How To Dress For Your Body Type | Look AWESOME No Matter Your Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Type | Look AWESOME No Matter Your Shape

Quick quiz, gentlemen, what’s the most attractive
body type? Body type number one, the triangle. Body type number two, the inverted triangle.
Body type number three, the rectangle. Body type number four, the oval. Body type number
five, the trapezoid. Now, I’m going to reveal the answer here
in the next couple of minutes, but no matter what the answer is, you’ve got a particular
body type today and you’ve got to dress for it. Well, gentlemen, that’s what this
video is all about, how you can dress best for your particular body type.
Now, before I get into how to dress for each of the five body types, gentlemen, I want
to lay out three ground rules. Rule number one, dress for the body that you have today.
So, that may be great in two months or in a year that you will have lost all that weight
you want to lose or may be gain that muscle and you’ll have the ideal body at that time.
But, you can’t walk around naked right now, gentlemen, you have to dress for the body
you have. So, that interview that big event that you’ve got coming up, that date that
you want to go in, you’ve still got to dress for the body that you have. This is a great
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Now, let’s go into point number two. So, foundation point number two is that your body
shape will determine the type of clothing that you want to wear. Don’t fall into trends.
So, there’s a trend awhile back about skinny tights, skinny lapels, basically skinny suits,
all these stuff. If you are a triangle-shaped guy, if you are
an oval-shaped guy, that is just going to make you look like a clown. It doesn’t matter
if it somewhat fit you, it’s not going to fit your body type. Proportion is key here,
gentlemen. And so, you’ve got to understand that for your body type there are going to
be items that are just going to work better for you.
Foundation point number three is to seek the norm. When you’re wearing clothing, what
you want to do no matter what your body type is is you want to basically have it better
balance you so that you can go towards the norm body type in your society. And, that
goes back to the question at the very beginning, the answer is what body type is most attractive?
Well, it depends on where you live and what is the norm body type.
So, the body type in India, the body type in Germany, the body type in Italy, the body
type in the United States or in Mexico it changes it depends. Here in the United States,
people are going to be more muscular. That�s what we put on the pedestal, a lot of guys
go to the gym. India, they’re going to be a bit thinner. Japan, they’re going to be
a bit thinner, so over there maybe the rectangle. In the United States it’s going to be more
than trapezoid. Interesting though is because as obesity becomes
more common, it becomes something viewed as actually more attractive believe it or not.
The point is is you don’t want to whenever you’re if you are really built yourself
up, you’re a bodybuilder don’t put on a jacket that has a lot of shoulder pads.
It’s basically will make you look like a cartoon and that’s not what we’re looking
for. What we’re looking to do is go towards the norm in your society.
So, the first body type I’m going to talk about, gentlemen is the triangular body type.
This can happen early on in life, it can also happen a lot later. It could happen with weight
gain, but basically what we see is the hips and the stomach area starts to widen out.
The shoulders were naturally may be sloped or they simply you don’t work out you don’t
take care of that area and so, they start to slope down, you start to hunch over a bit.
This is something that you’ve got to build up the shoulders. If you can build up the
shoulders, all of a sudden this is going to transform this body type more into a square
and the square is much more masculine than a triangle.
The issue with the triangle, again, it goes back to the shoulders. Weak shoulders are
viewed as not masculine so you want to throw on sports jacket, thrown on jackets wear casual
suits, throw on blazers, but also bring in denim jackets, bring in other a leather
jacket. Always think how I kind of in a sense build up this area, can I work casual button
up shirt that have epaulettes that may be have the double pockets that have a little
bit of embroidery design. So, the chest area the shoulder area, you’re looking to add
a bit of weight to it, even sweaters can come in and help out with this.
Now, when it comes to the hips, what you want to do, don’t wear anything baggy in the
hips. So, you’re going to want to wear things closer in and around here. You also are going
to want to make sure the proportion of your shoes. You don’t want to go with anything
super large. Everything down here is as large as you want it to be, so you want to wear
possibly more delicate dress shoes, things that aren’t going to look smaller even though
maybe you’ve got size 12 feet. The next body type I want to talk about is
the inverted triangle. This is the bodybuilder, this is the guy that spends time in the gym
and has really built up his upper body. Now, the problem with this, many people are going
to say, well, I would love that body and love his problems. Well, try going to a tailor,
I can tell you this is one of the most difficult bodies to tailor a clothing to and a lot of
the stuff he puts on, it actually makes his upper body look even bigger and his lower
body therefore becomes disproportional and this is what we want to avoid.
