How To Dress For Your Body Type & Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Type & Shape

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s gazette! In today’s video, we discuss for your body
type, what things to avoid, and general tips you should consider if you want to look great. Before we discuss the different body types,
let’s focus on some general tips that apply to all body types. The goal is to invest in clothes that flatter
you, that highlight your strengths, and make your weaknesses advantageous. For example, if you have a t-shirt or a polo
shirt, they’e very thin, it’s just one layer of fabric and it’s much harder to hide the
imperfection in your body. On the other hand, if you wear a suit, you
have a much more structured garment that can glide over things, hide things, and make you
look really really dapper. You may not like it but human beings like
proportional looks and proportions change with the society you live in, as well as age
but overall, a non-extreme look will always be more timeless and classic and flattering
for you. So if you have really wide shoulders, you
want to give the appearance of being a little slimmer. If you have very slim shoulders, you want
to give the appearance of being a little wider. Overall, the extremes are something you want
to avoid. Of course, if you look back in history and
look at the 1920’s, you saw men with slim pants and slim jackets, the 30’s had changed;
everything got wider, you had more drape, wider lapels, full cut trousers with a high-rise. The 40’s were impacted by the war so you saw
single breasted jackets, no double-breasted jackets because they had to save fabric. The 50’s, things got slimmer again; skinny
ties, skinny lapels. 70’s everything was bolder, bigger and in
the 80’s, you had these unstructured garments with lots of shoulder padding. So over time, the sense of proportions change. But if you wear a suit with a lapel that’s
about 3-3 1/2 inches, that’s neither too slim nor too wide, you could have worn that throughout
history and never be out of style. You may not always be trendy but having a
timeless wardrobe that stands the test of time means you’ll always look stylish without
being over the top fashionable. It’s essential that you have your clothing
tailored because only that way can you highlight what works and make sure that the sleeve length
is correct because most of us, including me have one arm that is longer than the other. Also, make sure to dress for the body you
have today because if you aspire to something in the future, you may end up with a suit
that just doesn’t look good and you may never get there. So the first thing you want to understand
is what your body type is and we’ll go over that in a moment. For example, both of my shoulders are sloped
but this one is about 2 inches lower than this one. So with a suit, you can add a different amount
of padding and make it level so it looks rather advantageous and not off. So my shoulders look far more level in a suit
than they look in a polo shirt and it’s okay because a tailor can either add more shoulder
padding and leave it out but cut it in a way so you get fewer wrinkles. First body type we discuss is the rectangular
body type. It’s a proportional look and it means that
the width of your shoulders is about as wide as your hips, it’s a very masculine style
and something all of men aspire to. If you’re lucky enough to have that body style,
there’s hardly anything you can’t wear because most of the things will look good on you even
if they come off the rack. Overall, if you wear something, make sure
it’s consistent. Let’s say you get a suit that is wider on
top that has wider lapels, you also want wider pants. If you go with a slimmer lapel, let’s say
about 3 inches, make sure your pants are also cut trimmer. Basically, you want to keep it proportional
throughout and not have something that is extremely wide on top and extremely slim at
the bottom. Rectangle can be different things, it can
be a slim rectangle or a wider rectangle. Overall, you want to strive for something
in the middle so if you are very skinny, you should get something that is about 3 1/2 inches
in the lapels with some kind of fullness but nothing that is too skinny. Same thing if you are very wide, you don’t
want to emphasize that even further and maybe go with something a little slimmer. Something that works really nice with your
body type is a vest or a waistcoat because it covers your middle section but it just
highlights your framework and it’s always very advantageous. You can also wear bolder patterns such as
houndstooth, wider stripes, or windowpanes, because they are quite flattering for your
type. If you are shorter and wider but still rectangular,
I suggest not to wear any skinny clothes because otherwise, they make you look wider and proportion
to your lapels therefore, you want something that’s at least 3 1/4, maybe 3 1/2 inches
wide in the lapels so it looks advantageous and flattering. For reference, you measure the lapel width
90 degree to the angle until it reaches in here, so that would be the lapel width. People of regular height can have a buttoning
point that is around the natural waist which is the belly button. If you’re a little shorter, you should move
that up a little bit so that gives you a longer neckline and makes you look taller. If you are a shorter rectangular body type,
I suggest you stick with smaller patterns; stripes that are closer together because overall,
it makes you look taller and proportion to the patterns. However, if you’re a tall guy, you wear bigger
patterns because overall, it doesn’t make you stand out too much. The next body type is triangular body type. It’s called that way because your hips are
wider than your shoulders. Oftentimes, it also means you have sloped
shoulders and to counteract that, you can add a little bit of shoulder padding so they’re
built up and look more like a rectangular body type. Because your hips are wider, you should try
to go for a neatly cut jacket that doesn’t emphasize the width of your hip. You also want to wear pants that sit in your
natural waist and you want to avoid a belt because it just adds that extra width to your
hips which are already wide. Most of the time, men with a triangular body
type have a slimmer chest and to give them a little bit more fullness, it’s suggested
to get a little bit of drape. Drape is extra fabric over your shoulder blades,
your chest, to just make you look more muscular. To learn more about drape, please check out
this post on our website, here. You definitely want to avoid low buttoning
point that’s close to your hips because it will just emphasize the width of your hips
even more. I suggest you go with wider lapels, especially
