How to Dress Ladylike…

How to Dress Ladylike…

I feel like in our modern world it's not cool or trendy to look like you're putting in effort people are afraid of putting in effort and trying in life because it it puts yourself in a vulnerable position when you begin wearing your style when you begin really feeling your beauty and shining people will notice and for some people that will make them feel uncomfortable allow this alright hello everybody and welcome back to my channel my name is Caitlin and I run the bug of missus Mid West we are in my living room and it is a hot one today I have beads of sweat forming so we are just gonna push through and talk about ladylike style photos including and finish off this series of how we can be more ladylike you know many of you desire to be more ladylike in the area of style so today let's unpack what that means what it looks like and how us mere mortals can achieve it now as I spoke about before a lady is never lazy and she is never sloppy so when we apply that to the area of style you get sloppy ooh and you get lazy you will look a little bit more unladylike that's just the facts but I know that many people do have a stereotype with ladylike style that it's all about dresses it's all about retro clothing maybe you have to look like the Duchess of Cambridge but you know what that's not true I do believe that we can apply the elements of ladylike style to various tastes and personalities you don't have to look like Jackie O in order to look ladylike I believe that ladylike style has four elements that you can apply to almost any fashion sense and still get a ladylike look these elements are femininity maturity modesty and forethought basically I really want you all to know ladylike style is not specific to your age your body type your coloring or even your personal taste I think that we can apply these four elements to make any person look more ladylike even if you're not going to be wearing retro a line dresses all right so let's dive into that first area femininity being ladylike does include a level of femininity and if you haven't seen it yet I highly encourage you to watch my video on feminine fashion feminine clothing isn't just pink frilly ruffled dresses it really is a combination of different elements such as silhouette color textures and patterns so when you apply a level of femininity – your outfit it will look more ladylike because it communicates that femininity we want to embrace our femininity when we're trying to be ladylike we don't want to reject it you can achieve this by showing off a levy like silhouette in your own physical body or you can achieve it by applying ladylike colors textures patterns etc choosing feminine fashion will look more ladylike because it will reveal your femininity I do think that you can wear black still you can have loose clothing but you need to keep in mind the overall look of your clothing is it feminine does it show off your femininity I'm sorry – we're having some lighting changes so bear with me as we get through this video let's dive into number two maturity ladylike fashion must have an element of maturity to it it cannot look like a little child it cannot look sloppy it must look a little bit more done up a little bit more professional now this doesn't mean you cannot wear a sporty style or even bohemian style but you're going to have to put a little more forethought into your clothing to make it look more mature a lady is not a young girl she is a grown mature woman I know many of us feel uncomfortable stepping into mature clothing as we age because it doesn't really feel like us my biggest advice for this is to include mature elements to your outfit until you feel overall comfortable to wear a completely mature outfit step away from sneakers step into a real sandal shoe high-heeled etc move into mature silhouettes that do reveal that you are a woman get some moist of emphasis in there and begin putting a little more effort into your clothing mature clothing always looks like it has a little bit of forethought and that includes accessories a lady will wear accessories so make sure they match your outfit ladylike style is also modest so I encourage you to watch my video on modesty but I personally don't believe that there is a specific set of rules for modesty I think it has a lot to do with your own personal discretion and where you are with what you're wearing wearing a miniskirt to the beach will look really but wearing a miniskirt to church will not have discretion with what you're wearing and put in again that forethought into your outfit and into who's gonna be around you are you going to be distracting etc a lady will not be a distraction to other people and she knows her value very modest clothing helps you communicate you message and your personality and even your own natural beauty much better than if all eyes were on your body a lady can command a room without showing off her entire body keeping a little bit of that mysterious will of course make you look more elegant more put together and more mature don't feel bad about having natural curves of your body you don't need to completely disguise your body or be ashamed of it just be aware of the message you're communicating via wear of anything that looks overly sensual and be comfortable and confident in the fact that you can cover up your body and still be valuable still have a wonderful message to communicate there's no need to show all your bits in order to get attention use discretion in the area of modesty and remember it's all up to you I cannot say what is a modest outfit for you because we have different bodies and beliefs and even oftentimes different cultures