How To Dress Well & Look Expensive on a Budget!

How To Dress Well & Look Expensive on a Budget!

– Hey, guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m gonna be giving you ten tips on how to dress well on a budget. Like, how to look expensive,
even if you’re not spending a lot of money on your clothes. And honestly, I think that
dressing yourself well and presenting yourself
in a way that makes you feel confident is a lot
more about, like, knowing what looks good on your
body, and a lot less about how much you actually
spent on your clothes. So, hopefully, this video
will help you with some tips on how to feel more
comfortable with the way that you’re presenting
yourself, you look put together, and you feel confident without
spending a crazy amount of money on your wardrobe. So, before you even go
out and spend any money on new clothes, first thing
to do, review your closet and look through the clothes
that you already have. First reason to do this,
you’re probably gonna come across some items in
your closet that you totally forgot you had. Some little gems hidden in the back. You come across items that you
love, and just never really got around to wearing that
you can start to integrate into your daily style. Second, it gives you an
idea of what you need and what you don’t need. When I went through my
closet, I figured out that I really only have one
black, basic tee, but I found about four gray ones. So when I go shopping, I may
feel like, Oh, I just don’t have enough basic tees, but
really I just need another black one, I don’t need
anymore in the other colors. And third, taking the time
to actually go through your clothes, you can purge
your closet from the items that you never really wear or
that don’t fit you anymore. Sell those clothes for
some extra spending money, and you can put that
towards some new items that you actually do need. Number two, when it actually
comes to spending money on clothes, invest in some good basics. These are the items that you’re
gonna be wearing the most day to day, so while it may
seem easier to go for the cheaper options for your basics
because they’re more common, going for that five dollar
shirt that’s lower quality and will wear out after a
few washes is not gonna be as good as spending a
little bit of extra money on even if it’s just a plain
t-shirt, a t-shirt that fits your frame well, that’s
comfortable, that’s high quality, and that’s
gonna hold up for years. And you don’t have to buy a lot of these. It’s better to put money into
one good pair of jeans that fit you right, that feel
amazing than to have like, 20 that just aren’t as
comfortable and aren’t gonna hold up. Great basics are really the base of so many different outfits. If you have basics that
you feel comfortable and confident in, you can layer these with different kimonos,
different sweaters, accessories to make a million
different outfit options. When I’m spending money on clothes, I really like to think about cost per use. So, it’s not worth it to
spend 50 dollars on a jacket that maybe you’re gonna wear
twice for special occasions. And spending 50 dollars on
a pair of basic jeans may seem like a lot, but if
you wear those jeans, like, four times a week
for the next two years, that is definitely a better cost per use. Number three, really simple,
just tuck your shirt in. Tucking your shirt in is
not only more flattering because it doesn’t cover up your hips, it allows you to show
off your figure more, but it also just makes outfits
look so much more refined and put together. I seriously see so much
of a difference with these two side-by-sides from the
regular tee, which is already a really flattering cut,
to the basic tee tucked in with a belt, it’s just so
much more, like, put together, it looks more expensive
for whatever reason, belts just elevate like every single look, so if you get a belt in
black and a belt in tan, you’ll be able to tuck your
shirt in and add one of these two colors to match
pretty much every single outfit in your closet. If you’re gonna take anything
away from this video, take point number four: shop secondhand. You will get so much
more bang for your buck with your clothes, and
you’ll be able to get higher quality items without paying
that higher quality pricetag. And my favorite way to
shop secondhand is thredUP, and thredUP is the sponsor of this video, which is so exciting to me
because they’re a service that I use all the time. ThredUP is the largest online
thrift and consignment store, and you can get clothes for up
to 90% off the retail price. But here’s, like, my
biggest thing with thredUP and why I started using it
all the time is I used to love thrift shopping, but
it takes so long in person, like sorting through all
those racks, finding something that actually fits you
and is high quality. On my thredUP profile, I have
all my sizing info saved, so when I’m searching for
like a specific item or just browsing new arrivals, it
shows me the items that are gonna fit me right
away, so it’s just so much easier to sort through
the items and find what I’m actually looking for,
and what’s gonna fit me. So let me show you a
few of my thredUP finds that got delivered in this
cute lil’ polka dot packaging like yesterday. Very excited, it’s been
very difficult to wait for this video to actually try them on. I got this super cute little
blue, lacy top, and the retail price is $60,
but I only paid $17.99, thank you thredUP for all the savings. Next up, a clothing item
that is always gonna be one of my essentials. This is an american eagle kimono. Retail price is $60, but
y’know, your girl has all the savings, so I got it for $30.99. Item number three is brand
new, with the tags on. This cute, little green
chiffon button-up shirt is from express, and it
was originally $60, and I got it for $30.99. The last item is from
Abercrombie, this plaid button-up shirt was originally $48,
and I got it for $18.99. I am so excited about all those clothes. Shopping secondhand is
one of my favorite things, because not only do you save
a lot of money, but it’s also much better for the environment. ThredUP has free shipping
on qualified orders, and really easy returns,
which are two things that I always look for when I’m shopping online. And I do have a coupon code for you guys. ThredUP is offering 30%
off your first order, click the link in the description, and use code Sierra30 at
checkout for an even bigger discount, that’s 30% off
plus the already great prices that thredUP has. Tip number five, dress
