[Music] hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel as you can already tell from the title of this video we are going to be talking about Italian fashion and the latest fashion trends that are taking off in Italy things that you can kind of like emulate so that you don’t look like a total tourist just to give you a little bit of a disclaimer and some background on this video I live in Milan so I’m really talking about the things that I’ve seen here there are of course regional variations of everything that I’m about to say and this doesn’t mean that every Italian dresses like this furthermore I’m not telling you how to dress I’m not saying that you should follow these trends you shouldn’t follow these trends this video is supposed to be purely informational so you just have a guideline to not show up in like t-shirt and flip-flops and then everybody be able to point out the fact that you’re American coz that happens but I don’t want anybody thinking that I’m endorsing anything or telling anybody how to dress or saying that Italians all dress this way or that Americans all address the way that I’m about to say Americans do so with no further ado let’s get into the trends the first trends that I’m gonna touch on are the shoe trend remember in my last video when I said that tions always have a sneaker trend there’s always a white sneaker that takes over the scene when I first got into Italy in like 2012-2013 the white converse all-stars were going really hard last year the white adidas superstars were really in the year before that you had the adidas Stan Smith’s and there’s always been like this white sneaker that took over the game well scratch that because this year the white sneaker wasn’t there’s no white sneaker all the adidas superstars Dan Smith are still around people still wear them but the sneaker trends that took off this year were the designer trends specifically Balenciaga they are a luxury fashion brand that makes fashion items that are far out of my price range but they really took over the game specifically the Triple S and the speed trainers models were everywhere and if people couldn’t afford these shoes that cost a good 500 600 euro for a pair they could easily go get a version from Bershka or H&M because every fast fashion store was emulating these shoes the result you go everywhere and you see these models everywhere if you just happen to have a pair of Balenciaga zs– that might look strange to an American in Italy in Milan you would fit right in in general I would say that you are off to a good start with just about any chunky yet retro shoe one shoe trend that has always been in Italy doesn’t seem to be going anywhere are the Doc Martens Doc Martens I like the Italian uggs every basic girl has a pair if you want to play it really safe invest in a pair of Doc Martens they don’t cost 500 euros and I have a pair and I love mine they really play to that edgy style that you really see play out in Milan furthermore I already said the word retro you’ll see this as a guiding principle to a lot of Italian trends Italian trends really like to play off of the past and so what you’ll see is things that we’re popular in the 80s and the 90s are still popular now here but with a little twist one thing that’s coming back are the short heels when I say short heels I’m thinking like 80s 90s worker girl chic or chunky heels because practically in Italy there are a lot of cobblestone streets and so you can’t just I mean people do it but walking around in stilettos is actually a hazard for your health it’s a hazard for your ankles so one practical thing that a lot of Italian girls do is they’ll wear a chunky heel that is about like this big in terms of bottoms like I said in my last video skinny jeans are kind of over particularly the type of skinny jeans that was really popular in the States you know those jegging tight-fitting skinny jeans I feel like those have never really but I could be wrong I feel like jeggings have never really been a thing in Italy and so what you had was the pencil cut skinny jeans are the straight leg skinny jeans but even those have been overtaken by the mom jeans the boyfriend jeans or right now what’s really like a cute thing to wear to stand out I like the bell-bottoms and the wide leg pants again bringing back an old-school style so really the trend right now is going towards the wide leg although the straight but fitted Jean really isn’t going anywhere and remember that I said fitted not tight I realize that I completely left out all of the male tips in my last video males can get away with just about any pair of pants as long as they’re fitted fitted khakis fitted dress pants a tie and men really like to dress up they look very nice one thing that I can say times don’t really wear are the shorts that come above your knee that seems to be a very American thing accessories we are still going towards the small bag if you want to know some really popular models in Italy right now I have to say that I think wouldn’t be most popular the bag that everybody’s copying is the Gucci dionysus bag it’s squared the one with the like well the snake belt buckle so it’s actually a lion head bit belt buckle not Tiger pet belt buckle but anyways so that bag has really been influencing all the other trends I feel so small squared bag with a buckle in front of it you’ll see a million different varieties of those and people that have the money go out and buy the dialysis another thing is belt bags are really in really popular in Italy a belt bag is just a fancy way to say fanny pack you guys they’ve got fanny packs everywhere in Italy right now and transparent bags are a thing and I’ll let you guys sit there and simmer and wonder how that happened why that happened so brands that are really popular in Italy right now well first of all sportswear has taken over Italy it took about five years later than everywhere else but sportswear trend is here and I have to say it’s going hard everybody from the lovely fashion houses to fast fashion everybody is out here doing street wear and retro style it’s really a bit in Queen aunty because you never thought as a kid you never thought that those East pack fanny packs or I can’t even remember the name of the brand is something that those fanny packs were gonna be in that those fanny packs were gonna be eight like I actually see people buying those and those people are the fashionable ones it’s it’s just interesting to see how trends and fashion is all cyclical and just what ends up happening pretty much all the big sportswear brands are quite popular in Italy for whether it be for actual sportswear that you want to use to go to the gym or sports where you get that you’re gonna wear out like regular clothes I’m talking Puma Adidas Nike you’ll see them everywhere this year I really saw that luxury brands it’s ironic but they broke out you would think that luxury brands would already be popular because a lot of big luxury houses are based here in Milan Italy but I never felt like I never saw this pressure and I never saw so many luxury brands out there in terms of if you walk outside the street in Milan now not just Monte Napoleone it but in general you will see everybody with that dang GG belt that Gucci belt you’ll see everybody with a Dionysus or a GG mama fad like luxury brands are way more visible now people are buying them way more here and from a business perspective as somebody that studied business I thought it was super interesting you had a lot of big luxury fashion houses in economic crisis and