How To Dress Sharp When NO ONE Around You Does | Have The Courage To Be Best Dressed Man

How To Dress Sharp When NO ONE Around You Does | Have The Courage To Be Best Dressed Man

Gentlemen, I hear you. I read your comments. I know some of you guys are facing obstacles
as you’re looking to improve yourself looking to up your style. You’re facing barriers, you know, from maybe
a community that’s not supportive or maybe a community that just doesn’t care. You look around no one else is dressing sharp,
so how do you improve your style when no one around you has any, that’s the subject of
this video. Tip number one. Remember what you stand for and use your image
to project a controlled message. Guys, this is a big point and it’s something
you’ve got to have a bit of courage to be able to do. But think about what you want to get out
of life, think about where you want to be in ten, twenty years. Think about the long game. And so, imagine the successful person that
you will become. How does he dress? How does he look? How does he behave? Or here is the thing is you start practicing
to become that man today because it takes years to find your style to develop figure
out what you like. It’s about also letting other people understand
the message that you’re putting out there. If you’re a lawyer in a construction firm,
do I expect you to dress like a construction worker? No. Don’t betray my expectation by dressing like
someone that you’re not. If you are a consultant, if you are a master
plumber, if you are a journeyman electrician, whatever it may be there is a type of uniform. And I’m not saying you got to wear a suit,
look at, I mean this video I it dressed down a bit at the same time I think I’m pretty
stylish here. I’m sending the message I want to. And that is key gentlemen think about what
you want to send, how you want to project a certain image and then do it. Tip number two. Pay attention to the details, pay attention
to the little things. The little things aren’t so little. When you dot all your I’s when you cross all
your T’s when you show that you go back and you check on everything, what you’re showing
is a commitment to excellence. And believe me this is expressed in your clothing. You can dress to the bare minimum your company
may have a dress code. If you’re going to go even to a movie, yes,
you can’t show up naked, you could wear pajamas, but how about you go a little bit above and
beyond. I’m not talking about wearing a black tie
or a tuxedo or something like this, I’m actually just simply talking about wearing clothing
that fits you. This one thing right here if you actually
make sure everything fits you that it’s tailored to adjust that your shirts are darted that
your trousers are adjusted and hemmed properly, this right here is going to separate you from
a lot of people. So many people wear clothing that just doesn’t
fit them. Let’s look at the simple tucking in of the
shirt. How many guys do you see out there with that
whole muffin top billowing top? Everything is coming out because they’re wearing
a shirt that’s too large and it’s coming out. They don’t even know how to properly tuck
in their shirt. So, this is a great segue to my paid sponsor
KK&Jay. Gentlemen, I’ve talked about this company
before, they are one of my secret weapons for keeping my shirt tucked in all day. Let me show you exactly how shirttail garters
work. So, check out this image see how the bottom
of a shirt is connected to the top of the shirttail garter at two points, then the bottom
part right there connected to the top of your socks. What this does is it brings in a bit of tension
and this keeps your shirt tucked in all day. I first learned about shirttail garters when
I was in the United States Marine Corps and this was something it was a necessary tool
if you are having a change of command you’re going to be out there marching around for
hours you’ve got to look good in front of a group of people. If you’re a police officer if you are someone
that wears a uniform on a daily basis and you act and you need to keep that shirt tucked
in this is going to work for you. And for anyone that simply works in an office
that doesn’t want to deal with the muffin top, this is the go-to tool. Now, KK&Jay why I love them, the quality built. So, this pair right here I’ve actually had
for about a year I have another pair which I’ve shown in other videos I’ve had for four
years. And so, I mean this stuff last up. What I love this leather connector right here
the stitching is solid the elastic is great and the connectors. I never have an issue with them coming off,
so I know some, you know, people have talked about like cheaper brands out there having
issues, I have never had an issue with KK&Jay. They’ve also got another style. It’s summer you still want to keep the shirt
tucked in, but you’ve got no show socks or something like that, they’ve actually got
one that actually will go around your thigh and still connect to the shirt and keep it
tucked in which I thought was pretty darn cool. Or if you don’t want to connect it to the
socks, but I like how it connects the socks it actually keeps my socks up all day. Gentlemen, I’m going to link the KK&Jay down
in the description of this video. Make sure you use that link to get the best
deal possible. And, let me know in the comments what’s your
favorite style, what’s your favorite color, which pair would you love to get because if
I’ve got some extras you guys know I love to send things your way. Tip number three to have style when no one
around you does is to understand it’s okay to be different. It takes a bit of strength it takes a bit
of courage to stand out from the crowd. But that isn’t that what you want to do, you
want to be memorable. Be true to yourself. Think about what you stand
for and dress in a manner that sends that symbolism. If you’re a fun a creative guy, then start
to have fun with the way you dress. If you want to wear a bow tie, if you want
to wear shoes that maybe grab a bit more attention, if you want to wear those glasses that, yeah,
are a little bit fun, try it, experiment, practice and you’ll find that it takes, you
know, honestly most people are concerned with themselves. They’ll look at you and they’ll maybe say,
wow, that guy is he likes those, wow, those bright glasses, but it they’re going to — they’re
going to move on to something else because they’re going to worry about themselves. And you will find that you will that you will
become known as the guy that has class the guy that has style the guy that other men
start to seek out. When they’ve got to get dress sharp for an
interview they’re like, oh, I need to go talk with Mike because he knows how to put outfits
together he’s my go-to stylist. And that’s not a bad thing to be useful to
people especially when they realize, wow, this is something it’s a necessary skill. Tip number four. Focusing on understated elegance aka the perfect
combination of function and style. Now, I’m not talking about going after fashion
for fashion sake or the way it looks, instead focus in on quality built focus in on items
that get better with time. Example, a briefcase a leather briefcase that,
yes, may cost two to three times more than one made from a nylon material and you’ll
have to save up for it. Maybe it took you a year to save the money
for that leather briefcase the one you really wanted. But every time you use this leather
briefcase you travel quite a bit you get compliments you feel great you — you just love the way
it looks. At five years, ten years after you purchased
it guess what? It looks better it becomes — it actually
starts to wear in, you polish it, you condition it, you take care of that briefcase. And it’s just something that literally twenty
years later, you’re still using and getting by far your money’s worth out of it. A good pair of shoes. No, I’m not talking about shoes that are glued
together. I’m talking about shoes that, you know, Blake-stitched
goodyear welted together. Basically these are shoes that are going to
cost you a few hundred dollars which for many guys is hard to stomach. But once you get a pair of shoes like that
that is just beautiful that can be re-sewed that the uppers once they’re polished start
to look better two years, four years, six years in and they get better over time. Again, look for understated elegance look
for quality and that perfect combination of function and style which is going to allow
you to look great. Tip number five to have style when no one
around you does is to just practice dressing in the manner that you want to and people
will get used to it because I know this is going to hurt your ego, but most people don’t
care about you. They’re focusing on themselves and their own
problems. So, they may initially express a little bit
of like surprise of this new style this new image, they may have an opinion, but guess
what? Within a few days within definitely a few
weeks, they’re going to accept however you want to present yourself. So, if you want to come off as more creative
if you want to come off as more professional whatever it may be, go ahead and do it and
just let people get used to it because they will. When you control the image when you send the
message you want to send, more opportunity is going to come your way. You are going to reap the benefits of controlling
your style and of using it to your advantage. Guys, it is your turn now. I want to hear from you down the comments
what you think of this video. Did you find this useful? For those of you that are facing the problems
and the barriers of improving your style without a supportive community, I’m going to link
to my Facebook group down in the description. That Facebook community is great at supporting
people helping people. You can post pictures of your image or maybe
outfit that you’re putting together and you want to try and you will get great feedback. And, guys go check out KK&Jay, the paid sponsor
this video. And, more importantly, they’ve got an incredibly
useful product. I’ve talked about it before. I use this product
and like I said I’ve got some extras. I would love to send them your way, just go
check out their website be very specific tell me the exact color the exact style everything
that you can in the comments and, hey, we’ll choose a few winners. And most importantly guys I want you to take
action. Don’t let these barriers stop you from becoming
the man you know yourself to be. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