up a more simple outfit that you feel like maybe
doesn’t look expensive, maybe doesn’t look put together,
with a nice handbag and some heels. Heels instantly elevate any
outfit, and make it look more dressy while a handbag
can make an item look more expensive, even if you’re
just wearing a simple outfit. And the heels, and the handbag,
don’t have to be luxury products. Seriously, they could be
like, $10 finds, it’s just about finding something
that’s simple and elegant and pulls the look together. Like, if you have high end
shoes and designer handbags, totally use them. Pull the outfit together with that, but you can do just as well
with like a $10 find, or you can get something
that is designer secondhand like on thredUP or try the outlet malls. It’s seriously not even
about the price, it’s just about finding items that
are simple and elegant and really pull together the
style that you’re going for. Fit is everything. Oh, my gosh, I cannot stress this enough. A hundred dollar blouse
could look terrible on me and a five dollar blouse
could look amazing if the fit is right. It’s all about fit. I mean, quality is important
too, but like, fit. Fit, fit is king. And I’m not just talking about sizing. Sizing is important in
finding the right size that fits your body type, but also
the styles and the design elements that flatter your figure. This little black dress
fits me like a glove. I wear it all the time
because it has all the little design elements that
fit my figure perfectly. It has the wrap style top
that flatters my chest, flowy sleeves so I feel
comfortable in the arms, a defined waist, a nice little
fit and flare silhouette, just like everything. I think I spent less
than $40 on this dress, and I’ve probably worn it,
like, 40 times honestly because the fit is just amazing. Also, sometimes it’s definitely
worth the money to invest in having an item tailored
if it’s perfect in every way but just needs a little bit of alteration. That 10 or 15 dollars that
you might spend altering the item to fit you perfectly
will be way worth it than buying an item that was a
little bit more expensive but doesn’t fit you quite right. Online shopping is a great
way to find good deals on clothes, but it can also
be a total shot in the dark. I did a video all about my
tips for online shopping as like, a curvy girl or
a midsize body, plus-size, whatever in that spectrum. So if you wanna check
that out for more in-depth tips, there’s a link in the description, or you can click that card. But, the tl;dr, the most important points: know your measurements
because sizing differs so much from company to company. So like, while I’m a
medium or a large at GAP, I’m like an XL or a X at Forever21. Most companies will list the
measurements for specific items so if you know your
measurements, if you’ve taken accurate measurements of
your body, you can better discern what size you should
actually order for yourself, what’s actually gonna fit. Also, equally important,
try to order from companies that have free shipping and
easy returns, like thredUP, heyo, thank you sponsor. No, but seriously, when
you’re ordering online, you very well may end up
returning or exchanging a lot of items, so
making sure that there’s free shipping and good
return policies will be a lifesaver. The right makeup look can
instantly make you look so much more put together and refined. And when I say the right
makeup look, I don’t mean you have to go full glam,
I don’t mean you have to spend a ton of time or
money on your makeup. It’s just about finding an
everyday basic makeup routine that’s easy enough for
you to do on the daily, highlights your natural
features, doesn’t take too many crazy makeup techniques, so
it’s something that you can replicate like every
single day if you want to. I think for a long time, I
felt like I either had to go, like, full out foundation,
big, heavy eyeshadow makeup look, or just not wear anything. And there definitely can be an inbetween. So for me, this is just
concealer, powder, eyebrow gel, and mascara, that’s it. And that takes me about six minutes to do, so it’s something that I
can easily do every day if I want to, and I
can also build on that, like today, I’m wearing
mascara and contour and blush and eyeliner, but it still
starts at that basic level, so I can always build on it if I want to. Number nine, we’re getting to the end, coordinating your accessories
really elevates a look. Matching your belt and shoes
and handbag can take an item from just being, y’know,
random, basics paired together to a very put together,
simple, elegant look. Also, simple jewelry goes a long way. I like never wear jewelry,
like, literally ever, except for my wedding ring. Jewelry has just never
really been my thing, like I fidget with it,
but when I am wearing jewelry, I just feel, I
just feel so much more like coordinated, especially if,
like, my belt, my shoes, my handbag all matches, I
am like, girl, I am ready to take on the day. And last thing, it may seem simple, but trust me, this is
something that you need. Get a steamer and a lint roller. You could have the most
well put together, expensive beautiful outfit, but if
you’re covered in cat hair, and it’s all wrinkly, it doesn’t matter. Get a lint roller, and
just, y’know, run over your clothes before you leave the house, and get a steamer and steam
out all of those wrinkles, especially on materials
that wrinkle easily, like chiffon or silk. And little lifehack, I
used to do this in college and still do this when I travel, if you don’t have a steamer
or you can’t afford one, hang up your clothes in the
shower and close the door while you’re showering in the morning, and that steam will naturally kindof like flatten out those wrinkles. Not all the way, but seriously
way better than nothing. Thank you so much for watching. If any of these tips are helpful
to you, be sure to let me know down in the comments,
and if you have any other tips on how to look good on
a budget, leave those in the comments as well to
try to help out some of the other viewers. And I do have another video
about secondhand shopping coming up with my friend Coolirpa, who is the queen of thrifting. So be on the lookout for that
in the next couple weeks or so and lots more fashion videos til then. I post new videos every
Tuesday and Friday, so subscribe, join the family. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you guys on Tuesday with another new video. Bye! (upbeat dance music)

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