So, the guy with this build, he wants to build up his lower body. He’s going to do this
by focusing on shoes that make his feet look a little bit bigger. So, he wants to look
at boots, he wants to look at maybe textured shoes or suede. He wants to look at contrast,
so something maybe that’s got a contrasting leather to it, something that draws a little
bit more attention to his footwear. Okay. Then, we�re moving up here, let�s
look at jeans. Avoid skinny jeans, maybe go for a straight cut. You don’t need to go
for a loose cut, but you want to give something that gives a little bit of extra weight in
here. When you’re looking at suits, make sure you avoid jackets that have a lot of
padding. Search out jackets especially, you know, there are certain ones may be coming
out of Italy or that you can get custom-made which are going to have no padding in here.
The idea is you’ve already got everything you need up here and you want to come off
as simply a guy that looks like he’s in shape not a guy that, you know, comes off
as this disproportionate, it looks like he’s going to fall over, you know, just because
he has no weight down here in the lower body. So, again, we’re trying to avoid the cartoonish
look by making your proportions in your lower body more balanced.
Now, the next body type is the rectangle body type. For many guys this is going to be a
great body type to have, but if it starts to be an extreme rectangle where it’s a
thin lanky individual, it becomes a lot more difficult. So, this is where you want to add
texture. Now, if you’ve got a normal build, I’m
relatively 5’9″. What? 170, 165 lbs, I can tell you clothing is relatively easy to
find for me. But, if I was 6’3″, 180 lbs, I would, you know, have that much leaner profile
and it becomes much harder to find clothing. He doesn’t want to be wearing really thin
clothing that makes him look extremely thin and like he’s malnourished here. Simply
he’s looking for things that are going to add some weight and add some texture.
So, for him, unlike many of the other body types, he wants to break up that line, so
he doesn’t want to necessarily go for monochromatic looks. He wants to go for an odd jacket with
an odd pair of trousers and what do I mean by that? I mean they’re not made from the
same fabric. You can go with jeans, you could go with a sports jacket. That’s a great
look for a lot of guys. Or if he’s going to go for a shirt, he can
go with one that has a little bit of build maybe the double pockets, something that has
a little bit of a contrast between the top and the bottom. That’s okay if we focus
in on his mid-section a bit because he’s so thin, it’s actually going to make him
maybe not look so thin, he’s going to keep the eye right there at the center. The point
is is we’re looking for balance, we’re looking to kind of widen him out a bit and
make him look more like the norm. The next body type I want to discuss is the
oval body type and we’re looking to do two things here. We’re looking to stretch out
the oval and we’re looking to add edges. So, let me talk about each. By stretching
out the oval, I mean let’s make it look taller let’s make it look leaner. We can
do that with monochromatic looks. A suit natural monochromatic look here, you’ve
got a matching jacket with a matching pair of trousers made from the same fabric, it
allows the eyes to go up and down. When a big man wears this, he almost always looks
great. Now, what you want to avoid is a high contrast outfits. So, light-colored shirts
with the dark pair of trousers, that’s a no-no where our attention and is focused into
your midsection, it just makes you look wider. Now, when I’m when I’m talking about
the edges, talking about here on the jacket perhaps. I’m talking about shoes that draw
a little bit of attention to themselves. These are your top and bottom areas. The jacket
right here, the shoulders it’s going to build them it’s going to draw a line right
here that’s a great thing. What you don’t want is to have really soft in and around
that area. Now, with the shoes, you want our attention
to focus in on the shoes. So, you can wear a great pair of boots not only will those
give you a bit of height, but they could draw our attention. So, you can go with something
with the broguing, something with the contrast leather, something with a bit of suede in
it, something with style because we’re going to focus in on there and we’re going to
say, wow, this guy has got style, he’s large and in charge.
The next body type is a trapezoid body type. One of the easier body types to dress unless
he’s extremely tall, extremely short, or closer to an inverted triangle. But, this
guy in general much of the clothing he’s going to try on is going to fit him pretty
good. And that’s where the problem is at is he doesn’t get many things adjusted to
fit him. He tries things off the rack, he’s like, oh, this pretty good. I’m going to
wear it as is, so he gets lazy. This body type needs to take everything has
to a tailor to get it perfectly adjusted. No excuses here, this is one of the easiest
body types to dress and I but I see so many guys still screwing it up because they’re
wearing clothing that doesn’t fit them. They don’t actually go out there follow
my simple style pyramid where you focus in on the fit, you focus in on the function basically
what’s the message you want to send, you focus in on the fabric. You buy the best you
can afford. All right, gentlemen, so if you want more,
go check out the support article. In the support article, I go over each of the body types
in a lot more detail than I went over them in this video. And, let me know in the comments
down below what would you have added, what did I miss, what type of body what body
type do you have and what are your tips and tricks for dressing for that body type.
Finally, gentlemen go check out Anson Belt and Buckle. And take these buckles right here
and take all these different straps and you get amazing combinations. Like I said if you’re
losing weight, great options for you because you don’t have to go out and buy a new belt.
I love it because it can fit pretty much any man out there any body type just a great deal,
great father-son business here in the United States.
And, that’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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