peak lapels because they make the top part of your body wider than it actually is. Does not matter if it’s a single breasted
or double-breasted jacket, both will look good as long as the lapels are wide. I suggest 3.75 or even 4 inches for a proper
look. If you go with overcoats, I suggest you go
with something like a trench coat and get some epaulets because it builds up your shoulder
visually and flatters your body type. Avoid skinny pants that sit too low on your
hips, rather go with fuller cut trouser and a higher rise on your natural waist, it’s
not just more comfortable but it’s also more flattering for your specific body type. If you have bigger thighs like me, I suggest
you get pleats, personally I like double inward facing pleats because it gives me more room
especially when I sit and walk. I suggest you go with suspenders or if you
don’t like them and the feeling on your shoulders, you can go with side adjusters. Don’t get anything that makes your hips wider. The next body type is the inverted triangle. It’s the opposite of what we had before. It’s when your shoulders are wider than your
bottom section. Usually it’s a silhouette that’s found in
men who like to work out especially their upper body and so sometimes, their legs are
very thin and so the look can almost get comical when you are just too muscular on top and
you look like a football player. While many men strive to be more muscular,
this is a very difficult body type to tailor for. Again, you want to look proportional which
means your top has to look slightly slimmer and your bottom slightly wider. No worries! People will still be able to see that you’re
working out. So therefore, unless you have sloped shoulders,
I suggest you avoid shoulder pads. You want to go with a slimmer cut trim jacket
just make sure that you have enough space in your sleeves so you can move because with
bigger arms, that may be an area where you have issues when you want to move around freely. Definitely avoid wide peak lapels and go for
something slimmer, maybe 3 and a quarter inches and notched lapels. Ideally, single breasted only because otherwise,
it looks too wide and you’re already wide on top and you don’t want to look even wider. However, don’t go overly skinny because otherwise
it looks comical. If your body type is the inverted triangle,
you should probably try to get something custom made because off the rack things will hardly
ever fit you because you are just too big on top and so you are likely to size up but
that means everything gets wider and everything is slimmer at the bottom so try to have something
custom made with someone who has experience with tailoring garments for guys who workout. Something I see with men who are muscular
in the chest is a brake in the lapel when they stand and so it’s something your tailor
has to accommodate for, you just need more width up here. Because you want to emphasize the bottom part,
I suggest not to go with skinny pants, go with something that’s cut a little fuller
so overall look is more proportional. In theory, the boot cut is a good idea but
honestly, it looks rather dated and so I suggest you go with a straight leg and not a boot
cut. The next body type is the trapezoid. It’s basically wide in the shoulders and then
not super slim but slightly slimmer on the hips. It’s also a very masculine look and it’s somewhere
in between rectangular and inverted triangle. Basically, you can wear almost anything but
I suggest that you avoid something extremely wide on top and at the bottom, you can even
go with something slimmer; slimmer fit pants or some fuller cut pants because you’re not
overly slim down there. Again, avoid the extremes, no super wide lapels
with super skinny pants. Otherwise, you can basically wear anything. Next up is the oval body type. It’s usually men who have a stronger mid-section,
have a few extra pounds on their hips but you can still look great. The goal for you is to focus attention away
from your mid-section which you can do for example, by wearing a vest. It helps you slim down your mid-section and
emphasize your overall dapperness. Also, a jacket helps you because it’s more
structured, it builds up your hips, and your chest and in combination with the vest particularly
in dark colors, you can look very dapper and you can look much slimmer than you actually
are. Again, you want to avoid belts and go with
suspenders instead with pants that are a little more high-waisted because it gives you that
long leg line and it makes you look overall, slimmer. Definitely get pleated pants because you want
the extra width and for your body type, it’s just more flattering. You want to avoid double-breasted garments
because they make you look wider and you want to stay away from super skinny looks because
they also make you look proportionally bigger than you are. If you want to look really stylish, I suggest
you go with three-piece suits that are matching in dark colors, maybe even with a stripe because
that way you will look like a million bucks. Definitely go for vertical stripes not horizontal
ones, because they make you look slimmer. Don’t make the mistake to try to get a jacket
that is too tight but once you have a vest, the advantage is that you wear your jacket
unbuttoned which is comfortable and it makes you look even slimmer. One thing I see a lot of times with men in
oval body type shape is they have ties that are really long and they drape along the belly
and sometimes extend beyond the waistband. That’s a very unfavorable look because it
highlights your crotch area and makes you look big. Therefore, tie your ties a little shorter
and ideally, wear them underneath the vest so you look really good. So if you wonder, my body type is kind of
a mix. For example, I have very wide hips so that
would make me more of a triangle. Luckily tough, I don’t have a small chest
but I have very sloped shoulders so personally, I prefer to wear pants with pleats, that are
on my natural waist. I prefer to wear suspenders and I like to
wear all kinds of suits.I stay away from super skinny lapels, i go with medium wide ones
to wide ones like double breasted, I like single breasted with notched and peaked lapels
and I try to have collars that are nicely sized and flatter my face meaning they are
not super wide and not super pointed but overall, I try to keep it balanced and that way, I’ve
been able to wear suits and garments for many years without ever going out of style. now that you know how you should dress for
your body type, I suggest you also check out our other videos on dress shirts, suits, basic
clothing items, and of course, dress shoes. Simply head over to our channel and check
it out. You can also subscribe so videos like this
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