100 Replies to “How To Dress Sharp When NO ONE Around You Does | Have The Courage To Be Best Dressed Man”

  1. How do you improve your style, when no one around you has any? – Click here to discover KK & Jay – Use code RMRS20 for 20% OFF – Thanks KK & Jay for being a paid sponsor of today's video.
    – Click here to read the article – How to dress sharp when NO ONE does

    Video Summary:
    0:32 – Know what you stand for
    1:50 – Pay attention to the little things (They aren't so little!)
    4:54 – Understand – it's okay to be different
    6:06 – Focus on understated elegance
    7:39 – Practice wearing whatever you want…they'll get used to it

  2. your awesome thanks!! just what iv been wanting to see because im starting a new chapter in life as an entrepreneur and i just dont know what to wear and the clothes i have now i know they wont take me serious

  3. He is right, my own list:
    1) make it fit.
    2) higher quality – not brand loggos.
    3) up your shoe game for shoes that a master cobler would sell.
    4) add some accesories that can pop.
    A watch (strapp) a tie, scarf, pocketsquere, belt, and glasses, coulor coordinated togheter with your outfit black/brown and different patterns (size) and material.
    5) have a base of clasic basic interchangeble clodes. With 30 pices you came a long way. Like 30 different outfits.
    6) trow awy (give) a lot, organise, structure, plan and read up, look at wether forcast and your weekly plan.
    7) iron your shirts and brush your shoes.
    8) groome and shave your hair short 3 mm.