there are different expectations in different cultures for what modesty it right finally the fourth part is forethought a lady puts in forethought into her outfits she edits her clothing and what I mean by this is she makes sure that everything matches she makes sure that she's not overly casual from where she's headed and she makes sure she has the proper accessories editing your clothes often separates people from looking overly casual unkempt – very professional don't mistake yourself every style blogger every woman you look up to an Instagram who has great style massively edits her outfits now I don't mean through Photoshop I mean through actually going through her outfit as she's wearing it and putting on accessories taking them off maybe adding a belt changing up the colors etc get comfortable and confident with the fact that you can put on an outfit and it might need a little bit of sense else a lady is not lazy and she is not sloppy we're clothing that is appropriate for the event you're headed to and always make sure you have the proper accessories think about the season and the weather and never forget that it's always a little bit better to be overdressed than underdressed I am going to add in this last a fifth and final tip that I believe ladylike style has a sense of self in it I believe that style is an opportunity to express yourself and show your beauty your personality and really just express yourself show who you are through your style and don't try to copy other people take inspiration from others but never believe that if you only looked like so and so you would be beautiful or happy or whatever the key to true confidence and the key to true happiness with your style isn't copying someone else and looking exactly like them it's about amplifying your own personal beauty the fact is that many stylish women I would love to look like don't have my body type and if I wore clothing that would look good on them it might not look good on me know your body know your shape and know your coloring understand where you're going in everyday life and what clothing makes sense for you I can have a little bit more feminine and casual wardrobe than a woman working in a business setting simply because I'm a housewife homemaker at home remember that ladylike style isn't about copying other people it's not about losing yourself and it's not about feeling pinned down and unhappy and pinched there's a scene in the movie what a girl wants where she transforms into a British lady she begins wearing a clothing she looks amazing but the thing is she's not happy she's not vibrant and because of that she loses a sense of self I would never encourage you to wear overly ladylike pinned up stuffy clothing if it gave you a terrible feeling on the inside remember that your clothing should express who you are and amplify your beauty and if you are not confident if you are not happy and if you're not joyful in your clothing you'll never be able to amplify your beauty all right so I have said this before but I do understand that ladylike style is not popular it's not trendy and it's not even cool often to put effort into your clothing norm course Street clothes urban clothing etc often puts a high value on the look of I don't care and I have a ton of money I know that many of us have experienced comments from other people when we've begun putting more effort in our clothing people will tell us we're too dressed up they'll tell us we look stuck-up or oh they'll tell us that we look like we're trying too hard oh the horror to put effort you know I feel like in our modern world it's not cool or trendy to look like you're putting in effort people are afraid of putting in effort and trying in life because it it puts yourself in a vulnerable position when you begin wearing your style when you begin really feeling your beauty and shining people will notice and for some people that will make them feel uncomfortable allow those people to feel uncomfortable if you are happy if you are thriving and if you are blossoming in your style I say allow those people to feel uncomfortable it will only be momentary as they will get used to the new and improved you but always remember it's not worth it to hold back in the area of style for other people if you choose to be casual if you want to be lazy with your clothing because that's your choice that is fine but if you're doing that because of fear of other people it's not worth it so sister I say today put effort into your style choose to be ladylike if that's what would make you happy but and always remember that ladylike style will help you blossom it will help you feel confident and it will help you put your best foot forward alright everybody thank you so much for watching it is so hot we are experiencing a heatwave and I just want to go swim in the lake so thank you so much for watching and I really just want you to remember that this is not to make you feel bad if you don't want to dress a little ladylike it's simply for people who do want to dress lady like that so my channel is all about I hope you enjoyed the video if you're interested in more of this content we are doing a style series on my blog right now you can find the link below and if you're interested in what I get up to on a day-to-day basis feel free to take a peek up my Instagram story I do post a couple times a day on as always I hope you have a wonderfully feminine and ladylike week my beautiful sisters you

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  1. 50k subscribers!?! How exciting and crazy! Our family has gotten SO big and I cannot thank you all enough. I love hearing all the different places and stages of life you are all in.

