How to dress like an architect | Understanding Architecture, pt.10

How to dress like an architect | Understanding Architecture, pt.10

Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is 50 ways to design
like an architect. Short videos with tips about how the architect does their job. In
this series we’ve looked at 8 attributes and 41 qualities the architect uses to do their
job well. Clothing and Accessories. Architects are easier to pick out in a crowd because
of the way they dress. They dress in a unique way probably because of their creativity,
their need to be different and in some cases, big egos. In my case it distracts people from
how shallow I really am. Some architects like all black. Its slimming and it makes you look
cool & artsy. Some like the preppie look with loafers or bucks, a button down and sport
coat. Either way glasses are very important. As you can see in the cases of architects
Le Corbusier, Phillip Johnson, Eero Saarinen, peter eisenman, daniel libeskind and the list
goes on. In my case they make me look smarter than I really am. As a bonus, if youve lost
your hair or shave your head, theyre a much need accessory. Especially when you look like
a giant white thumb. If youre an architect, you probably like to draw. In this case youll
need a sketchbook. Preferably black and leather. I havent seen many architects using brief
cases, rather some kind of messenger bag, and make sure youve got some pens. Finally
a tape measure is a good idea on site, but dont let too many people see you with it or
theyll think youre a contractor. Well see you next time.

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  1. well, i'm an architect student and i bought glasses about the same as yours, so i guess that's good xd

  2. I'm definitely not an architect, just a lowly drafter, but I do wear a pair of spiffy glasses that have become my trademark! I've had the same titanium frames for 13 years, I just have the lenses changed when I need it. My glasses are light and strong, and I am certain that people are very impressed when they see them! Other than my way-cool glasses tho, I dress like a slob. That's the beauty of being a drafter instead of an architect! : }

  3. im at my first year~!!! and im enjoying it~!!! wiii~!!! wish i can be a successful architect like you~!!!

  4. Cool video Doug, I my self had noticed the different ways architects dress and personally had separate into three divisions. No1 the posh style, this goes for very social, kind of famous, expensive to have architects No2 the earthy, this one is mainly about those who are the most artistic and choose mid tone colors and soft soles shoes and focus on sustainability in their projects No3 the casual, that's every day clothing for those who mostly focus on the engineering side and aren't that social.

  5. By the way, Since I've subscribed to your videos, I have a permanent question that comes up when I see you sketch book. Why you have it ruled? isn't it more difficult to draw with the lines on? I guess it depends on how you use it, but it is extremely difficult for me when I want to scan a sketch and the lines are on…

  6. Useful information for posers and the intellectually ill-equipped. If you need this video for anything other than a laugh you need help on a whole different level! Next: how to wipe you butt like an architect…lol!

  7. at my archi and design school… there are way too many guys in black skinny jeans and open cardigan… much rather prefer the blazer/sports jacket look.

  8. @grahamhg maybe , you know its not the best thing to categorise people in any way.
    Perhaps this flaw in my thinking makes u unique and original. Keep it real

  9. you can always tell the architects/students from the rest.
    We always travel in groups, with each individual looking radically different from the other, in new places pointing and looking upwards,
    while constantly discussing some subject xD

    architects always have a pencil or pen on them, and with a sketchbook hidden somewhere.

    for me the constant ones:
    converse, glasses, a pencil a pen, and paper/sketchbook in a messenger bag or backpack
    sometimes a tube ( ya know a paper holder)

  10. CONTRACTOR > lol so true. Our prof told us to go around and measure hallways, doors, windows, columns, staircases, etc. And some people from the civil engineering program asked is we were contractors. lol

  11. @kwstikos mine is ruled to, only cuz i can use it kind of like a grid system to scale things right. But its easier to draw with the lines as back up guidelines.