  4. this video is about me! I work at a job where the guys wear t shirts and jeans and sneakers. it's not a dirty job though. I wear button down shirts chino 's and shoes. I hit the barbershop once a month for a haircut and beard trim. Other guys hit the barbershop two or the times every six months. I'm told I look too serious yet this is who I am and I am comfortable with it. we can wear shorts in the summer which I do but dress them up a little. I'm going to get the garters asap, right now I tuck my shirt into my underwear.

  5. I work at a manufacturing shop. I can't dress up for work because my outfits get dirty with oil. I spent the majority of the day there so my outfits jut sit in my room for now until I move up to engineering ☹

  6. Antonio you are the ex-Admiral McRaven of the gentleman men's fashion movement, great vid once again, bravo!

  7. Function and style is important. But I'm not dropping $200 on a pair of shoes that hurt my feet. Comfort must be considered or you won't dress nice because its uncomfortable.

  8. How did I live before shirt garters? Sloppily, thats how. I wish I'd had known about them while in the military. Thanks for the Pro tips!

  9. Hi Antonio I really Like the Maroon pair its a great fit and I'm one who is in my 40's and love dressing like am feeling I always try to show and tell every one that comes in contact with me that I learned this when I was a boy and am practicing it for the younger generation that is coming up to set the standards

  10. Great video! I always wondered about those tucking things! Seems like they would react a bit funky every time you bend your knee though since they connect direct from hip to ankle? Is that an issue, and if so can you see that someone is wearing them when they walk? Definitely thinking of getting a pair from your sponsor – very fair price!

  11. Love the videos Antonio and thank you for all, just wanted to say it was a bit echoey. I don't want ppl to talk negative of a great channel.

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  15. Stunning tips,,, I want to learn more about briefcases, Personalised buttons on Suits/ your videos are awesome…

  16. Just checked out the website… Cool products (and cheap too).
    Definitely like the jackson dot design, both the black/white and grey/white. Simple and stylish.
    P.S I'm gonna get me some suspenders too. ;D

  17. Looking sharp there Mr. C! Good video too. Sometimes we need a bit of encouragement, or a kick in the ass, that gives us permission to live and dress as how we see fit rather than blending in with the wallpaper. I like the Herringbone Brown classic style by KK&Jay btw. I never thought about trying those but…

  18. This is one of the problems I have had recently. Everyone around me has more of a casual style and I felt like it would be awkward if I dressed more formally than them but now I know I shouldn't be embarrassed to differ from others.

  19. Hey, thanks for yet another great video. I've really struggled with dealing with being around people who have no regard for style (me having been one of them too for so long).

    At any rate, I would love to own one of the "Freetown Blue/Red" garters!

  20. Washington Grey, is m ugh favorite. Grey is a great men's fashion color. I was born in Washington and one of the Seahawk colors is Wolf Grey.
    Go Hawks!

  21. Personally, I can relate to this video. In this t shirt and jeans culture. I think we are all ambassadors of men's fashion. In fact I am sharing this video on Facebook.

  22. Hi Antonio,
    Just discovered the channel and have been watching a lot of them the last week. Timing has worked out as I have just gotten a new suit and sports jacket. The videos have given me confidence to know what works for my body shape and how I want to look.
    Never heard of Shirt tail garters before. I'll definetly look at getting some once home from backpacking. The Washington Navy ones look smart!
    Thank you again for the advice and videos

  23. ""Fellas. Leave the tight pants to the ladies. If I can count the coins in your pocket, you better use 'em to call a tailor." –The Most Interesting Man in the World

  24. Actually, I often find that I am more inspired to make an effort, around well-dressed people. So who knows, maybe others will start dressing better when you start to do so? 🙂

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  26. 2 key points that I've learnt from this video, the first is more of an realization that has building up, even though you are supposed to like the clothing that you are wearing (of course, or else there is no point), clothing is meant for other people, clothing is meant to be an universal "business card".
    And the second is most people simply assimilate high prices with luxury, but that's not the case all the time, sometimes higher prices means better quality.

  27. I went to a dorm party once and I was easily the nicest dressed. Everyone noticed especially two women, one touched my shoes and got her number. The other I went to her room. Thank God for my Chelsea boots and cologne. Thanks a lot Antonio!

