How To Dress Like Bill | Doctor Who: Series 10

How To Dress Like Bill | Doctor Who: Series 10

I think I do kind of
dress similar to Bill. I think I’m probably a little less like bright and sort of, you know, multi-coloured patterns and that kind of thing. I probably dress a
little bit more sometimes, not always. I thought you’d enjoy choosing something for yourself. As you’re always
passing judgement. The first costume
was very much the collaboration of me
and Hayley together. We’d both had ideas and
actually found out that we were kind
on a similar page both kind of wanted it to be quite young, quite fresh, quite quirky, sort of
individual, bit funky bit kind of interesting. We went around some shops. We went to a couple of vintage shops in the West End and we found this T-shirt that we both really loved and this little denim jacket and we were like, this is great. For both of us, it just really worked. And the badges as well. Both of us sort of
made these moodboards and we both had something. Mine had like, a rainbow
on one of the pockets and hers had a couple
of badges as well. We saw a lot of stuff
around with badges and we were both like,
that’s a really cool look. So we went and got
a couple of badges that we thought would be really individual for Bill, like some robots and
stars and rainbows. And also the ‘? & I’
kind of thing that we thought was a bit
of a kind of enigma to throw in there to see
if anyone noticed it. Yeah, and sewed those
on to the jacket and then Bill was born. But yeah, I like her clothes. I’m always pleased with
what she’s wearing.

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  1. im sorry, i've liked her character on this first episode, but she dresses like an 80's wannabe hipster.

  2. her character to me is sorta relatable with the stand out fashion and boldness …I love it !! idk y is kinda reminds me of Donna …just a little bit maybe idk

  3. Bill was the best thing about yesterday's episode. good job Pearl Mackie 😘 so far it's like having the best bits of Rose and the best bits of Martha.

  4. I didnt think i would like Bill but i actually like her. I love her fashion. I love the way she speaks and i love the way shes portrayed. Doctor what?

  5. the pilot is going to go down as a brilliant capaldi episode . depending on which way you think about it this episode is/ has either
    A:brilliant writing CGI and acting
    B:better then the entire of series 9 and series 2 (excluding cyber stories) combined
    or C: an episode which moffat hasn't messed up.
    depending on your perspective

  6. really? a how to dress?? ouch…. I'm a guy , but ok i'll try it out. .. I'm just very sceptical about the emoticon robots..but we will see, i'll give them a chance i guess.

  7. I loved the first episode and I cried. A lot.

    I cried at the beginning with Susan's and River's pictures on his desk.

    I cried when Bill said goodbye to that girl (I even started shipping them)

    I cried when he showed Bill the tardis and it was the "mad man with a box" theme playing

    I cried when he almost erased her memory because I remembered Donna

    I cried when she told him how would it feel if someone did that to him and Clara's theme played

    I cried when she told him if having pictures of someone you know is gone would make it better or not and is showed the pictures

    And finally when the intro played I started screaming and singing DO WEEE OOOOOOH

    The sound I made was no human 😉

    After 1,5 years I am an emotional roller coaster!

  8. BILL IS THE BEST. SO LEGENDARY. Best New Who companion (ok maybe equal w Donna it's hard to compare them)

  9. I expected the worst, but when I watched – LOVED Bill…. so expressive and alive compared to the previous companions.

  10. I love her costume and think it fits her character perfectly. So much personality and charisma. I love it. It reminds me very much of Ace's character from the eighties. I also wanted to say, instantly fallen in love last night. An absolutely imagionative episode. From start to finish. Cannot wait for the rest of series to continue. Like a breath of fresh air. Her characterisation and relationship to the doctor is so enjoyable to watch. All the best. But yes love the details on her costume. Series ten ahead looks remarkable. 😊💛🌟 Makes me wanna have an afro. She is adorable. Liked her right away. The chemistry between her and Nordle. All three work perfectly. Her vibe is full of energy and wants to learn for example in some respects her youthful spirit being a teen you can relate in many ways to her. Her her portrayl is very truthful and believeable. Welcome to the family Pearl Mackie. Looking forward to see her develop over the course of the series. Strong character here. I love how with each line you can see she knows the characters thought process. 10/10

  11. she shut a lot of people up yesterday proved them wrong shes just what capalidi needed hope they dont keep her for too long like clara i was glad to see the back of her towards the end no more than 2 years the companion should stay the doctor 3 to 4 years

  12. I loved the first of the season ten episode! It had a whole lot of emotional scenes and still managed to have that Dr.who vibe. I knew it was worth making a TARDIS cake! Im glad I forced my whole family to watch this and im looking forward to the next episode.

  13. I'm not a huge fan of bills character (after only one episode mind) but I'm just glad she's no Clara.

  14. the new episode did remind me of 'Rose' like Moffat was suggesting… maybe this won't be so bad after all :0

  15. Is season 11 going to be like a new who thing. Like what's happened in series 5. Because new doctor and new writer.

  16. Im gonna like Bill…..hopefully she is constantly written as fun and energetic….Clara was fun with her storyline at first but after that wrapped she became lame.

  17. What kind of English accent does Pearl have? Like, specifically, like a northern accent (a lot of planets have a north)
    Just wondering because I really like it

  18. She isn't a Mary Sue, her being LGBT isn't her defining characteristic (American Television cough cough), and she is not a love interest! Looking forward to this

  19. I think the patches where from kline, the jacket and striped top from top shop and the t-shirt is a prince album cover but that's all I know

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