ride my bike to work,
especially in the summer. In the summer, it’s about
23 minutes on the nose. Driving to work, about 35. Why, why, why would I do
anything but ride a bike? It’s one of the few things in life that is just as fun as an adult
as it is when you’re a kid. And that $4,000 a year went
towards paying down any car debt that I had, so, (snaps) boom. It’s not $4,000 a year, it
was almost $8,000 a year that I’m saving. Do you know how many bike
parts I can buy for that? You know how many triathlons I could do? So just the numbers wise,
I’m a very numbers guy, I like my numbers, I like seeing numbers
help me make decisions, so just by looking at the
numbers, I bike to work. Triathlon’s expensive, trainiacs. Do likewise, do likewise.

51 Replies to “How To Dress For Triathlon”

  1. Great video, but I'd also like to know more about the necessity of a wet suit. You mentioned having one, but didn't go into detail on that part.

  2. Taren, I dislike my kit. The zipper is in the back, not the front…. DUMB! I need to order another one, but I refuse for now, more money to spend. So, I have a ribbon tied to the zipper to unzip it. I'll share a photo, after this weekends tri. I'm sure there are going to be plenty of pictures of it. Tri kits show off ALL our flaws!!!

  3. Hi from France.
    Taren, I've considering the Huub trisuit but I've read that the quality left a bit to be desired. Do you concur?
    By the way, did you join a local tri club?

  4. I come from a swimming background and my first tri I only wore a speedo. I upgraded to some tri shorts for my next couple races

  5. Some cycling shorts will hold allot of water in the chamois which you may not want. And I prefer a two piece Tri suit just for the ease of bathroom visits (pre race nerves) could be very important in a hurry

  6. So Taren I'm a girl lol do you know of a good channel with girl advice about tri suits, wet suits, etc

  7. Tri suits are great, but one con it has is when you need to poo just before the race they're a bit finicky to put off and on again 😉

  8. I have a one piece tri suit sleeveless that I purchased for my first sprint tri. I have been very happy with it and it did not cost an arm and a leg. It is a bit warm so I zip down the front for parts of the sprint, so don't know if it works for a Olympic or full Tri.
    What I don't like is it shows me looking like I am three months pregnant.

  9. Hi Taren. I'm thinking of getting my first tri bike (either a Cervelo P2 or P3). Should I get the entry level P2 or spend a bit more and get the P3? I am thinking long term and was wondering if I should pay up now for better components on a P3.

  10. I really don't understand the rules you wear lycra that is so tight that show your man bits or women, but you can't run shirtless 😕😐

  11. Just bought a Castelli Free Sanremo suit for my first triathlon… Really hope i end up liking racing haha

  12. What do you suggest for someone that is a little bigger 200 lb range and have lots of loose skin? I was between 330-340 lbs 2 years ago and I am now 208 lbs. Do you see a lot of guys just throw a tech shirt over their tri suit for the run?

  13. I did a my first sprint tri the other week and wore my tech t shirt underneath my wetsuit as not sure on topless ruling for men. This leads to a problem sore nips! do they toughen up and it's a right of passage as can get this when doing longer runs in the rain?

  14. I wouldn't want to use neither the gym shorts you showed for fear of chafing on the bike nor the bike shorts with the big chamois. I got myself a pair of cheap €10,- bike shorts that don't have any chamois and am happy with those. They dry fast (ugh, the thought of sitting in the wet on the bike!) and I don't feel like running with diapers. And for the typical beginner's distances who needs a chamois?

  15. I have a single-piece Zoot tri suit. It's not bad, but after two triathlons, I'm already starting to get tired of the whole process that is going to the bathroom when you wear something that is only one piece. 😛

  16. I might abandon the unitard for the cycling kit. Allows for pit stops and looks marginally better on me. So many race pictures….sigh.

  17. Is a wetsuit required for a triathlon? How would this sound for what to wear. My jammers for the swim. I'll put shorts and a compression shirt for the bike and run.

  18. I'm a new trainiac. Watching this video gave lots of information. I was an avid mountain biker before moving to Florida, so I have cycling gear to train in/ My plan is to get triathlon shorts and a cycling jersey I have been searching out for from the Epilepsy Foundation as I Have grown up with Epilepsy and I was a 4 year varsity swimmer in high school, a coach, and participated in many rough water swims. I wan people to know to never give up no matter the challenge. I am an ER nurse and educate my patients to face any adversities they encounter. My only challenge that I have started building on now is running, that has always been my weakness, so I am raking it one day at a time. See you around the triathlon circuit,

  19. got a trisuit before christmas and tried it on , it fit s well but and its a big butt its somewhat revealing in the dick region, is that normal and just something i have get over or are there nonsurgicial remedies out there ps im a 107kg powerlifter big legs big chest big shoulders tiny dick

  20. I'm new to triathlon and was wondering the difference between an aero long sleeve tri jersey and an aero long sleeve cycling jersey. Keep up the good work Taren!

  21. I just dress like a competitive swimmer for training

    For cycling just look like a pure roadie
    -no aero bars
    -cycling shoes(you could wear tri shoes)
    -cycling socks shorts and jersey
    -road helmet

    For the run you can basically wear anything unless your on the track a lot maybe get some spikes

    Then on race day
    -tri suit
    Tri shoes
    Aero helmet
    -TT bike if it’s not draft legal
    -and all the other general gear

    But really it dosnt matters although iv learned over the years that during winter when ur training with other clubs you should just commit to to that and forget your a triathlete and then when the season starts again go back to it

  22. GREAT video – thank you. I have been wondering how to handle the transition between events and what is most appropriate to wear. Was considering skin type shorts to swim, slide on cycling shorts for the cycle, and then pulling them off and running in the skins for the run stage. Which is the reverse of what you mentioned as you said to put the wetsuit over the tri-skin. Not sure we will need a wetsuit in Florida – even in December.

  23. Hey, this is probably a stupid question but I’m kind of unclear. For non wetsuit legal races, can you swim with two piece tri kit? If not what can you swim with aside from like a speedo or swim trunks?

  24. When I receive Triathlon, I tend to change it up from race to race. Now granted I only race Sprint distance. I will wear a tri suit, I will wear tri shorts and tri jersey, sometimes even tri jersey and speedo. But since I do have a plate on my clavicle, I always wear sleeveless for racing ( wetsuit,tri suit, swimskin, tri top), it's lot easier having more freedom of movement.

  25. Great video Taren, pardon me, I am rather wide in my mid section…some pretty badass fat; one piecers just don't fit me, tried couple…Is that a good enough reason to get a 2 piecer…well apart from shedding that whole load of fat…painfully long process

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