so one thing that face one way they saw it they could remedy this was by capturing the Millennial mark and so from their research and from their perspective Millennials are really into this whole streetwear thing so what if the luxury brands been doing they’ve been emulating street wear and they’ve been pumping out these street wear trends and street wear pieces furthermore since they’re trying to capture the Millennial market and really increase their profit margins you’ll see that they’re making their pieces more readily available I mean we hear that a Gucci shoe is $500 or 500 euros and we as normal people think that that’s super expensive because it is but with reference to other pairs of Gucci shoes their regular styles that’s like half the price and so there are people those mid-level people that maybe couldn’t afford a regular Gucci shoe that now can there’s a lot of them and they’re all out there wearing them so you will see in Milan luxury brands are out and they’re out to play one of the biggest ones I’d say especially mom our age group is Gucci but everybody’s saying that they’re gonna kind of be overrun by Fendi and the next year we’ll see what happens Louis Vuitton of course toque if you want to like keep it really classy classic not necessarily classy you saw her on and the Balenciaga finally in Italy as especially in Milan I noticed that there are there’s always those are a few American brands that Italians latch onto for some reason that I don’t understand when I first came here it was like that you would see everybody wearing Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts and the converse all-stars everybody this year what you see a lot more of our Levi’s and I kid you not North Face you North Face still not those North Face places that everybody in Connecticut wears but like maybe a windbreaker the backpacks are getting super popular and of course they charge you double the price for them here so yeah if you got a North Face any North Face gear feel free to bring them over I know I said in my last video that North Face as a brand wasn’t popular it really wasn’t of course some people especially if they were into like mountain mountainy stuff and stuff like that like leash stuff that North Face actually caters to but now it’s become a mainstream like fashion thing let’s talk about colors and prints I said in my last video that black was a Milan thing it still is it always will be if you want to play it safe black subdued neutral colors this might change depending on where you’re at and a leaf of what you’ll notice is as you get farther away from the north you’ll see a lot more like colors come out to play a lot more colors and many more prints I said in my last video that animal prints were a no-go especially like cheetah print and stuff like that I don’t know what happened but I kid you not I get here in 2014 2015 cheetah print is vulgar 2016 and will print is vulgar 2017 and will print this oval got it and now 2018 it is in every single shop window I don’t know I can’t make these things up I don’t choose these trends but the trend says choose me no I’m kidding I mean it’s cool for me because I’ve never had anything against animal print on Z I actually would like wearing them but if something’s not in style if something is not if the general public doesn’t like something what happens the brand’s they aren’t gonna produce any cute pieces of that thing so up until like last year you couldn’t find a cute cheetah print shirt you couldn’t find a cute animal print but now since for some reason it’s in fashion everybody’s producing it and so I might snag a couple pieces because I love cheetah in terms of what’s to come a lot of high fashion brands were putting out neon and thought when the winter Paul Winter Fashion Week back in February March we’ll see I feel like the Italians might not hop on that train they’re probably like we’re already wearing animal print let’s not exaggerate that’s a trend that’s supposed to come if you count that this fall winter luxury brands are gonna be selling those things and fast fashion brands where the majority of the population shop copy the luxury fashion brand so a little bit of foresight maybe beyond something that was big in the states in like 2009 but it still still goes neon still bangs in general I would say that some of your observations in my last video are pretty true like there were people saying yeah Tia but Italians are wearing things that were in fashion in America like years ago they’re late they probably are because what happens is Americans are way more innovative and daring when it comes to fashion because individuality being out there and being a leader is such a valued American value and so what you’ll have is people in in an effort to be individual in an effort to be interesting they’ll try all these new things and if somebody sees a trend somebody’s wearing something that bangs then they’re gonna start wearing it that’s how trends happen also in America were really influenced by celebrities and what celebrities wear so if these celebrities same thing in their mind I want to be interesting I want to be different or coming up with new things you’ll find that trends in America change a lot faster and are way more innovative and fresh whereas Italian sits like the guiding principle of Italian cultures eleganza elegance and being classic and making a Bella figure ah you know everything is all about appearances so they’re not necessarily going to follow a celebrity trend just because it’s a celebrity or just because it’s out there actually they want to be classic and they’ll keep on bringing back these retro these Styles these fossils from the 80s these styles from the 90s these styles from the past but they know works that they know is elegant that they know is classy already and kind of like reprise then they’re for they’re far more formative in Italy I don’t even know if that’s a word it’s true that if you come to Milan you’ll notice that people kind of all dress pretty similarly and I think that still goes back to the cultural thing of Americans are really individualistic Americans are really like trying to stand out where Italians are at times aren’t necessarily like that and so this also goes to say well my even though Americans might come up with a style first can might catch on in Italy five years ten years later but if it’s one of those more daring styles and it’s happening right now in America it might still be seen as not cute in Italy it might be seen as full got it it might be seen as too much because you know Italians like to be sobre Italians like to be eleganza you’re like elegant it and they like to call people vulgar even though I said they even though I said Italians I will repeat again like I said my disclaimer I’m talking in general I’m talking about trends I’m talking about observations but I’m not talking about individual people so obviously there will be Italians and Americans that aren’t necessarily like this two things that I think will always be in fashion but I might be wrong will be those leather jackets fake leather jackets and faux fur one thing that will never be in fashion in Italy but you know don’t mark my words are those damn riding boots I just wanted to like throw out again that these are just some of my observations and my personal style preferences what do you think did I get things right did I get things wrong feel free to share your opinions with me in the comment section down below as always be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next one


