How To Dress Sharp WITHOUT Buying NEW Clothes (Inexpensive Style Improvement Tips) RMRS Style Videos

How To Dress Sharp WITHOUT Buying NEW Clothes (Inexpensive Style Improvement Tips) RMRS Style Videos

Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothing
[0:00:00] All right, gentlemen. In today’s video, how to upgrade your style
without buying any new clothing. Are you ready? Let’s do it. [Music]
Tip number one to level up your style without buying more clothing? Go back in your closet and experiment with
the clothing that you already have. You’ve got that pink shirt you rarely wear
because you’re just not so sure, but experiment with color experiment with different patterns. You guys know I don’t wear gray jackets
very often, but when I’m wearing the pink I’m like I know pink and gray work very
well. I wasn’t so sure about this pocket square,
I probably could have taken this out, maybe gone with something that had a little bit
of pink in it. What do you guys think? It goes together and this was actually a pretty
easy match because I had the pink here in the shirt with the pink matching in the pocket
square with a darker pink, then with the blue, so this right here a pretty and easy combination. But, guys, you got to build up the courage
and you’ve got to go out there and experiment, have fun with color have fun with different
clothing combinations. Tip number two to level up your style without
buying new clothing, find a fragrance that you absolutely love the smell of. So, how do you do that? Guys, you want to walk in the department stores
anytime you’re going by a place that sells fragrances and you want to sample you want
to try them on. What you’re looking for is something that
is so delicious, something that you like so much. When you find something a fragrance that you
absolutely love, I’m not talking just a signature scent, I’m talking about a scent
that you can’t live without. All of a sudden, guess what? Your confidence is going to go up and your
whole image in style is going to elevate as well. The next tip to level up your style without
buying new clothing, keep your clothing in its place. So, here’s how it plays out. You wake up, you get dressed, look at yourself
in the mirror, you’re looking good and you go to work and by mid day, what’s happened? Your shirt is coming out. Guys, you’ve got the muffin top going on
up, your clothing is all over the place. The solution, gentlemen is the shirt stay. What this does is it connects that bottom
of your shirt to the top of your socks and this keeps your shirt tucked in all day. Now, the shirt stays featured in today’s
video, gentlemen, are brought to you by KKandJay, the paid sponsor of today’s video and for
over three years I’ve been testing and using these products. I absolutely love them for five reasons. Number one, it has to do with quality. So, let me show you something. Right here, this is the first pair, they just
sent me years ago and I still use this. They still work, then they actually got a
patent on it and they made it even better. Next up, I love the designs. So, that last one, I mean it was an okay design,
but I love how they’re bringing in color. Guys, go to their website, look at all the
different styles they’ve got for you. Next up, I love the fact that they’re innovating. So, I know a lot of you guys, you don’t
like to wear socks, you don’t have no-show socks, or you don’t want to connect the
shirt stay to your sock. Guys, they’ve got it so it can actually
go around your calf and it’s comfortable. So, if you want to wear, you know, in the
summer, you want to keep your shirt tucked in, but you’re not going to wear socks,
guess what? They’ve got you covered. Next up, gents, I love that they got great
customer service. I know the founders I’ve talked to them
about stories and KKandJay takes care of their customers. And, the fifth reason I love them, gentlemen,
affordability. It’s a great product at a great price. If you haven’t been to their website for
awhile, go check them out because they’ve got new designs they’ve got new styles and
they’ve got suspenders. If you use the discount code down in the description,
you’re going to get the best deal out there on the internet, guys. Use it or lose it. Again, I’m linking to KKandJay down in the
description of this video. Guys, check them out, a great company, I’m
proud to support them. My next tip, ignore style logic, break the
rules. Now, for me, I’ve got smaller wrist, that
says I should go for smaller-sized watches 39 mm, 42 mm maybe at the most. This watch right here, 52 mm and I absolutely
love it. I wouldn’t have expected this to look so
good on my wrist unless I had tried it, worn it a few times, all of a sudden, I absolutely
love this watch. Guys, go out there and try something different. Break some rules, you may find, okay, it’s
not for me, but you may find something you absolutely love. The next thing for improving your style without
buying any new clothing, guys, stand up straight, roll those shoulders back and stand up properly. So many of you guys are starting to be hunched
over, you’re looking at your phone all the time, guess what? You are training your neck and the muscles
to basically go down. You want to reverse this. You want to go to a gym, you want to look
for exercises, speak with your trainer that actually they can work on your back so that
actually your shoulders naturally start to go back. I know for me, I’ve actually bought specific
types of chairs that help me sit properly during the day. I try to get up and walk around maybe for
some of you guys actually walking one of those standing desks. Find what works for you, but make sure to
actually think about this just roll those shoulders back and stand up straight. The next step, gentlemen, to level up your
style without buying new clothes, knowledge. Yes you want to invest in your own education. Tons of options here on YouTube. Raphael over the Gentleman’s Gazette, we’ve
got Aaron over at Alpha M, Jose over at Teaching Men’s Fashion. And, don’t stop there, gentlemen, there’s
