How to Dress Like Tyler, the Creator | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

How to Dress Like Tyler, the Creator | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

[MUSIC] What’s popping family? It’s your boy Nate, A.K.A. Tabasko Sweet
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is [SOUND]. Now I’ve been getting hell a requests for
tutorials on how to dress like Tyler, the Creator. And I got to say, family,
I’m excited for this challenge. Keep requesting looks in the comments,
Cheap Thrills fam. Your wish is my command. Now, what sets Tyler apart from other
popping artists is that his fits actually look super wearable. Now that’s not to say that he doesn’t
know how to go full freak mode though. Like that one time he pulled
up to Colbert in his boxers. Or how about that high viz look that
he rocked this year at Coachella. That’s some serious heat, family. Now on the day to day,
Tyler’s mostly rocking his own [BLEEP]. We have that in common, I’m gonna
do it a little different this time. I’m not going after
a specific outfit of his. Instead, I’m gonna try and put together
my own Tyler, the Creator inspired look. So let’s do some research, shall we? And, my boy, Tyler raps the Dadwave hard. He stays rocking colorful statement polos. Shorts are a staple for
Tyler, damn family, I might have to go above the knees for
maximum accuracy on this one. Now if you’re not feeling the resorts
short, you can always go for some bright colored pants. Or maybe even some overalls and
this man knows his way around a cardigan. Now TBH, my mom’s be pretty stoked
if I dressed like this all the time. Another thing I really
like about Tyler’s style, he’s not afraid to [BLEEP] with patterns. I’m for sure gonna have to bring
in a pattern element to my look. Maybe even go full freak mode,
wear some plaid. Only time will tell, family. But one things for sure, I’m gonna have
to cap this look off with the right hat. Now Tyler doesn’t have precious
long locks of hair like your boy. So you know he’s gotta stay litted, he’s gotta keep his brain pre-heated,
keep coming up with those Fuoco bars. Now if you’re trying to go old school,
Tyler, you can totally rock the DIY Supreme
cap that we made way back. Cuz let’s be real, he probably has enough Supreme hats
to wear a different one every day. But if I’m trying to go a little more Mr. Lonely with it, a very clean
driver’s cap is the way to go. Look ready to go,
let’s ride the golf cart in that thing. [SOUND]
Skirt. All right, well your boy’s
feeling inspired as [BLEEP]. Let’s get it popping, family. [MUSIC] So I hit the thrift store this weekend
with a $50 budget in search of all the Tyler essentials. So let’s see what we got here. [MUSIC] I’m talking colorful polos, family. [MUSIC] I’m talking colorful shorts. [MUSIC] Gotham Sensei boy sweaters. Got some driver caps. [MUSIC] Got some MF overalls, family. Got my DIY Supreme bogo cap and
some DIY Vans. Cuz you know before gulf and
floor, your boy was rocking Vans. Now Tyler’s always been
about that DIY lifestyle. And said when gulf wings started because
Tyler started drawing doughnuts on his clothes. So I got these permanent markers to
customize some of these dungarees. [MUSIC] All right, family, now,
that I fully slammed these rigs, it’s time to start putting
some fits together. Now Tyler’s got an unmistakable style,
but there’s a lot of room for error here. No, I’m not trying to [BLEEP] this up and
look like Gary on casual Friday. Pray for me, family, I’m going in. [MUSIC] Who that boy, family? Who he is? No, seriously, I mean, I barely recognize
myself in this Tyler, the Creator and inspired look. Let me give you a little walk-through
to this fully slam drig. As you can see, I’m rocking this very
clean three button valor rugby shirt, combined with these little
floored out Hasselhoff shorts. And you know, I’m maximizing my
cloth with these tiny glasses, and keeping it very fatherly
with this driver’s cap. You need to man up,
take the [BLEEP] trash out. Your friend Greg is a bad influence, you shouldn’t be hanging
out with kids like that. And I’m completing this
outfit with these DIY Vans. So what do you think, family? How’d I do? Let me know in those comments. You know what to do. If you think I nailed this Tyler,
the Creator look, give me a yuh, but if you think I’m looking a little more
step-dad than dad with, give me a nah. Now, you’re entitled to your opinion,
Cheap Thrills fam, but I want to see that
comments section popping. Let’s open up this pit. Wolfgang! [MUSIC] Thanks for watching Cheap Thrills fan, who else is gonna keep you
as started as your boy? Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe,
show your grandma, show your mom, show your cousins. Click here for some more heat and
make sure to tune in every Tuesday for some more wholesome time with your boy. [MUSIC]

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  1. "How to dress like Tyler, The Creator" Just wear whatever the fuck you want. You don't need a video to tell you that

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