How to Finish Bead Embroidery That Has an Inserted Textile Piece

How to Finish Bead Embroidery That Has an Inserted Textile Piece

Hi this is Megan with and today I’m going to show you how to finish bead embroidery that has an Inserted Textile Piece so what I’m talking about is if you want to
insert a piece of fabric or ribbon or some other kind of textile into your Bead Embroidery between your
foundation and your backing to attach it to something else you can still stitch an edging onto it so you can see I did on this side already. I just did the basic beaded edge which we do have a video on how to do
that and I did that all the way around and
then I took it across where I have this ribbon
sandwiched in there. So I wanna show you how to do that because that way you can
use it for putting ribbon and to make a bracelet or
a choker I put in long long lengths of ribbon here to
make this into a a waist satchel into a belt. I what to show you
it’s very similar to what you do when there’s not something inserted and you do need it to be a textile that
you can stitch through so you couldn’t do this with something coming out of here that is rigid or solid that you can’t stitch
through so I’ve been doing my basic beaded around the
piece and I’ve been alternating between two different colors of seed beads so what you’re going to do, if you know how to do the basic beaded edge go ahead and watch that video first you will need to know how to do that once I come to the edge of my ribbon, I’m going to go
ahead and add a bead just like I normally would the big thing here is to hold your
ribbon out of the way don’t let it fall behind and get folded.
You wanna make sure when you hold it straight hold it away so that it’s not going to get bunched so if it’s loose like this and you
don’t go through the very edge It will end up being puckered and bunched hold it flat and straight and you’re going to insert your needle through the top just like in your regular edging and I think I have one here that’s
going to be outside of the ribbon one more that I’m going to do just like normal and now I’m getting to the point where if I try to do that it’s going to start bunching my ribbon over You would do this just the same to start. You get your next bead go down through the top Then you wanna make sure that you’re
coming out not too far from the edge but that you are getting your backing piece also catching that with your needle pull this down almost tight just like if you’re
doing a regular edging and now what you’re going to do is holding your ribbon out you’re just going to take needle
and you’re gonna go right back to the back directly above where it’s coming out of the backing material go right through the very edge of
your ribbon and when you come up the front then you’re going to go through that bead the same way you do
for the edging when you don’t have a textile in there pull tight and this will lay on top of the ribbon I’ll show that again for the next one go ahead
and grab your seed bead like normal hold your ribbon straight and out of the way go down through the top through all the
layers, make sure you get the backing and the only difference between this and the regular beaded edge
is that then you need to come up through your ribbon flip it over go up right above where it’s coming out right at the edge there and pull it tight You can see it’s exactly the same
thing, you just need to make sure that you stitch back up through the very
edge of your ribbon and I’ll show you one more time get your bead go down through the front hold your ribbon straight and you’re gonna go right at the edge of the ribbon right at the
above back up through your bead just like you normally would As you can see it’s going to lay your ribbon right above your textile on the back is still going to be secure
and it’s going to be nice and neat and tidy and you’re gonna have your textile very securely embedded into you piece it’s going to be a lot neater and more secure than if you try
to attach this after piece was finished

6 Replies to “How to Finish Bead Embroidery That Has an Inserted Textile Piece”

  1. Explanation is good, practice would be nice to get the work centered in the eye of the camera better, especially for beginners like me… Beautiful piece of bead work! Love it! Thank you for sharing. bye

  2. I have looked really hard for the video on doing the beaded edge and can't find it. Is there any way you could add a link to that video? All I found was how to do Bead Embroidery around free-form shapes, but nothing on the edging. I'm guessing with over 300 videos that I just didn't see it, but I looked through them twice. Hope you can give me a link … would love to finish a project I have 🙂 Thanks!

  3. There's a link to our Bead Embroidery Videos playlist in the video description underneath this video. Once you click on that link scroll down and you'll see our video "How to Bead Embroider a Basic Beaded Edge".

  4. I sent you a video response to this video. I'd love your feedback and advice on my bead embroidery. It was my first attempt and I felt like I did ok, but there is room for improvement. Any tips would be very appreciated.

  5. Thanks for sharing your video! We always love to see what other people are doing with beads. The best advice I can give for both bead embroidery and video tutorials is that practice makes perfect! The more you work on your bead embroidery, the more naturally it will come to you. Good luck!

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