How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper. Fix a stuck zipper with a few household items. You will need Tweezers A pencil Bar soap Lip
balm Petroleum jelly Olive oil and a cotton swab. Step 1. Gently tug the lining or garment that is stuck
in the zipper. Use tweezers if you cannot pull it out with
your fingers. Do not force the zipper. You may break it and ruin the garment. Step 2. Rub pencil lead against both sides of the
zipper. The graphite will act as a lubricant. Step 3. Apply bar soap, lip balm, petroleum jelly,
or olive oil to the zipper with a cotton swab. Bar soap can be washed off the easiest, and
will not stain most materials. Step 4. Wiggle the zipper once the product has been
applied, working the product into the teeth of the zipper. Did you know Gideon Sundback invented the
zipper in 1913.

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  1. What you will need:

    wallet (with cash)

    Step 1: Pull as hard as you can on the zipper.
    Step 2:If it breaks, use your wallet to but you a new one

    Did you know that dogs have buttholes?

  2. I caught the heavy material in the zipper and could not budge the mechanism. I started with pliers but realized I was going to either tear the garment or break the zipper. Luckily I found your video and used the soap as a lubricant. I am amazed how quickly the garment slipped out from the zipper. At 70 years old I am amazed at the useful technical information found on the internet. You folks are great to care to help people solve such ordinary problems. I am grateful and thanks again.

  3. Worked like a miracle (using bar soap). That sucker was really stuck, too! Thanks a bunch for this!

  4. haha i jus tried to open that lil stainless steel swing with (plyers/pliers) on my hoodie cuz it fell off in the drying machine -_- and that almuinum tweezer wont fix it any better than a tug if it is still attached.. 😉

  5. You will need: Fingers.
    Step 1 grab the zipper and pull it up and down until it comes loose.
    Did you know this video is overly complicated.
    Still nice channel though I subscribed

  6. So i just bought a Tommy Hilfiger Jacket. Now ruined with pencil lead that will not come out. Thank you Howcast! I would rather have the stuck zipper!

  7. I pulled and pulled and pulled but could not unzip the damn thing until i put some aquaphor (super vaseline) on the inside near the part where it was stuck and it unzipped so easily then i wiped the aquaphor off. Thanks IT WORKED!

  8. it worked on my purse! I put a little lip balm on a q-tip and rubbed and use tweezers and just magically worked! thanks howcast!!

  9. The pencil worked on a romper I bought yesterday. When I came home from the store, I tried on the romper again and the zipper got stuck. I rubbed the pencil on it and it's working now.

  10. This worked a little but not entirely. I accidentally broke the thing off while tugging at it. That did the trick because I was able to fix it (with the help of other YouTube videos) and apply Vaseline on the teeth.

  11. Waauw, This just saved me!! The zipper of my mattrass was so stuck and with these tips it's works perfect again. Thank you

  12. I was looking to get a corroded zipper unstuck and this video helped me at first. I didn't believe it and had to prove it to myself, but simply rubbing a pencil got the zipper moving. It didn't solve the problem but it cleaned the surface. It took more work and some more advice I got from here but in the end I've managed to clean it. I now know not to leave my zippers outside for too long 🙂

  13. So all I really needed was the tweezers and the soap, and the soap loosened the lining that was stuck in the zipper and it then came down.

  14. What if zipper is stuck on one side at very top I don’t see anything blocking it but won’t go back down this a 60 dollar hoodie but zipper is cheap af

  15. There were these boots I got for Christmas a few years ago and they still fit me. They were one of my favorite pairs. A month ago, my mom was going to take me somewhere for an art show. I wanted to wear those boots, but I zipped them up and one of them got stuck. I tried to unstuck them, but failed. I tried and tried until I raged and wore another pair. I gave up on those boots until now. I didn't know it was so simple to just pull out that fabric flap with tweezers. Thank you so much, HowCast.

  16. Thx it worked but I used a toothbrush instead of a qtip
    Plus I had my money in my pocket and I couldn't understand zip it thx

  17. Thanks for this! I had worked on a stuck zipper for several minutes before I found this video…threw a little Carmex on it and it budged almost right away.

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