  1. Since the success of my last Italian fashion video, I've been asked for an updated version… here it is 😀 A look at how Italians dressed through out 2018 and why 🙂 What do you think? se volete aiutarmi con i sottotitoli italiani, ecco il link:)

  2. Io ho comprato le balenciaga, ma è la prima volta che spendo così tanto per delle scarpe, però qualche volta ci sta a spendere se no che lavoro a fare 😊😊

  3. Le scarpe saranno alla moda ma non si possono guardare. Questo sarà un altro di quei trend al quale guarderemo in futuro pensando "cosa mi passava per la testa quando ho deciso di vestirmi così". Con tutto il rispetto per chi le ama, ma non si possono definire per nulla "classy".

  4. I have never seen those shoes before this video and don't know anybody who would wear them. they are horrible! I don't fit in Milan i guess

  5. The US is not innovative in fashion – just see what people buy at H&M, all the nice high quality and interesting designs are left on sale racks. I think the taste is different, not the innovation or individuality.

  6. Io credo che gli italiani pensano troppo al costo di quella determinata cosa; intendo dire che se la borsa di Gucci va alla moda tutti la vorrebbero ma non per la moda prk è una borsa costosa che tante persone magari non possono permettersi, e invece quelli che ce la hanno si vantano diciamo fanno finta di essere quello che non sono sinceramente non mi sono mai preoccupata a farmi vedere in pubblico con una cosa costosa perchè tanto la Gente ti guarda e poi in un secondo se ne fotte di quello che ha una persona sconosciuta quindi ti piace quella borsa se te la puoi permettere prendila sennò no ma non prenderla per far finta di essere una persona "con i soldi" quindi parlo a nome degli italiani basta fare tanto i vanitosi perchè alla fine la Gente se ne frega altamente preoccupiamoci a spendere i soldi in qualcosa che possa aiutare proprio coloro che non possono permettersi neanche una bottiglietta d'acqua vi prego proviamoci tutti noi possiamo migliorare ogni giorno di più.

  7. Prima del video é partita una pubblicità sulla storia del k-pop, e niente, siccome io amo i BTS mi ero persino dimenticata di che video stessi guardando. 😂😂😂

  8. Why do the subtitles suggest "ci sono certamente delle varazioni regionalo" and not "varazioni del regionalo," there are variations of region makes more sense to me than there are certainly of variations regional ??

    3:13 can you say nel milano nel=in and I'd want to say in milan? Because I thought a was to.

