How to dress when you are fat? Dressing Tips – Do’s & Don’ts for chubby women

How to dress when you are fat? Dressing Tips – Do’s & Don’ts for chubby women

Hi All I’m going to talk about plus size. Chubby girls hesitate in wearing western dresses… …such as legs may look odd, bulging belly visible, etc. Leave aside such thoughts as I’m here to explain you how. It’ll be easy if we understand our body shape. If upper part (chest & shoulders) are bulky, body is
‘top-heavy’. If body is bulky between belly and knees, the body is ‘bottom- heavy’. Most chubby women have bottom-heavy bodies. Bottom-heavy women must not enhance the chest. The area below the chest is called waist line or lower bust point. From this point wear direct cut frock , A line. Avoid wearing pencil fits because it exposes your mermaid like shape. For people who don’t prefer to wear Saree or Ghagra Choli for sangeeth parties… …try out red carpet gowns. For people who are short, or short and stout… …these red carpet gowns won’t suit. For such a body type, same A-line but in full frilled frock style is advised. It starts from below the bust and spread out. It looks even better if it has panels. Panels are those divisions that occur below the bust, like in ‘anarkali’ – tight till bust & flows outwards thereafter. Increasing the number of panels or layers makes your tummy appear less bulky. Many plus sized women are both bottom & top heavy. Those with top heavy body structure must avoid sweet heart neck & tight closed necks. They look better with normal or step neck that covers their heavy top portion. This dress will suit a top heavy person… …as tummy doesn’t show, top part looks neat. Wearing a coat over it gives a defined and stylish look. Another suggestion for red carpet dress for dark complexion women. Wear light colours such as pastel orange rather than dark colours. Also use colour block dresses – white & black, black & gold Breakdown black into separates, or merge it with another colour where you get a subtle look. Fair women can experiment with wider range of colours Dark colours make you look slimmer. Most of them will ask. If i go for a party or somewhere i couldn’t wear one piece dress. But it have to be casual &simple, bulging belly should not to visible. To wear a dress that divides our body is very important One part of dress fully stripes. It looks better if you Prefer big prints or stripes. Over-lock plain dress where one side is stripes and the other is plain Looks slimmer when one two combination gets merge. Black always make you to look slim. Avoid big, horizonall & straight stripes. Do mix and match. Diagonal or zigzag stripes or else wear bold neck piece. Most of them prefer plain dress so according to that wear neck piece or choker… ..simple stud or big earning it looks good. One’s attention will not drawn towards belly area. Similarly if you don’t wanna show your thighs you can wear it below knees. It look good when you wear upto knee length. There are different body types like hour – glass. Pear shape will have bottom heavy. You can wear straight fit, cross neck with 3 /4 hand or full hand avoid sleeveless. Moderately healthy people can wear sleeveless. Next important thing is to wear coat. coat is the best option for top heavy If you have top heavy body structure and your wearing sweet heart neck… .. can cover it with coat. If you wear a coat it attract the eyes of the viewer. Since the neck region is empty you can fill it with a great neck piece. Below the bust its a a straight cut. Or you can called it small umbrella cut . This way its also easy to walk. Some people may feel uncomfortable to show their legs due to excessive calf muscle You can also wear stockings. There is only one thing to remember that the cloth is only an external layer for your skin. So,dress-up the way would want to is my advise. Similarly you will get many videos like this But before that do share your doubts & comment below . To know more about plus size fashion click on the bell icon to get updates. See you all in my next videos.

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  1. Hi mam… Are these dresses designed by you. Im plus size, rectangle body type and big busted. Can you suggest me some party dress ideas for my babys birthday party.0

  2. My first video from your channel and I subscribed instantly. Akshaya, you are rocking in every dress and my fav is White with the floral coat. keep it up, dear. Do one video with velvet dress types for chubby darlings with a huge tummy like me. 🙂 🙂

  3. Madam please ignore all these comments telling you to speak in English or Hindi. Your native language sounds beautiful and I love hearing it. People who tell you to speak in English or Hindi should learn that the world does not revolve around them. You put subtitles in the video and that is more than enough. Btw what south Indian language are you speaking in this video? Is it Tamil or something else?

  4. Hi,i wish to wear modern dress but I don't know what's my xl size for pants….will u please help ya and my hip size is 56 inches and I also want to know what type of material I have to select

  5. Before u started talking,I really thought u gonna speak in English or hindi. I'm surprised when you speak in Tamil. Nice video clear understanding

  6. Thought u will speak in english, so I kept my volume in low, after some seconds i heard ur voice in tamil its so surprising

  7. Bullshit body shaming in five … four … three … two … hits report because this crap should be removed from humanity before the video starts

    Be unapologetically yourself. Be bold, be brave, but most of all–just be you.

  8. Attention plus size women , wear what you want , how you want , and what ever you want , this is a joke ! we live in a society that cannot dictate what a women can or cannot wear what she wants because of her size , Hey make a video about FAT MEN , lmfao

  9. You are down to earth woman. No show of nothing. Simple and sensible bt humble also. Evalo helpful ana video patate elle

  10. Thanks! I too do not belong to the barbie doll look group. But consistency in exercise and watching what I eat has helped me. I am Five feet 7inches tall and am maintaining my weight at around 70 kgs. And am a senior citizen.

  11. Hi Sis…a very useful video for plus size women…Does a dothi pants and a pelpum Kurti top suits for a plus size woman..?

  12. Apka batny ka andaz boht acha h pr apki language pta nhe konsi h kuch smj m nhe aaya agr ap urdu m bat kren to samjny m aasani hogi.

  13. Really a motivational video bczz always v have a thought of ultra slim models…But u started with an amazing word dat am a plus size model..😍
    Nw only i came to know about size has nothing to do with modelling ..😍😍

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