How to Embroider T-Shirts in the Hoop | Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

How to Embroider T-Shirts in the Hoop | Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

23 Replies to “How to Embroider T-Shirts in the Hoop | Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT”

  1. These were a DIY project / gift for my friend and real estate agent Melanie, who I've been helping make videos for her new YouTube channel: Melanie Loves Tampa Bay. Check her out and show her some ❤️ if you like learning about real estate, home ownership, or want to know more about the Tampa Bay area.

  2. Thank you for posting how you do t-shirts! My daughter wanted a onesie done for my granddaughters christening, iI did it the way you showed in the video and it came out perfect!!! Great video!

  3. SO glad I found you! Where are you located? I’m in St. Pete andjust learning how to embroider! I have a Brother Innovis 2750D

  4. Can this machine do those infinity designs? I wanna embroider a table cloth. Or the hem of a skirt. Or even make larger designs on cloths. Can this machine do that? What program is good?

  5. I am a true "newbie" to embroidery. After the birth of our granddaughter, my husband gifted me with a Brother pe800. Do you have videos that would walk me step by step monogramming?

  6. Where can I find the no show mesh cut away stabilizer? I couldn't find it in my local joann store. Thanks so much for all the info!

  7. What needle size/type do you recommend? My PE 800 is on its way, and I want a few extra supplies for it.

  8. Did you turn the shirt inside out and stitch the inside? I have this machine and can’t figure out how to get the shirt to wear it doesn’t catch and or stitch through both layers. I see you moved the excess material out if the way

  9. U drew markings on the shirt, is the ink erasable? sorry for sounding stupid question cos im new to sewing 🤗 im just starting

  10. Greetings! Great tutorial. I have a question. I notice you did not mention the colour thread use for your bobbin and steps. Do you need to change the bobbin colour each time you change your upper thread when working with a project? Any feedback will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  11. Will any of the other hoops fit this one I've looked all over the internet and can't find any that say pe 800 version.

  12. I really love your Sewing Report. You cover so many different topics that interest me. I don't usually get to comment because I am normally holding one of my 7-month old twin grandsons that live here with us. Just remember I am here and loving your videos.

  13. You said you put a layer of water soluble stabilizer on top because it's a knit. Why for knits? I am a beginner but thought you only put a layer on top if it was fluffy like towels or something. Awesome vid! And you are sooo right about not walking away, EVERY TIME I do something goes wrong! Even when it's been going great for say 15+ min.

  14. Terial magic is so awesome. I have used it for embroidery projects as well. Thanks again for turning me on to it. Machine embroidery is so fun and it's a great skill to add to your repertoire.

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