    9:54 why si vede when you say "this year you see a lot more of …" I think vede is subjunctive but it's not supposed to be here right ? If anything, shouldn't the next part "se avete" if you have a northface, be subjunctive? Please explain

  9. Io sono di Verona e indosso molte felpe colorate, non mi piace mettere pantaloni colorati perché poi diventerei tipo un pagliaccio

  10. the north face used to be really popular here in italy in about 2010 (may be incorrect but in some time around that) when a street/somehow still a little emoish (like people who were still getting out their emo 2007 phase) was a things, or at least here. it never got as big as some others brands that banged in the years but not really unknown

  11. Fashion is stronger in the cities because people are often in the streets, offices, clubs, restaurants, they meet each others a lot. So, what they show is part of the social life, they send subtle messages, they don't want to be outcast. In the country these rules are much weaker. I live in the suburbs of Padova and people here are very classic, only young people are wearing some weird stuffs, over 30 you are a clown if you wear like a teenager. Also, fashion is temporary but style is something to last. I prefere something comfortable, that fits on me, and is of high quality over any new thing coming from the streets. I never obey to main stream, also i find ridiculous what fashion is doing with the big logos printed on clothing and accessories, for me it's bad taste, they should pay me to take around their advertising, fashion people loves to show these f** brands instead, they are proud of them.

  12. Ti seguo da un bel po’ ma è la prima volta che commento… sei davvero bravissima, sembri molto intelligente e simpatica!

  13. I live in Palermo, so I can't really relate AHAHAHAH never seen any of the things you listed in the video!
    But I think you are pretty correct in saying that Italians tend to be very "conformative" (yeah I have no idea either if that's a word or not). I'm no fashion expert but I like to experiment with my clothes and I really like sewing and fashion history. During my high school years (more than ten years ago UGH) I really wanted some high wasted shorts or skirts, but since we were about to get out of the low waist nightmare, I was looked at funny because of my shorts and skirts. People though it was "grandma style".
    And so on with LOTS of things.
    In my experience, Not many Italians experiment with their clothes, in fear of being deemed ridiculous or yeah, "vulgar".

    I've been wearing absurd outfits during my teen years and I had a blast doing it. Did I sometimes look ridiculous? Absolutely.
    "Eleganza" is a good thing, but honestly? Sometimes I just want to dress to have fun.
    Never had time to worry about what other people think.
    I got lots of comments for it but I learned to ignore them… especially when I realized that a few years later those same people were wearing the very same clothes they teased me for AHAHAHAH

  14. Le Balenciaga fanno cagare, non c'è un modo elegante per dirlo. Sono le scarpe più orrende mai concepite dalla mente umana. Non ci spenderei trenta euro, figuriamoci cinquecento.

  15. I find Americans so behind in fashion. I used to go to the Midwest for work a lot. People were wearing bootcut large jeans when the skinny was in. Now when I go, the Americans are still wearing skinnies when everyone is wearing cropped straight leg jeans or mom jeans. It’s just New York that’s fashionable. Especially compared to the U.K., the US is way behind.

  16. Credevo che le sneaker Balenciaga e la moda dei marsupi messi tipo a tracolla fossero qualcosa di importato dallo streetwear-sportswear americano, ci speravo…così come speravo che fosse colpa di qualche hipster americano la moda dei risvoltini. In generale odio i trend che portano alla finta ribalta qualcosa che 10 anni fa era considerata da sfigati, perché c'è gente che anni addietro è stata presa pesantemente in giro da chi ora si vanta di seguire sti trend. In più, se una cosa ti sta male, quando finisce il trend di quell'estetica lì avrai solo un capo d'abbigliamento che ti sta oggettivamente da cani. Altro esempio i mom jeans, non stanno bene a tutte (allungano spesso il sedere, lo appiattiscono e fanno spesso difetto davanti, ne so qualcosa, ne cerco uno decente da anni) eppure tantissime li prendono senza pensarci, qualche anno fa eri una sfigata meritevole di sguardi di disprezzo se ti mettevi dei mom jeans, mi fa uscire pazza sta cosa! Idem per il vecchio trend delle Superga, io ho visto alle elementari bambini presi pesantemente in giro per avere ai piedi le Superga, gli stessi bulletti anni dopo alle medie avevano tutti le Superga ai piedi, stesso modello che disprezzavano con cattiveria negli anni passati. Vogliamo parlare poi delle montature degli occhiali? Se c'è il trend puoi prendere la forma più sbagliata per il tuo viso con lo spessore meno adatto e stanno tutti lì ad ammirarti, se non segui la moda invece apriti cielo! Questa parte "tossica" dei trend me li fa davvero detestare.