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  30. this guy dresses bad. does anyone really disagree with this statement? I've seen like two dozen videos and only once ive seen him dressed well. You cant tell me he dressed well in this video with a serious face lol

  31. I started wearing wool or tweed vintage sports jackets, around 2 months ago, the amount of good comments I have gotten are amazing.

  32. Every guy I know or have known that had a sense of style….who had the guts to stand out and dress well,…MET BEAUTIFUL WOMEN LEFT AND RIGHT. End of story. It's up to you. If you're alone,….master the art form known as style.. Even casual clothes should be tailored. Quality clothes,…great colors,…well fitted, creatively and appropriately dressed. THEN come back to me and tell me to my face that you can't meet women. It will open up another world for you….

  33. I wholeheartedly agree with every…well, almost every word you've said. TIP NO. 6 BECOME A GENTLEMAN BEFORE YOU AQUIRE THE WARDROBE OF A GENTLEMAN The only part I didn't agree with was when you said that "eventually people will accept your style" people that come in contact with you daily, and already don't like you, for whatever reason, will despise you all the more, once you start to express yourself through good looking clothes and accessories. I'm not meaning to deter anyone from trying, but just be ready for it. Please check out other fashion advice on The Fedora Lounge

  34. Antonio here is my dilemma I do school security but due to budget cuts we no longer have uniforms. The demographic is well to do parents. Can you give pointers as to dress. After all i dont think Tactical boots fit with slacks or do I blouse them like class A when doing color guard. Any advice id appreciate

  35. I work in an assembly shop is there a way to step up my style while still being functional? Steel toe boots required and everything else is personal choice

  36. I live in a place full of bad dressed people. It makes me literally sick to see all these people in ill fitting horrible clothes. And exactly these people call me gay or give me a strange look just because I dress nice. Even it is just a nice fitting sportscoat with jeans. For 90% of the people this is already dressed up. They are so not used to proper and nice looking fits that they think you are alien. Terrible.

  37. Gentlemen, i need yalls help with shoe brands, i dont have a lot of money but i can save up for them, please help me with any links or brands that you guys would recommend, any help will be appreciated, thank you

  38. Thank's to RMRS your chanel helped me out to find ideas to improve my cloathing and style… Thank 's to sir Antonio..

  39. For those who understand the importance of they're get up & the way they dress
    NEVER THE LESS, always the more – DRESS TO IMPRESS you know the score 👌🏽👏🏽

  40. I live in Athens, Ga and this applies to me; everywhere I go, I stand out. I just got comfortable knowing this is me and I don’t care what others say. Having that attitude and confidence…people want to get to know who I am? What I do? Just trust who you are and walk with that chest out!! Love and own your style.

  41. Since I started dressing more like a gentleman, I keep getting asked by people who know me if I'm ,' going to a wedding or something'. It does make me slightly conscientious when I'm in tailored dress pants, shirt, vest and tie in a public place where it seems everybody is in t-shirts and cargo shorts or sports logo sweats. Yet I'm always surprised by how many compliments i get ( just got a compliment on my tie 10 minutes ago.) and how I seem to be given a noticeably higher level of respect than others around me. While visiting a shopping area last week, three times i walked into a shop with other people and the salesman would approach me and ignore the others even when they were ahead of me. Also had two cases where a clerk was curt and dismissive to customers, but instantly became gracious when i approached. I have had a running joke at work of a few calling me "the Colonel' because Im sharply dressed and I'm originally from Kentucky and thus have a bit of a southeastern Appalachian accent. But I'm ok with it. Hey, Colonel Sanders wore some fly, tailored white suits that had vintage charm! ( Btw: I would also add that though famous for his Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harlan Sanders was originally from Indiana.)

  42. I've always liked the idea that whatever the dress code, take it up a notch or two. But since I've paid more attention to my style, yes, I did get some snarky comments. But more and more lately I get a lot of positive comments about being the best dressed man in the room. I'm in my sixties but I figured it's never too late to improve. Thank you Antonio for all your help.

  43. Great message! I've actually been made fun of for "dressing up" (wearing a sweater with rolled up jeans and dress boots) at work. I agree – it's not about fashion for fashion's sake, it's about feeling confident in your look.

  44. I'm always dressing the best I can to averywhere I go and i'm always getting bad comments from guys and some girls. Recently realize 90% of girls see me hotter than my friends beacuse I dress better than them

  45. Massive bugbear for me is when you see a woman that looks like a million dollars, and her man is wearing a t-shirt.
    She spends two hours getting ready and you have a shave? Well done you…

    BE the knock-out couple.

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