How To Dress Up (Party Edition) Ft. Srishti | BuzzFeed India

How To Dress Up (Party Edition) Ft. Srishti | BuzzFeed India

Hi! Have you been invited to a party and are suddenly overcome with a feeling of “I have nothing to wear!” Are you thinking of spending all your money shopping exclusively for this party? And OMG, is your crush going to be there? Or worse… your ex? Well, sh*t! Well, don’t you worry! I, a well-intentioned rando on the internet, who thinks she can be a stylist based on her decent-ish dressing sense, am here to help you out. But wait! Before picking an outfit, follow some steps… Showering, washing and shaving. Please remember to ask yourself some poignant questions at this stage… “Should I wash my hair or not?” “Should I shave my legs or will a maxi dress work?” Most importantly, “should I shave my vag or will the dry spell continue?” Once you’ve found the answers to these questions we can move on to the most important step in picking the right outfit, which is… sitting in your bed, still in your towel, scrolling pointlessly on Instagram, till the app itself tells you… “Enough sis, you’ve squeezed every drop of content this app had to offer. Let me go! Please.” Moving on, the next step is to stand cluelessly in front of your wardrobe overflowing with clothes. At this point, it is mandatory to casually throw a “Man, I’ve got no clothes to wear” fit. Now look into the deep end of the sea of your clothes, dig out a gem that’s been unworn for the last fifteen years and then, reject it because you’re too old for that sh*t. Now, you must be thinking… “Will this Srishti ever give any actual style tips or not?” Of course, I’ll give real style tips because I am Anaimika Shroff Adatanya Ghavri. So, from here on out, let’s work on the assumption that every girl has some “classic” pieces in her wardrobe. “Classic” means party uniform that we always resort to because we’re too uncomforable peeking out of our comfort zone. Because even if we do, people will most probably make fun of us. So here are some classics you should dig out of your closet, to choose from: the “foolproof” LBD, a tight bodycon dress, jeans and a “nice” top, a jumpsuit, and, a skirt. But before that, we’ll take a short break for spanx. BE WORN. F*&k these spanks. F*&k it! JUST OBEY! DON’T BE A D*&K! Mummy! You kinda know that this is your sexiest weapon and you’re ultimately going to pick this only but, come sis let’s waste time! You should ask yourself this; “Is this dress short enough?” “Will people know that I’ve been wearing this dress since 2009?” “Will they know that in this decade this dress has only been washed like five times because if anything happens to it I will literally die?” If the answer to all these questions is a resounding “Yes”, then put this LBD aside and keep looking for a different outfit because time pass is key. Another great option that you’ll never end up picking because you’re too self-conscious is a good-old bodycon dress. A few important things to consider here are these: Will the hem of this dress keep riding up the whole night? Will you have to keep adjusting it? Does it make your discomfort visible for everyone to judge? Does it make you seem fun, mysterious, and tastefully objectified? “Do I have to keep sucking my stomach in the whole time?” “Will everybody come to know of my food baby?” Will it get you your crush’s attention? And will they offer to drop you home from the party because “you can’t travel alone wearing THAT!” If it’s a ‘yes’, a thousand times ‘yes’ then say ‘no’ to this mess. In fact, burn it down! But, if the bodycon dress makes you feel amazing, sexy, beautiful, confident and basically what I think Kareena Kapoor Khan feels everyday, then YOU GO FOR IT, SIS! We all know what time it is… It’s time to consider dressing down and diverting any and all attention from you by going casual at the party. Super casual. While this is the most comforting and comfortable option out there, I guess you’ll have to rule it out because “Everybody else would come decked up. I’ll look odd.” Individuality can suck it. We need to look like clones. No questions asked. OK? OK! PSYCH! GOT YOU! Why will I suggest that you wear a jumpsuit to a party where you’ll have to strip naked every time you need to pee And… as you get progressively drunker, you woudn’t want to f*ck with this. *unrelated song about sitting on a toilet* Those who’ve refused to wax or shave their legs might want to pick a maxi skirt. Go on sis, live your hairy truth. But if you did shave or wax then you can pair the only short skirt you own with the most “outdoor” top you can find. “Outdoor top” means any top that has some shiny, shimmery, glittery or sequinned nonsense on it. Then I’d say go for it! Now that you’ve picked the LBD because why experiment with a new “lewk” for Preeti’s lame house party that’s only going to have fairy lights and paper cups, let’s talk accessorising! But I don’t know sh*t about accessorising so go figure that out on your own ladies! Just remember to have fun with it. I’ve always only heard fashion bloggers say it, that’s why I’m also saying it even thought, I don’t know how to “have fun with accessorising”. Now it’s time for makeup… but that tutorial is already on this channel so go check it out! The second last step is to wear your most obscene and uncomfortable heels which, let’s be real, will be taken off by you fifteen minutes into the party. So there you go. You are ready for the party! More realistically, you’re ready for an average gathering of insipid acquaintances, some really close judgmental friends you wish you could cut off, a bad playlist, some cheap booze, and great snacks to go with the booze. Now enter the party with your forced, awkward smile and don’t forget to make small talk with people you don’t care about, at all. OK? OK! If you liked this video don’t forget to like it, share it and subscribe to BuzzFeed India. Now go have fun at the party. Remember to drink enough to dance but not enough to call your ex. BYE! She fell.

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  1. "Remember to drink enough to dance but not enough to call your ex" and "Aao saheli, khaali peeli time khoti karte hain" should be printed on t-shirts

  2. Hii appreciate the videos…but pls consider the muslim society where use of make up, western clothing, clubbing etc are predominantly frowned upon and outwardly forbidden…. care to pitch in… because in the islamic society women are not supposed to be attractive they are supposed to be modest in their conduct and dressing… pls do a review on it … because all these you do are kinda unrelatable to me.. and when i say muslim society i mean the women who aren't given much agency to choose… not the progressive e city modern thinking lot.

  3. I mean the fact that she cld fit into a dress she got in 2009, proves that she hasn't gained any extra weight….that's a good progress…😂

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    The video is actually a '6:52' min video🤔😂😂

  5. M i the only one who thinks that in this video her accent much of the time is sounding like kareena kapoor😆

  6. Sristi was my favourite animal but somebody told me she is not an animal so I've started liking shayan.

  7. Remember "Drink enough to dance but not enough to call your ex" 🙏😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Shrishti , watching your vidoes at the end of a long working day is something to look forward to! So much laughter!!!! Keep up the good work of making the world smile !!

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