  17. Cute video! I can vouch that the Romans have no idea how to dress! Anyhow, I am so glad that those horrendous HOGAN shoes are being seen less and less on the streets of Italy.

  18. Io personalmente ritengo che il marsupio sia un abominio…. cioè raga è proprio brutto. Poi vabè se unisci marsupio e risvoltini. EW!

  19. Davvero a Milano si vestono cosí? È tipo un mondo a parte, posso assicurare che dal centro al sud Italia le mode sono davvero molto diverse per certi versi…in alcuni casi mi sento di dire perfortuna😂

  20. In Liguria invece questi trend che ci sono a Milano sono molto comuni, anche nei negozi più grandi o a Genova si trovano spesso e rappresentano quello che va di moda nell’ultimo periodo. Non so se sia solo nel nord Italia o zona Lombardia/Piemonte/Liguria essendo che non sono così conosciuti in altre zone

  21. Although I’m based in Germany, a lot of what you said applies here as well. Germans could also be said to dress up in comparison to Americans, and I a lot of fast fashion companies are Europe-wise. This results in me looking obviously “European” whenever I return to the US for a visit.

  22. Io che sono italiana NON RIESCO A CONCEPIRE come possano piacere quei CAVOLO DI MARSUPI OPPURE LE BALANCIAGA (di cui non conoscevo neanche il nome). Cioè sono proprio orribili. I

  23. Balenciaga is a big NO NO. In Italy we don't have that kind of style, it's false, Hogan it's super okay but not Balenciaga with the number at the top, too big for Italians, we like Mocassini and sport snickers like Nike or Valentino if we want to go boojee.

  24. I really like this video. I live in Milan… I’ve got both Balenciaga sneakers, the GG Gucci belt and that style of jeans… I’m so Italian 😝

  25. Ero d’accordo con tutto quello che hai detto fino agli ultimi minuti, la questione dell’eleganza e della “sobrietà” secondo me, secondo mia opinione , non è esatto perché l’eleganza caratterizza ormai tutta l’Italia però noi visto che siamo italiani! Diventiamo spesso tamarri e a dire bene ZARRI, perciò spesso molto appariscenscienti non sobri… cmq per il resto mi è sembrato un bel video molto preciso

  26. E poi ci sono le cose che non sono mai di moda, ma alla fine lo sono sempre come una camicia bianca o un paio di Asics Tiger ai piedi

  27. Tia, that is very interesting in site about Americans being individualistic. My next trip to Italy, I'd probably still stick out like a sore thumb because im thinking everyone dresses like the runways.

  28. U must take a look at the way of dress of Trap mc's and rapper from USA. Now, u can understand why the North face, Balenciaga, LV, Gucci, Fendi (etc) r so famous

  29. I watched this video during my trip to Italy in Oct/Nov 2018 and observed some of what you mentioned here. I noticed old school vans, a lot of black, 90s and 80s fashion, particularly thick soled shoes. I also noticed a lot of women that appeared bare face but for lipstick, mascara, — aka not tons of foundation or contouring which is such a thing here now. Also I noticed many women with their hair natural, like girls with curly hair just left it long out and didn’t appear to have too much product in it so it was big and fluffy. Granted most of our time was in the train and tourist places. I smiled when I saw the balenciaga and their dupes that you mentioned and most notably I noticed many people of different genders, ages, and sizes wearing leather jackets. I got a pair of doc martens and a leather jacket when I got back home, watched a ton of your videos, and as much Italian language Netflix I could find to draw out my “move to Italy” fantasies.

  30. Being american or italian or japanese is nice, you can always try somethink new for food habits, luving and whatsoever

  31. If this is new fashion. So trendy and tasteless. Especially way Italians do them. ..always a bit too much

  32. yaaaas so glad the belt bags are in!!! im going in may and i really wanted to wear one but i always try to blend in and not look like a tourist

  33. In sud Italia il vestire è più ricercato, trucco compreso, che al nord. Masch i e femmine. Qui dove vivo, nel nordest, si riconoscono non solo per l'aspetto fisico ma anche per il modo di acconciarsi. (Oltre che la lingua, la gestualità, ecc. ecc. ecc.)

  34. Hi Tia! Love the video! So helpful cuz my family n I visiting Rome for first time. I want to look stylish and not like a typical American tourist mom :). What should my teen boys wear this summer? My 18y.o son will not go without a baseball cap 🙁 i told him it screams tourist? Help!

  35. essere individualisti, innovativi e leader è un conto. Indossare roba vistosa, stravagante e di cattivo gusto è un'altra faccenda (non per niente abbiamo una parola, "americanata", che indentifica cose e situazioni bizzarre e di cattivo gusto)

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