tons of websites with very detailed information. You’ve got Brett over at the Art of Manliness,
Andy over at Primer Magazine, and my website, Real Men Real Style where we got over 2,000
articles, we’ve got over 20 free ebooks, free app, tons of great resources you can
use to become more intelligent when it comes to men’s style. And, guys, if you’ve watched all the videos,
you’ve read all the online articles, then go back to some of the great books. Anything by Alan Flusser or Bernhard Roetzel
is a great place to start. [0:05:04]
The next step to level up your style without buying any new clothes, gentlemen, find an
icon that you can imitate. And for me, I like to do a little bit of history
a little bit of research. Michael Jackson, maybe you want to go look
at Cary Grant, maybe you want to go look at I don’t know F. Scott Fitzgerald, you want
to look at Elvis Presley. Find someone that you’re like, I like what
this guy wore and he wore this in 1980, he wore this in 1972, he wore this in 1950 and
you know what? I think I could actually bring this look to
now and it would still look great. Guys, go back look at your men’s style history,
find an icon that you can imitate. The next tip to level up your style without
buying any new clothes, gentlemen, find your old pair of favorite shoes and let’s go
ahead and repair them, let’s get them back to looking new. So, this pair of boots right here. Okay, needs new laces, that’s an easy fix. But, if you look at the leather, okay, it’s
lost a bit of its luster, what can we do here? Tons of options. You can possibly just come in and polish it. I know a lot of you guys do not regularly
polish your boots or your shoes. You want to do this because this is going
to protect them, but maybe you need something a bit more. Maybe you need to apply some mink oil that
can provide a little bit more protection, although be careful it can actually color
them make them a little bit darker, so make sure you test it on the tongue. Now, if it’s really bad and you’re starting
to see a little bit of surface damage or maybe some early signs of cracks, you want to use
a rejuvenator. This is a special type of cream that it’s
going to deeply penetrate the shoe. It’s not going to be able to repair cracks,
but it can prevent them from spreading. And don’t forget the edge dressing, you
want to use this on the side of the sole, it’s going to make it nice and dark. The next step to level up your style without
buying new clothes, gentlemen, fit. I’ve talked about it before. It’s the first part of my style pyramid. If it doesn’t fit you or it can’t be adjusted
to fit you, do not buy it. So, adjusted to fit you, you need to know
the name of your tailor. Take everything that matters anything you’re
wearing on the outside, we’re talking your coats, we’re talking your jackets, we’re
talking your trousers. Yes, your jeans you can take to a tailor to
get adjusted. When clothing fits your body, it just looks
better. The next tip to level up your style without
buying new clothes, change up your hairstyle. Okay, so I normally use this hairbrush right
here and I go with a side part. I change it up today just simply comb it in
a different way. Didn’t even change up the product, just
simply change the way I comb my hair. But, I could change up the whole look give
it a much smoother look if I went with a paddle brush. Notice the number of bristles? They’re a lot closer together, it’s about
a hundred right here or I could go with a different type of bristle. All if these changes the different looks that
the hair you’re going to get when you comb it. I also could have change up the product. I could have gone maybe with a pomade. Pomade is going to give me a lot of hold,
but also a lot of shine. The product I have in my hair right now has
a lot of hold, but has no shine. Or I could have gone maybe with a wax base
product. Wax base products are going to do a great
job holding and they’re also going to make your hair look thicker, they’re a little
bit harder to wash out though. The next step to level up your style without
buying new clothing, take better care of your existing clothing. So, one of the worst things I see that guys
do is that they over wash their clothing. They use very hard detergents and they wash
them way too often. Only wash your clothing when it’s dirty
and more expensive clothing, I would recommend that you spot clean and you actually try to
wash less. Now, when you do wash it, wash it on delicate
most of the time and do spot cleaning. Point being, gentlemen, the less you wash
your clothing the longer it’s going to last and the better it’s going to look. All right, gentlemen. So now, I want to hear from you. Let me know down in the comments what you
thought of this video. And you guys know I love to recognize my early
notification squad. If you like this video, click on that like
button. If you’re new to Real Men Real Style, make
sure to subscribe. Click on that notification bell so you get
our latest videos. And, if you’re wondering what video to watch
next, guys, go check out this video, seven fashion mistakes that style rookies make. I know a lot of you guys are dressing well. You’ve been dressing well for awhile, but
I bet you’re still making some of these mistakes. Guys, I’m linking to this video down in
the description. Now, this was not authorized by KKandJay,
but I will say to improve your posture, you want to do band exercises like these and what
you’re doing is you’re working those back muscles and it’s going to start to pull
you back. But, you probably want to invest in some proper
bands, but if you’re in a pinch, you know KKandJay makes a great product. Again, gents, in all seriousness, this is
a great product great company, proud to support them. Go check them out. I’m linking to them down in the description. That’s it, gents. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:09:11] End of Audio

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