what's up guys welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Alex Costa and this is probably the last video where you're gonna see my London apartment which is kind of sad because I really like London and and really like this apartment I mean you can't beat this view but I am excited to go back to LA and shoot from my usual place in today's video I want to give you guys 7 tips to make sure that you look the part when you're going into work or even if you're going into somebody else's office for a business meeting because it can be intimidating going into another office right you never really know what to expect when you're visiting a different office I work at Google so whenever one of my friends you know comes over to the office before they come they always text me hey what should I wear what's the culture like so every office is gonna be different the cool thing about Google is that you can pretty much basically or whatever you want because of that culture they've created now in other offices it's not like that it's not as relaxed so you need to be on your a-game so to make sure that you look your best just follow these seven tips tip number one never be the least dressed up man in the room that is literally one of the worst things you can do in an office setting all right if your average in terms of how dressed up you are you're safe now if you're falling below average that is just not a good look I think it's unrealistic to think that when people look at you at a first glance they're not gonna judge you by what you're wearing right they're always gonna judge you whether you're wearing something really nice or not they're gonna notice it so you want to make sure that you give them a very good first impression because that gives you the chance to prove yourself as a professional and not be hindered by what that person is thinking about you or judging you because of what you're wearing so if it's like a casual office maybe wear something that fits you really well something comfortable like even like a sweater some chinos and loafers that shows that you're not in a stiff shirt and then tie but you're not wearing a t-shirt and jeans either when we go for a button-up shirt and chinos without a tie something a little bit more form-fitting and tailored but still comfortable like this outfit here now if it's not a casual office then you want to make sure that you're going above and beyond so that you're not falling below that average that we talked about all right but at the same time you could also just add a little bit of personality to your outfit you know you don't have to go super stiff like I said you can wear a little pop of color here and there to make sure that you show some personality which is always good just make sure that you're not going overboard because that could be bad as well tip number two dress smart and what I mean by that is add a few pieces to your outfit that are gonna make you look more elegant which then makes you look smarter loafers are actually a great way of doing that they're comfortable and they can be worn in an office setting to show that you know what you're doing the best way to look smarter is by actually just adding some glasses to your outfit right like these elegant glasses right here I got these from glasses I got him online and glasses was nice enough to sponsor today's video so they let me pick a few reading glasses like the ones that I got on right now which I think a really nice elegant dressy but they also have sunglasses so I got these nice Ray Bans which I wore all day in London today it was sunny at some point I mean the Sun is coming down now but it was nice and sunny which is rare here in London if you guys are from London then you know what I'm talking about so I got to wear sunglasses you're in London for the first time today and I've been here for three weeks you guys know that wearing glasses actually elevates your whole outfit right it makes you look more important it gives you a nice mature look which is honestly really appreciated in an office setting at glasses USA calm you can go online and you can pick from twenty five hundred different styles and looks which includes in-house or designer brands like Tom Ford Oakley Ray Bans and others and then a complete set of frames and lenses actually started only 48 bucks which is amazing right and that's because the basic prescription lenses come free with every single frame now one of the coolest things about this is that you can actually upload one of your pictures to glasses and then use their virtual mirror to see how the glasses will look on you without having to leave the comfort of your apartment which is really nice that way you know exactly how each frame is gonna fit you plus if for some reason you don't like them you can actually return them no questions asked for a full refund within 14 days so if you like these and you just want to elevate the way you look at work or maybe you just want some really cool glasses or even sunglasses then I'm gonna leave a link to glasses in the description of this video you can go there upload your picture and choose your frames number three don't wear strong colognes look the office is just not a place for you to try to impose people with that strong scent it's actually quite the opposite you want to wear a cologne that will make people feel like you're a classy guy plus they should only be able to smell that Cologne when they get really close to you also just remember that in most office settings you're gonna have people sitting next to you all day so they're gonna be smelling that cologne all day every minute of that day which can be pretty annoying and really overwhelming number four grow facial hair on the weekends or the holidays because guess what you want to look like you've grown this hair on purpose you don't want to look like you forgot to shave so if he takes you three to four days to grow up decent stubble use those days off to get there all right you don't want to show up to work with patches all over your face plus it's always cool to get that positive reaction from your colleagues when you come in and they see that you grew a beard all of a sudden tip number five pay attention to the fit of your clothes all right personally I think that this is the most important thing you should keep in mind when you're trying to dress smart all right there's nothing more important than this because nothing says lazy or unprofessional like sleazy baggy clothes it's just not a good look especially for the office if you watch my videos you know that I'm a firm believer of getting a clothes tailor to make sure that everything fits like a glove and when it comes to professional clothing it's even more important that you pay attention to that fit pants should be slim fit they should touch the top of your shoes and everything else you wear should fit you like a glove all right I'm telling you there's no better feeling than wearing something that is perfect for your body tip number six if your office allows it don't be so robotic and what I mean by that is if you can wear a little pop of color just here and there to make sure that you're not wearing the typical lawyer suit then you should go for it just explore different styles that's totally fine you know as long as you maintain that elegance that you're trying to project you're good now of course I don't think you should go overboard but I really do think that you need to show personality and everything that you wear just to let people know what kind of guy you really are tip number seven remember that bad shoes can kill your outfit you can literally be wearing the nicest coat nice shirt trousers the belt everything looks amazing and then when you look at the shoes mmm it's over if you can just invest in nice leather shoes in black and brown and then maybe something a little bit more fun right like chelsea boots maybe some loafers I think it's a great way to keep your style professional but also personal stylish and fun so guys just make sure you follow these seven tips and you're gonna be on your way to look amazing regardless over where you work here here doesn't matter you're gonna look great alright and of course don't forget to go check out today's sponsor glasses you can literally just upload one of your pictures to their website and then use their virtual mirror to see what you would look like wearing some of these glasses which is a really cool technology if you think about it don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on instagram at Alex Kosta because I'm gonna be in London for another week as you can see it's getting dark here I wonder how this video is kind of look because when I started it was not dark but hopefully you guys enjoy it and like I said I am going back to LA soon so this is all gonna change enjoy the view while you can guys have a great day and thanks for watching I'll see you again very soon peace

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  1. Guys, I wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing feedback on my last video, which was really personal and different from my "usual content". I really really appreciate the love and support from EVERYONE. Wishing you all a great week.

  2. Insane evil at work, all this brainless social conformity, egging men on to look as similar to each other as possible so that were their faces behind masks, they'd be indistinguishable like identical boxes of cereal exiting a factory. Suits trace to the vile London drunk Beau Brummel, who fled to France to defraud his lawful creditors, and died in 1840 of syphilis and gluttony in an insane asylum.

  3. Hey Alex, I have a question, I wanted to know is it okay to wear a lapel Pin and a pocket square to a business conference?
    Thanks in advances…

  4. Bit late to the video, but I just want to thank you for making it. The business I'm with is casual dress code, it's very relaxed. I want to dress two notches above my co workers because i want to be different. I just dont want to
    pop out like a sore thumb different. But once again I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work!

  5. Guys i think glasses can elevate the look of your outfit, but what do you say to people when you wear glasses without a tint, and they know you dont wear prescription glasses?

  6. I've never looked at someone nice outfit & thought "they must be really smart". Clothes do not make you more or less intelligent. Maybe people should actually get to know a person instead of pompously judging them by their clothes. Society is totally screwy. I'm gonna continue to be myself & not conform.

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