How to Dye Fabric

How to Dye Fabric

How to Dye Fabric. Get the color back in your favorite shirt
or fabric by following these steps. You will need Fabric Fabric dye Two buckets
Water Tongs Mild detergent Bleach and rubber gloves (optional). Step 1. Read the directions on the fabric dye box. But on rubber gloves, if you’re using them,
and mix the dye and set it aside. Step 2. Fill a large bucket with hot water. The bucket should be big enough for the fabric
to move around. Step 3. Soak the fabric in hot water for five minutes
and then remove it with the tongs. Step 4. Place the fabric in the dye and stir it constantly
for 20 to 30 minutes. Step 5. Rinse the fabric in warm water and then cool
water, until the water runs clear. Step 6. Wash the fabric in warm water with mild detergent
and then put it in the dryer. Step 7. Once you’re finished, clean the buckets with
bleach to remove the dye. Did you know Did you know? Wool from the vicuna, an endangered species
related to alpacas and llamas, is one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers.

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  1. i have a dickies mens insulated coverall that is brown and one that is black. i want to die one dark red and the other dark purple how do i do that?

  2. i remember dying fabric at camp.. but it was freezing cold outside..and they made us rinse the clothing in hot water, which was nice, until the cold water part… some kids actually got ice on their feet (we had to do it barefoot!)

  3. I was hoping to see the final thing, but got a fact about an animal similar to a Llama instead. Good video besides.

  4. So practically this video tells you to take fabric dye if you want to dye your clothes.
    Wow… a new aspect I would never have thought of !

  5. WTF did I just watch? Some bullshit abouy dying a cheap t-shirt, which ends with some random information about lama's? WTF MAN!!!

  6. Yes, I did know. Isn't that common knowledge? Everyone cares about valuable natural fibers from llama impersonators.

  7. buying all those ingredients and on top of that you have to stir it for 20 minutes?! thats insane! a new tshirt or whatever cost like 15 dollars

  8. I want to make a price of White cloth an old faded yellow how to do that?? ( with out waiting 100 years)

  9. Hey! I washed some white clothes which unfortunately had a pair of coloured jeans leaked onto them. If i dye them with white dye will they be back to the sparkling white I had them before!?

  10. @Disabler yeah but sometimes you buy things that you can't get in other colors. Like those people who wrote they looked this up for cosplay. Myself included

  11. I'm doing a tpa ezreal cosplay and his jacket has a weird curve aeound it, I need help. Should I put painters tape or something

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