    Thank you for the constant encouragement and support my loves. You all remind me that I am not alone and I cannot wait to see where we go! Xoxo

  2. I personally am tired of the Street styleurban style
    I wish cute dresses and tops were more in..As well as a little more modesty
    Nothing wrong showing a little cleavage (occasionally that is) but what they do is far from "Little and occasional"
    I'm also exhausted of the "wear whatever you want" thing and people canceling any blog,video or post that speaks of what kind of dress code flatters a certain body type the best and enchances the natural shape
    As well as this mindset that confidence in your body means showing your entire body off by wearing the shortest shorts or smallest crop top or teeniest bikinis possible
    Although yes modesty has many meanings depending on culture,environment,personal beliefs,body type etc just like you once said
    I think there is a line crossed sometimes
    Last but not least,like you mentioned "putting effort"
    I see so many routines of people just doing their skincare or haircare on a lazy day and a few comments saying.
    "Who has time for this"
    "My skincare routine consists of soap"
    "Too lazy""
    I just wonder do people even care anymore about the way they look and act sometimes

  3. I can't believe I just found you! You're a gem amidst the "hoe-style" that's been bombarding us today… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ i subscribed!

  4. I love how she only pics fashion for slender women. Lol.

    Where r the big booty small waist girls? 😏

  5. What if I like to show just a little bit of cleavage?? Always tasteful though.. I like jeans with everything from dressy tops to cute graphic tees. I don't think the right tee is childlike. They are comfy. πŸ™‚

  6. Hello, Mrs.Midwest! Would you mind making a video about femininity for teens? For hiigh school? Thank you very much.

  7. Mrs. Midwest, you are just awesome. I love that your photo examples include a variety of ethnic diversity as well as different body types. Thank you for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

  8. I really like the fact that you put a variety of women in your exemples (black, white, arab, muslima, with form ect…) This really make me like you even more and this show how beautiful you are in the outside and in the inside

  9. This is a great video! I got very good ideas from this. I'm 19 and married to a 26 yo man. I really want to start looking more grown up, since that's how I feel in my mind. Thank you!! β™₯️

  10. Love your examples, but could you please include the Instagram handles so we can follow these ladies? Thank you for another great video!

  11. I love how you showed pictures of Muslim women with hijab πŸ§•πŸ½ β™₯️ wishing peace and blessings upon you sister πŸ’“

  12. Everyone ALWAYS tells me im β€œtoo dressed up” and at first it made me feel so insecure and that i had to wear leggings and a t-shirt just like everyone else. You videos have helped me so much in being confident in the clothes i love ! Thank you so much ! Your such a blessing to so many women! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  13. every person looks better when they put some effort in. my friend told me once: there are no ugly people, just lazy ones. yes!

  14. let's go for something more vintage:

  15. Excellent video! I taught my children to think about the β€’Occasion, β€’Location, β€’Season, β€’Time when choosing what to wear! πŸ‘— πŸ‘” πŸ‘š

  16. β€œThere’s no need to show all your bits to get attention” wow!! This is so good!! Thank you!!

  17. I would wear heels every day but I'm 5'8'' (173cms) so people make me feel insecure when I wear anything but sneakers πŸ™ lol

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  20. Congrats on 50k! Also, thank you for incorporating photos in this video. Visuals help a lot! Much love from Hawaii 🌺

  21. I was a tomboy teenager but now I'm in college and in my twenties and trying to look more feminine and pretty , your channel is so helpful, Thank you πŸ’•

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