How to Dress like Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

How to Dress like Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

[MUSIC] What’s up family, it’s your boy Nate,
AKA Tabasko Sweet, and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. It’s Tuesday, my guys, so you know
damn well what’s about to go down. Some might say that you in fact,
already know what it is. Now as you can see, your boy upgraded. The moms didn’t want me trapping and
crafting in the house anymore, so your boy’s colonizing the garage. What do you think, family? [SOUND] First of all, shouts all the way
out to another real one, @im_not_chy, for getting my face tattooed on her bod,
and thanks @kurtrosstattoos for
this very clean likeness of your boy. [SOUND] Cheap Thrills fan affiliates for
life. Gang-gang. It’s 2018, if strangers are getting your
mug tatted on them, are you even popping? Anyway, I’ve been reading
through the comments and it looks like the Cheap Thrills fan is in
dire need of some supreme ski goggles. Shout out @Jack Mitchell,
@Quan Vlogs, @king savages, all y’all out there holding it
down with the episode requests. But some of you are saying that you want
me to make a supreme brick with Tyler the Creator. Well, I’m not a freaking wizard my guy,
but anything is possible family. So go on and bang your boy’s line,
and tell him to come on Cheap Thrills, if he already knows what it is. So, where were we? Yeah, Supreme ski goggles. Now, these joints have been sported
by some of the realest real ones, I’m talking 2 Chainz, Travis Scott,
and soon to be your boy Tabasko Sweet. These bad boys are a relic from 2015. They’re expensive as [BLEEP] in resale,
and everybody knows a good pair of ski goggles have very little to do
with actually hitting the slopes, it’s much more about hitting those
swagger boost combos, my guy. If you’re anything like your boy, you’ll
already be wearing some very clean optics, and these guys will be chilling up on
your forehead, tilted to the side, for maximum flex composition. So here’s what you’re gonna need. Some generic ski goggles
with yellow lenses. Blank red elastic,
about an inch and a half wide. A utility blade and some scissors. Some thin cardboard and a pen. Some whiteout. Enamel red paint and some paint brushes,
and a needle with some red thread. Now to start out, you wanna remove the existing
elastic band from your ski goggles. [MUSIC] Now this is the part that
makes the goggles not supreme. So let’s throw it in
the trash where it belongs. Now we’re gonna take our enamel red
paint and cover the edges of our frame. [MUSIC] And be careful not to get any
paint in your lenses family. That would be a dead giveaway. Make sure to hit it with a couple
coats for max authenticity. [MUSIC] Very clean. Now while this is drying,
we can get cracking on the logo design for our elastic band. Now this is probably the most cruch part
of the piece, if we’re keeping score here. As I talked about last time I
covered Supreme, this red and white trademark has become the symbol for
all things very rare. Supreme started as a skatewear brand,
but since then, they started tacking their
logo on all kinds of [BLEEP]. I’m talking about clothes and weirder,
and weirder items, like crow bars, and even a fire extinguisher at one point. What kind of crazy things do you
think they’ll put their logo on next? Let me know in the comments. Anyway, to make our logo today, we’re gonna use a technique from our
Supreme BOGO tee episode, stenciling.>>I don’t want my boy Kelvin here
spilling any blood over the BOGO, so we’re gonna use an old stencil
I had from back in the day.>>Although I’d die for my Cheap Thrill
fam, I appreciate that, my G.>>First I’m gonna draw out my
logo here on this thin cardboard. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Fuego alert. Now that all the letters are done,
it’s time to carefully cut them out. [MUSIC] Damn, my hand’s starting
to cramp up a little. This takes hella long, but luckily,
your boy always keep nanners on deck. [SOUND] I’m good to go, fam. [MUSIC] Tight, now we’re gonna measure out
how much red elastic you need to make your goggs fit your nog. [MUSIC] Very clean. Now I bet you spend a lot of money
just buying the generic goggles, so we’re going extra broke boy today, and
filling in our logo with some white out. Now just lay out your elastic flat,
slap on that stencil, and then it’s time to lock and load. Pro tip, pour your whiteout into a jar and
use a paintbrush to fill in your logo. [MUSIC] Tight. Just like the Cali thick tutorial, the elastic band features a repeating
logo going along its length. Now make sure the spacing is even and repeat the process until
your rig is fully slammed. [MUSIC] Now once your logos have dried, go ahead
and hit them with a few more coats for maximum authenticity. Now that our logos and our goggles
are technically dry, it’s time for our last step, the install. Now we’re gonna carefully thread our
elastic band through the frame and try it on our head to see
how much excess we have. [MUSIC] Now make sure that the Supreme logo
is on the outside of the band, and not flipped upside down. Otherwise, this is all for nothing. Once you’ve got the goggles on your head, pull these little tabs to make
them tighter if you need to. [MUSIC] Now we’re gonna take our excess elastic
and sew it to the front, about here. Now as much as I love calling in the guns,
we’re gonna go ahead and sew this so that it can last longer in the harsh
conditions of Los Angeles winter. [MUSIC] Now you just wanna clean up
the loose strings on the edges. [MUSIC] And there you have it, family, the very
clean and classic Supreme ski goggles. Now let’s field test these bad boys. It’s time for Sweet on the Street [NOISE]. [MUSIC] All right, well we’re out here in LA. It’s about 85 degrees right now. To be honest, this jacket does
feel a little unnecessary, but I’m thuggin’ it out for you family. I feel really protected from the UV
rays right now, very clean optics. Based on our scientific research, and our field tests, these goggles are
gonna have you very prepared for winter. Straight chili my guy. So who’s got a ski pass for your boy? I’m trying to go snow blind. Anyway, this has been Sweet on the Street. Back to you, Tabasko. Thanks, Tabasko,
that went about as well as I expected. Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fam. Keep your clout up, keep tuning in,
and tell your moms I said, what’s up? Gang-gang. [MUSIC] If you thought that was fuego,
wait til you see my freaking app.>>Natemoji.>>Come back next Tuesday for
some more heat, unless you’re some kind of dirt freak
that likes to eat laundry pods. [SOUND] In that case,
get out of my room, and I wanna see all of you smash that like,
and make your boy proud in those comments, and click here for some more serious fueg. Gang-gang.

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