  12. 🙂 Awesome. But you missed the whole "wearing black" part. There's a book on that:
    "Why do architects wear black" can't put the link here, youtube won't let me for some reason. Look it up it's from Springer Books

  13. So… you didn't make the other 40 ways remaining ? please response… because I want to learn architecture even I am 14 …

  14. hmm i got most of those things covered XD for the bag anyway. laptop bag, scetch pad, skectch/notebook, laptop and pencilcase. though i dont do architechture i spend a while on 3d modeling 🙂 as a hobby thou so i try figuring as much as i can from architechture and desing.

  15. That was the pen selection of a landscape architect. 😉

    proper architects would have one very expensive mechanical pencil, one 'space' pen, half a General's 314, maybe a couple of cool grey markers and a sharpie.

  16. i am not an architect major. I'm a psyc major (want to be an abnormal psychology professor). But for some reason I like your videos – subscribed!

  17. great series of tuts funny and informative, I want to become an architect now 😉

    well done , U should be on tv with this show!

  18. Doug, I love these videos, and as an aspiring Landscape Architect I can honestly say these videos either: A) help out a lot, or B) bring some much needed humor to my busy work schedule

  19. @LOGIC42369 very perceptive. they do. most architects I know are relatively liberal politically. The also tend to be introverted in my experience.

  20. from the last hour i have watched your videos i have already begun to see you as a role model, and i am only 14. i want to be an architect when i grow older and i am kinda nervous on what lies ahead, but you make me want to be an architect more than ever! and for that i thank you.

  21. I love the last one man… The measuring tape. Dont let everybody see you..otherwise they will think you are a contractor. muhahahaha,. SO TRUE.

  22. "Trying to labeling me? Tsk! Impossible."
    Yeah, and then I saw this video… A black-dressed and extroverted pseudo-architect student from Italy. lol! X'D

  23. im an architecture student rocking fresh air max 95's, air forces, and a yankess cap. and im a painter…

  24. thy do tend to be liberal religiously and socialy but that dont mean being atheist …just a different philosophical relation to God,, at lest the architects i no ;p

  25. Jajajajajajajajaja, bueno, creo que ahora ya entiendo por que en la obra no me decían Arquitecto! Good job Doug!

  26. Architecture is a white-collar, dress-up profession like law, business, and medicine. But you can get away with dressing down as well.

  27. I think that logical people are drawn to things like architecture. Now watch for angry Christians inferring that in reverse to start denouncing "Architecture" as an evil institution that leads to Atheism.

  28. Whilst I acknowledge that I am not the majority, but I have become Christian during my first three years of Architecture school (in Australia). I really believe that a rational, skeptical and perceptive person studying architecture would see the logic in the existence of God.

  29. I loved this video. It is fun and funny!!! Who cares ??? Let Dough express his opinion, his point of view. This is his space! I love glasses.Different ones, extravagant ones, but my personality and believes were not described in this video, at all!!! So what? Good job Mr.Patt. Good job!

  30. that's really funny because i wear glasses, i have a messenger bag with my handy-dandy tape measure in tow and pens, lots of it..4 points for you sir :)…

  31. Haha I already dress like an architecture, although I am not yet one, I am very preppy, have glasses and do not go any wear without my satchel with a sketch pad inside…

  32. hhhhhhhh,,,funny,,nd true, as an Architect i do dress different,,,,accessories is a must, in the office i can tell who is architect among other engineers…:))

  33. Though I know what you say is based on actual trends, I think what you say is too prescriptive. No one should be pressured into doing anything because thats how everyone else does it.

  34. hi doug, im still a freshman in high school, but growing up around a dad who is a contractor, i have had my fair share of being around building and houses and designs. im a bit more artsy then my parents and family and i LOVE designing stuff. anyways thats not why im typing. i was just wondering what courses you took in school to be an architect. if you could reply back would be great!

  35. Architects were glasses because they are nearsighted from staring at  drawing boards and screens for 12 hours a day. I've done some architectural design, despite being an engineer, and its amazing how much architects are like engineers.  Architects are only a bit more artsy, but other than they tend to be the same.

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