How to Emboss Fabric with Screen Printing

How to Emboss Fabric with Screen Printing

Hi everyone I’m Claire from BELLA+CANVAS
emboss printing is huge right now with designers like Versace and adidas opting
for the subtle less-is-more decoration technique but it can be very expensive
and requires specialized machinery so today we are going to show you a hack
for achieving and emboss look with a tonal puff from screen printing
my name is Athiya and I am a merchandiser for Eagle promotions today
we’re gonna mimic the embossing by using a printing technique with a little bit
of puff additive and that same feel as what you get with emboss but without all
of the other technical problems that you would have the challenges with the
standard embossing versus the printing technique we’re going to use today or
when you’re using the standard process it’s much more costly you’re minimums
are higher and you can you can actually see the this like plate or shield that
they put behind it and it that’s there to protect the embossing to hold it but
when you’re wearing it you can see it through the garment I’m you can feel it
against your body we’re what we’re gonna do today you won’t have any of that it’s
just gonna be soft and fluid the cost difference between real embossing versus
the printing technique we’re going to use is roughly 75% 70 the embossing
being 75% higher so we’re saving all around the graphics that work best with
the embossed look or anything that preferably tonal very clean sharp lines
not too much detail because you don’t want it to get lost in the printing so
numbers letters work well anything that’s just kind of like bold the
graphic we’re gonna actually do today is the word bold and the lines are very
sharp and clean and so it’s going to work perfect for the printing technique
that we’re using today the fabrics that are best for this
technique are definitely a fleece something that’s heavier weight
I prefer any of the fleece from Bella Canvas on depending on where if we’re
working on men’s or or ladies with the ladies I like the crop the fabric is
very stable and it’s it’s got a nice quality a nice hand to it it’s very
smooth so you don’t have any of the fibers coming through when you’re
printing that would interfere with the technique we’re trying to achieve um you
want to stay away from something that’s very light and flimsy because the the
ink will just kind of penetrate into that graphic losing the lostness of the
print we are gonna go see me and he’s going to show you how it’s all done what we’re trying to achieve here is
using just standard screen print with puffs additives in order to create like
a faux emboss the first thing the most important part is to color matching if
your imprint color doesn’t match your garment it’s not really going to look
like true embossing so what you want to do is make sure your color is as close
to your garment as possible also in the puff we have an additive we call suede
puff and it makes it to where it actually has a very fabric feel to it so
it actually looks pretty much like the same fabric that you’ve got on the
garment this is a simple one plate you just have to get your art on one plate
and it’s all all of the effect is created with the ink and the additives
to the ink one of the best things about this particular print is that it’s just
one plate one hit one stroke and as long as you get all of the pieces and parts
put together properly from the beginning it looks great
have you seen this emboss technique before let us know about your experience
in the comments below we love hearing back from all of you watching for more
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20 Replies to “How to Emboss Fabric with Screen Printing”

  1. Can you show/work with a company that actually does the embossing instead of the puffs?? The other option looks a lot cleaner

  2. Always love your videos!! Love this technique And the video on tonal screening I really liked too. Thanks keep up the great work 😃👏⭐️

  3. 86 mesh screen, coated heavy on the print side. burn the screen at least 50% longer than you would a 126 mesh be careful washing out the image area, Print with a lot of off contact and use a sloooow stoke speed. Wala! perfect print!

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